Announcing the Launch of The Dharma Board

Announcing the Launch of The Dharma Board

A new discussion platform and companion to The Dharma Dispatch

Team Dharma Dispatch

At The Dharma Dispatch, we are delighted today to announce the launch of a new platform, The Dharma Board, a community for discussions, information, news, updates, anecdotes, and insights into a wide range of topics related to Bharatavarsha and the timeless Indian civilisation. The Dharma Board is a companion of sorts to The Dharma Dispatch and seeks to foster the same values and ethos.

The Dharma Board is envisioned as a serious and mature public platform to share discussions and knowledge primarily in these areas: the Sanatana civilisation, culture, literature, history, temples, books, and general topics related to current affairs, and narrative bias against our timeless civilisation.

The underlying goal that inspires The Dharma Board as it does The Dharma Dispatch is a sincere attempt to reclaim the civilisational, cultural, political, and social narrative from alien and hostile hands back to where it belongs: Bharatavarsha. Which is also its tagline: Discussions about Bharatavarsha.

The Dharma Board is also conceptualised as a watering hole for Hindus hailing from different persuasions, professions, interests and age-groups but united in a deep and abiding love and reverence for Bharatavarsha to converge at one place and engage in useful, productive, and insightful discussions as a community. The platform is inspired and guided by what can be termed as a Civilisational Good, a vague translation of the ancient Indian ideal of Karma Yoga.

The Dharma Board is free and will remain free forever. To sign up and participate, click this link. We ardently hope you have useful, productive and joy-filled discussions.

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