The Dharma Dispatch Bestsellers of 2018

The Dharma Dispatch Bestsellers of 2018

As we stand on the anvil of the last few hours to 2019 CE, or as we will later usher in the Vikari Samvatsara, here is the list of bestselling essays and podcasts that were published on The Dharma Dispatch. 


This essay remains the all-time bestseller on The Dharma Dispatch. It traces the manner in which the Dravidianists in Tamil Nadu blindly adopted the missionary interpretation of Bishop Robert Caldwell about Tamil language, history, and heritage, and eventually gifted Tamil Nadu to the global Church. As a consequence, the native culture and heritage of Tamil Nadu are currently facing an existential crisis.

This essay has attracted the attention and evinced serious discussion among people in the academia, media, and elsewhere.

The second most bestselling essay on The Dharma Dispatch. It is an in-depth profiling of the alleged Carnatic classical musician, T.M. Krishna whose origins as just another Carnatic musician to his swift rise to Far Left infamy. The essay shows how T M Krishna has set out to destroy the very vitals of the ancient and hoary traditions of Carnatic music through his mindless activism that directly plays into the hands of the selfsame breaking India forces of which he is a willing pawn.

This piece continues to be widely read, translated, discussed, and debated.

An essay that traces the progressive but sure decline of the Congress party from being the hegemonic political ruling class for fifty-five years to a mere pawn in the hands of transnational breaking India forces.

This essay continues to be widely read and shared. Per our knowledge, it has been translated into at least three Indian languages.

A no-holds barred evisceration of Twitter cofounder and CEO, Jack Dorsey whose recent India visit bombed spectacularly. Among the most notable goof-ups and disasters, Jack Dorsey showed no consideration or even basic decency to learn about the culture of a country that he views merely as a “market.” As is well-known, Jack’s singular goof-up occurred when he sported a racist and casteist placard that called for smashing “Brahmin patriarchy.”

A follow-up essay drawn from real life depicting what exactly it means to be a Brahmin patriarch in the true sense of the word. Among other features, any person leading a Brahminical life is devoted to simplicity, seeing the grand and the noble in the realm of the inner life, discharging familial duties, exhibiting compassion for both the living and the non-living beings, and aspiring for Moksha. This essay shows a slice of life from the father of Parama Pujya Sri Sacchidanandendra Swami.

Drawn from the annals of history painstakingly unearthed by Dr. J.K. Bajaj and Dr. M.D. Srinivasan, this research work traces the manner in which the colonial British deliberately enforced a policy which killed our millennia-old institutions of charity and methods of food sharing and converted India into a nation of beggars. It makes for painful reading when we learn the enormous cost of maintaining a colonial empire premised only on plunder by any means, at any cost.


The Making of Chanakya: A Modern Classic

The introductory episode of a multipart series of interviews with Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi, the creator of the Chanakya Television Series that aired on Doordarshan between September 1991 – August 1992.

The hallmark of a classic work of art is an innate trait in it to have universal appeal transcending age groups, geographies, languages and cultures. In the annals of creative storytelling through the medium of Television, Chanakya undoubtedly is one such modern classic. This series has become a cultural milestone of sorts in recent Indian history.

Beginning with this episode, Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi will take us on a journey back in time and narrate the detailed story of “The Making of Chanakya: A Modern Classic”, with host Sandeep Balakrishna, for The Dharma Dispatch.

The Making of Chanakya: A Modern Classic: Introduction

The Politics of T M Krishna

This episode, a discussion between Hari Ravikumar and Sandeep Balakrishna, examines the politics and ideology of the Extreme Left Activist T M Krishna in light of the cancellation of his concert scheduled to be held by the Airports Authority of India in Delhi. The aftermath of this cancellation was that he performed at a different venue in Delhi under the banner of the party of urban Naxals, the Aam Aadmi Party.

The episode shows how under the pretext of fighting social evils, T M Krishna has sided with dangerous elements such as Kanhaiya Kumar and has acted as an apologist for the Pakistani terrorist, Ajmal Kasab.

The Politics of T M Krishna

How Yogi Adityanath Restored the Sanctity of Prayagraj

A discussion on Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s welcome move of renaming Allahabad to its original name, Prayagraj. This episode dwells on the civilisational importance of a seemingly-insignificant move of changing the name of a city. The discussion also touches upon several related threads including the behaviour of the Indian English media which is by nature averse to anything that can be called Hindu.

Congratulations to Yogi Adityanath for restoring the Sanctity of Prayagraj

That’s all for now! See you on the other side of 2019!

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