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The Dharma Dispatch is a specialist and unique online platform offering rare, valuable, original, and in-depth content aimed at crafting and promoting a cultural narrative rooted in the Sanatana ethos. Since its inception in 2018, The Dharma Dispatch has been recognized as the premier publication for well-researched, detailed, and insightful coverage and essays on a range of topics related to Indian civilization, culture, history, literature, biographies of eminent people, and occasional commentary on contemporary issues.  

The focus of The Dharma Dispatch, akin to the core values of Sanatana Dharma, is both generational and civilizational. We strive to hold ourselves to the highest philosophical, intellectual and literary standards, aiming to produce absorbing reading for discerning readers and do not chase page views or popularity.

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The Dharma Dispatch website features the full content including commentary on important current affairs, rare episodes and vignettes from Indian history, insights and nuances of Indian culture, gleanings from civilizational travel, stories and anecdotes from the encyclopedic literary lore of India, and podcasts on a range of interesting and informative topics.

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A niche and specialist platform like The Dharma Dispatch largely relies on voluntary contributions from discerning readers who appreciate the innate value in the work we do. As we noted in our annual report, The Dharma Dispatch is inspired and guided by what can be called a Civilizational Good, a vague translation of the ancient Indian ideal of Karma Yoga.

We do not have and do not seek the support of large corporates or funding agencies because we believe it will dilute the original vision and ideals of The Dharma Dispatch. All our content and offering is available free of cost. Forever. The twin objectives that guide The Dharma Dispatch are to provide joy and value to the reader. To accomplish this, it takes us hundreds of hours a month to research, travel, write, shoot, interview, edit, and significant costs to sustain this labour of love and duty. Any amount that you contribute will help us keep The Dharma Dispatch up and running, and will enable us to do more.

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