49 Resumes of Unemployable Leftist Relics

49 Resumes of Unemployable Leftist Relics

I actually debated within myself for the last five days whether I should actually write this piece…it was more than a debate…it was a kind of soul-searching with a spiritual dimension to it. I’m just being dramatic okay? Because it’s completely in tune with the whining “letter” that a bunch of unemployable relics wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about a week ago. Most of them largely hail from the film and theatre background. That’s what the “letter” is: Dramatics. A phony script that not only fooled none but boomeranged on its imprecators with breathtaking swiftness. The law of diminishing marginal returns that accelerated between 2014-19 has now started to yield negative returns to these discredited eminences.

But the “letter” is also something else. It’s their Resumes. Actually, it is exactly one resume photocopied 49 times and signed by all job applicants in the desperate hope that somebody will help them resuscitate their decades-long Kirana shops rudely shuttered after Narendra Modi first became Prime Minister.

But we get ahead of ourselves.

We must send our heartfelt congratulations to former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for the creative use of the phrase, “wholesale and retail” in the dark and ugly art of political horse trading. Only, the phrase is singularly applicable to the Leftist ideological scavengers who have for long feasted and fattened themselves on the leftovers of political, moral and ethical corruption. And so, “wholesale” connotes the aforementioned political philandering and corruption of whose sales proceeds, there was almost an endless supply for nearly six decades. “Retail” connotes the working capital diverted from these sales proceeds that used to fuel these ideological Kirana shops. Most of the wholesale warehouses are tottering on the verge of total collapse which is why 95% of these Kirana shops are on the brink of extinction. Needless, both the wholesale and the retail business was carried on at the expense of your money and mine.  

Hence the resume.

On the surface, it is full of self-righteous fury and a clarion call to “kindness,” “equality,” “justice,” “freedom,” etc where each word is its own antonym, emanating from these out-of-business shop owners. But the real sentiment animating it is panic. In really simple terms, what this means is this: the real prospect of losing, forever, the kind of lifestyles these discredited and toxic eminences continue to lead—now, to a greatly diminished extent.

So here’s a byte-sized description of the qualifications and skills of each of the aforementioned resume-writers.

But before we proceed, here’s a dead giveaway of their panic: Aamir Khan—He Who Infamously Thundered that His Wife felt Unsafe in (Modi’s) India—is not one of the resume-writers.

Think about it.

The “credentials” and occupations of some signatories are a mockery of a mockery. Let’s examine just a few of the most notable ones, or celebrities as they themselves call…errr…themselves.

  1. Adoor Gopalakrishnan: One of the early Communists masquerading as a filmmaker. The climax of his first film, Swayamvaram must mark as one of the early efforts to deracinate and de-Hinduise Hindu women with skillful, subtle artistry.
  2. Amit Chaudhuri: Privileged son of a wealthy father who went on to become what the intrepid Richard Crasta calls, “a high school English composition writer” in service of the British literary establishment.
  3. Anurag Kashyap: Perhaps no other Indian filmmaker can match the industrial-scale perversion that his movies portray. Or his brazen cinematic violence against almost everything related to Sanatana Dharma, its society, traditions, beliefs, institutions, and even Hindus as a people.
  4. Aparna Sen: Of all the relics, she must take the cake. Named as an accused in the notorious Sharda Chit Fund scam, she’s the last one to talk anything about intolerance, etc. Oh, let’s also not forget her naked anti-Hindu tripe, Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, which quite obviously won the National Award. Remember, feasting and fattening on taxpayer expense?
  5. Ashish Nandy: Prime relic. An alleged psychiatrist, he publicly called Narendra Modi as a “classic case of clinical fascism.” And has whined and ranted and abused the RSS over several decades. Over the years, he has largely confined himself to an ideological dustbin of his own making.
  6. Binayak Sen: Convicted Maoist terrorist. Oh! He’s also some kind of policy adviser of the Urban Naxal Party, the Aam Aadmi Party. Enough said.
  7. Konkona Sensharma: Daughter of the aforementioned Aparna Sen. Highly overrated actress with an unhealthy record of showing Hindu traditions, practices, etc in a negative light. Can’t blame her for being infected with the Leftist virus right at the embryonic stage.
  8. Maniratnam: One of the most overrated directors Indian cinema has produced. His Leftist leanings are well-known. His craven surrender to Islamist forces who bombed his house in the wake of his movie, Bombay is quite well-known. And his supreme hypocrisy in Iruvar, whitewashing the horrors of the Dravidian “movement” and its takeover of Tamil Nadu is available for viewing.
  9. Ramachandra Guha: My favourite. For a detailed explanation, read this.  
  10. Shubha Mudgal: Hindustani classical singer with strong, vocal, and documented sympathy towards Communist causes.
  11. Shyam Benegal: Arch-relic. Friend of Girish Karnad. His biggest project of wasting taxpayer money is making the TV serial, Bharat Ek Khoj, the televised version of Nawab Nehru’s unreadable fulminations titled, Discovery of India. In his hands, the serial more aptly fits the title, Bharat ek Bhoj.  

 Oh! I forgot to mention another name that’s conspicuously absent in this resume: the Musical Urban Naxal, T.M. Krishna.

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