Church Politics Over Narcotics Jihad is a New-Age Admission of a Historical Christian Fear of Islam
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Church Politics Over Narcotics Jihad is a New-Age Admission of a Historical Christian Fear of Islam

Commentary on Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangatt's alarm over "narcotics" Jihad in Kerala.

YOU FEEL THE PAIN only when your own beard is set afire but you take delight in lighting your beedi by setting fire to other folks’ homes. This is the one-sentence summary of the cry of alarm that Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangatt raised last week over what he calls “narcotics Jihad.”

This alleged news “report” tries hard to be objective but clearly veers in favour of the said Jihad, generously dropping the predictable verbiage of “Islamophobia,” “communal hatred,” “casteism,” etc. At any rate, it is futile to change the secular media.

The Bishop’s alarm is simply the latest Keralite echo of an ancient history: the history of Islam’s encounters with Christianity and vice versa.

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Church Politics Over Narcotics Jihad is a New-Age Admission of a Historical Christian Fear of Islam

In 712, the savage armies of the newly ascendant Islam, after ravaging the middle east, led an expedition under the young general Tariq bin Ziyad, crushed the Visigoth chief Roderick and devastated Spain and Portugal. It was the beginning but certainly not the end of the prolonged and bloody conflicts between Islam and Christianity. But for the Renaissance and the consequential upper hand gained by Europe, that continent would have fallen to Islam centuries ago. While the Christian Crusades did much to contain its traditional enemy, Islam, it was science and technology that really saved Europe. Ironically, in the postcolonial world, it was democracy that allowed Islam to resume its ceaseless Jihad from within by infiltrating almost all of Europe.

It is in this historical light that we must examine Bishop Mar Joseph’s cry of alarm. Sadly, for the Bishop, his Big Boss, the Pope had himself surrendered to Islam long ago, praising it as a “religion of peace.”

The Christian fear of Islam is real. What we’re seeing in Kerala is just its public expression.

The Bishop’s coinage of “Narcotics Jihad” is also quite consistent with the Catholic leadership’s admission of the existence of rampant love Jihad in Kerala. Clearly, his concern over love Jihad extends only to Christian girls in the state.

About two decades ago, a very perceptive friend from Kerala analyzed the situation using a map. He said, “take Thrissur as the centre. North of Thrissur is all green, and the south is all white,” obviously indicating how the state was firmly in the thrall of the two Abrahamic cults vying for political power. And now, two decades later, it appears that green is on a winning streak. The latest proof: chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan has vocally condemned the Bishop’s statement.

Vijayan condemns Bishop's 'love, narcotics jihad' comment, says those in responsible positions should be cautious…Vijayan said, “Pala Bishop is an influential and a religious scholar. We are hearing the term "narcotic jihad" for first time. The problem of narcotics doesn't affect a particular religion alone.”

Even earlier, sometime in the early 1990s, both Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L.K. Advani, in a public rally in Bangalore had warned precisely of the present state of affairs, and I paraphrase from memory: if the Communists in Kerala continue in this manner, Hindus will be reduced to a minority in the next two decades. And it has happened. Although the numbers are unclear, we will accept the figure of 54 per cent as the total Hindu population of Kerala today.

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Church Politics Over Narcotics Jihad is a New-Age Admission of a Historical Christian Fear of Islam

With an 18.38 per cent demographic, the influential cleric of the Catholic Christian community has not only sounded the bell of caution but has candidly urged the faithful to do this: “Christian piety should procreate more and not limit the size of the family.” Indeed, the celibate cleric knows a thing or two about the facts of nature.

Where is the Hindu leader in Kerala who can even do a fraction of this?

We would believe the Bishop if he also admits the truth of the other side of this pious Christian coin: if not an apology, at least a categorical statement that the Catholic apparatus would end conversions of Hindus throughout India. Hindus know the answer to that. And so, Hindus are not amused when Bishop Mar Joseph invokes Veer Savarkar and Guru Golwalkar with regard to the population decline of non-Muslims.

He is obviously invoking the names of these Hindu stalwarts because he has realised that despite the Church’s enormous financial clout and resources, it is simply powerless to confront the Islamic wolf that is systematically gobbling up Christian girls and women. Hence, love Jihad and narcotics Jihad and all other kinds of Jihads whose greatest victims have been Hindus.

The Christian leadership’s nascent courtship of the RSS and the BJP in Kerala is yet another historical tactic whose sole purpose is self-preservation. The North East is the standing example in India of what happens when Christianity acquires absolute political power. In fact, there is enough material to author a multi-volume research work on the kind of brutalities and violence inflicted upon RSS Karyakartas by the Church apparatus in that region. The only “crime” of the RSS was to preserve the intrinsic Sanatana roots and culture of the North East.

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Church Politics Over Narcotics Jihad is a New-Age Admission of a Historical Christian Fear of Islam

Hindus also need to ask this straightforward question to themselves: if Pinarayi Vijayan and his communists had politically supported the Christian leadership instead of the Islamic lobby, would Bishop Mar Joseph be singing the tune he is now singing? The answer is available right next door in Tamil Nadu, where the Church continues to make substantial inroads under Stalin, where all sorts of third-rated ideologues and Christian filmmakers are openly attacking and insulting Hindus and their institutions. Or that vile “pastor” in Jagan Reddy’s kingdom who declared that a separate Christian country should be carved out in Andhra. All those are Bishop Mar Joseph’s Christian brethren, all engaged in their pious service to Jesus.

Love Jihad is real. So is narcotics Jihad. So is halal “certification.” And land Jihad. And variants thereof. Because Jihad is real. The prefixes are the various fronts on which it is waged. And Hindus have been its biggest victims in terms of numbers, geography and spread.

Here’s a parting question for Bishop Mar Joseph: of the 18 per cent Christian population of Kerala, how many actually volunteered to accept Christianity sans missionary preaching and perfidy and allurement? Which religion did they follow before missionaries converted them? And now, would you be open to the prospect of these Christians returning to their original Dharma, which your faith has taught to hate and despise?

From the Hindu perspective, the Christian perfidy and allurement is precisely the aforementioned act of lighting the Christian beedi after burning Hindu homes and shattering their familial and ancestral bonds. Hindus have historically fought the Jihadi wolves all on their own and will continue to do so.

It is wholly unchristian to beg for help from the heathen Hindus. Deal with them on your own.

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