Dismantling Hindutva is a Declaration of a War to Destroy Hindu Dharma

Dismantling Hindutva is a Declaration of a War to Destroy Hindu Dharma

The proposed conference supported by more than forty-five American Universities titled "Dismantling Hindutva" is a xenophobic declaration of war against the RSS and Hindus. It must be given a muscular response from the highest levels.

YOU KNOW THAT ALL bets are off when you see a “conference” whose title is Dismantling Global Hindutva. The title is a cipher for its underlying ideological dress code: which is to have no dress code. In plain language, the “conference” is just the latest gathering of the Far Left nudist club in which all are united in their naked hatred for Hindu Dharma.

This is the correct title – Dismantling India by Dismantling the Only Thing that Keeps it United: Hindu Dharma. The suggestive and sickening use of an inverted Communist hammer whose deathly jaws are crushing a Swayamsevak of the RSS in the “conference” logo is the declared proof of intent: the reincarnated Communists are coming for you. Again. But this time, we also have the support of the Extreme Left-Woke army across the globe. Best of all, we have support on the US soil itself because the resistance to Communism that had existed even thirty years ago has crumbled to dust. Its best proof: the Democratic Party of the US. Even two decades ago, the Left in the US did actually dare to call the Taliban as Islamic terrorists. Then the language transformed as follows:

Islamic terrorists > Terrorists > Extremists > Good Taliban vs Bad Taliban > Non-state actors > Rebels > Victors. Here’s an illustrative proof among hundreds:

In relatively recent times, this transformation was directly enabled by high-profile psychotics masquerading as intellectuals and opinion-makers. Two names come to mind. The first is the linguist-turned-loudspeaker of the Far Left: Noam Chomsky, who wrote a book-length essay apologising for the Taliban in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. The second was a similar production, Chomsky’s cheap Indian variant, written by the export-quality locust from Kerala named Arundhati Roy.

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Dismantling Hindutva is a Declaration of a War to Destroy Hindu Dharma

Ever since, this journey of Islamic apologia has culminated today in a celebration of the Taliban’s medieval takeover of Afghanistan. It has happened before our own eyes and it has been swift and triumphant because the psyches of the so-called “civil society” in the West have been irreversibly altered in favour of a seventh century fanaticism that remains unaltered till date. And they continue to infect Hindus in India with this psyche-virus in greater numbers year after year.

Other Side of the Same Coin

This “conference” against Hindutva is just the other side of the same coin. And it’s not new. India has been facing the combined assault of a threefold fanaticism: of two desert death cults and a refurbished atheist fanaticism of Karl Marx, in our own time.

The term “Hindutva” used by these cults in an apocalyptic sense is merely a smokescreen to conceal this centuries’ old project to break India by stopping its heartbeat, Sanatana Dharma, in the land of its own birth. To their credit, they have unerringly understood this underlying truth about what really sustains India’s unity while Hindus as a people and society continue to write rebuttals like this one. A rebuttal is the weakest form of defensive warfare.

Declaration of War

Let it be said that the Dismantling Global Hindutva “conference” is a renewed declaration of war against Hindus. The credentials of the cast of characters and their stated objectives make its warlike character unambiguous. And it is neither the first nor will it be the last. On the contrary, it is entirely predictable.

A slew of similar “conferences” suddenly erupted in the very second year of Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Prime Ministership thru 1998-2004. Those who are old enough will recall the frequent and heated debates on Rediff, Sulekha and popular blogs over such diverse but related topics as the California textbook controversy, the third-rated Leftist and Islamist campaigns against the Hindu American Foundation, the anti-Hindu machinations of CAIR, engineered controversies over the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, Wendy Doniger, the Pope’s declaration of Christian Jihad on Indian soil, and the granddaddy of them all: the 2002 Gujarat riots. And I’ve barely scratched surface.

After about twenty years, these campaigns succeeded in that time-tested Christian and Leftist fashion: by generating vast cathedrals of anti-Hindu literature mostly in the US academia. This body of literature is what the bottom-feeders of the Dismantling Global Hindutva “conference” have used as raw material in their own blighted careers. It is the model of medieval brothels where one whore praises the beauty, skills and competence of her…err…sister, and in turn, she demurs and pretends coyness and humility. This illusion of free choice impresses the horny customer and simultaneously keeps the brothel-keeper’s business permanently greased. One large, happy syphilitic family.

The Scale and Level of Preparation

Let’s take an example.

One prestigious outcome of this sustained build-up of anti-Hindu literature in the US in the new millennium was the creation of something called Armed Conflict Resolution And People's Rights Project at UC Berkeley in March 2014. It operated under the aegis of the Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership at the Haas School of Business. And it was set up two months before the Indian election results were declared. That is their level of preparation and scale of future planning. Here is a detailed list of the people and organisations that were initially involved in this project to break India from within. Take your time to read each name.

  • Co-Chairs: Shashi Buluswar and Angana Chatterji. Buluswar is/was prominent in the ASHA NGO.

  • Working Group Members: Rajvinder Singh Bains, Lawyer, Punjab High Court and Haryana High Court. Mihir Desai, Lawyer, Mumbai High Court and Supreme Court of India, Meenakshi Ganguly, South Asia Director, Human Rights Watch, Parvez Imroz, Lawyer, Jammu & Kashmir High Court and President, Jammu & Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society. Harsh Mander, Director, Center for Equity Studies, Delhi. Jaykumar Menon,Legal Expert. Binalakshmi Nepram, Founder, Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network. Sudhir Pattnaik, Human Rights Expert and Editor of Samadrusti, a human rights news magazine. Teesta Setalvad.

  • Partner institutions: Institute for the Study of Human Rights; Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability, Columbia University, Asian Legal Resource Center, Hong Kong (holding general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council, United Nations), Asian Human Rights Commission, Hong Kong, Center for Equity Studies, Delhi, Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network, Prashant Center for Human Rights, Justice, and Peace, Gujarat, Khalra Mission Organization, Punjab,Indian American Muslim Council, Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances, Philippines.

  • Scholar-Affiliates: Paramjit Kaur Khalra, Khalra Mission Organization, Punjab, and Robert Nickelsberg, Photojournalist, New York.

  • Project Advisory Group Members: Amitava Kumar. Homi K. Bhabha, Harvard University, Jyoti Puri, Professor of Sociology, Simmons College, Khurram Parvez, Program Coordinator, Jammu & Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society, Srinagar, Vinay Lal, Associate Professor of History, University of California, Los Angeles.

The project’s objectives: “to engage with affected communities, and periodically engage with members of the Government of India and the Parliament of India.”

It also offers “opportunities” for students, which is a code word for “agenda.” This is how it reads: “the project is engaging exceptional graduate students and select undergraduate students from UC Berkeley, Stanford University, other institutions, and from impacted communities in India and the Indian Diaspora in the U.S. The project will engage age-appropriate youth from affected communities in the work of creating archives, experimenting with photography and videography, and documenting remembrance.”

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Dismantling Hindutva is a Declaration of a War to Destroy Hindu Dharma

I suppose further commentary is unnecessary. But to put it bluntly: this is a university-level education in the methods and techniques for sophisticatedly infiltrating India at all levels with the long-term objective of fomenting street riots.

For unknown reasons, the original project’s web page no longer exists and it seems to have morphed into something called the Political Conflict, Gender and People’s Rights Initiative headed by Angana Chatterji, one of the darlings of Ghulam Nabi Fai. The other eminences in that hall of infamy remain pretty much unchanged.

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Dismantling Hindutva is a Declaration of a War to Destroy Hindu Dharma
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Dismantling Hindutva is a Declaration of a War to Destroy Hindu Dharma

Roll Call of Infamy

Another name stands out: Christophe Jaffrelot.

He is listed as a speaker in the Dismantling Global Hindutva “conference.” Unsurprising again. The other name is Anand Patwardhan, a hardcore Naxalite hiding in plain sight and one of the high-profile milkers of the Gujarat riots cottage industry. Other names like Kavita Krishnan, Neha Dixit and Meena Kandaswamy famed for their infamy are, realistically speaking, Pan Parag activists located at the bottom rungs of this dangerous global game to dismantle Hindu Dharma from its land of birth.

The Real Target: the RSS

I took UC Berkeley as a mere representative given the fact that the “conference” itself proudly advertises that it has sponsorships from and partnerships with 45+ universities. That should give Hindus an idea of the deadly extent to which anti-Hindu and anti-India forces are networked and are working in tandem. Which also raises another legitimate alarm: the overt or tacit approval or support of the US Government for such a xenophobic event. As R. Jagannathan correctly observes, “dismantling Hindutva is fine and non-Hinduphobic, when none of these universities would dare hold similar conferences titled “Dismantling Islamism” or “Dismantling Born Again Christianity & Evangelism”, both of which constitute huge threats to peace in the parts of the world that are not majority Muslim or Christian.“

While the “conference” aims to dismantle “global Hindutva,“ it is really a war-cry for the physical elimination of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, which is what makes it xenophobic, if not a call for multi-pronged genocide.

A truthful analysis shows that there is no such thing as ”global Hindutva“ in the sense that there is in fact a global Muslim Ummah and the fundamentalist Evangelist apparatus cutting across denominations. Both have wiped out entire civilisations, plundered nature on a global scale, and remain transnational expansionisms. Every inch of the earth conquered by both is a conquest in the name of their respective God.

On the other hand, a capsuled history of the RSS since its inception shows that its journey has progressed from a reclamation of all that is noble, virtuous and valuable in the Hindu civilisational heritage to a last-ditch battle for survival in the present time. And “conferences” like this progressively make that battle that much tougher. There’s just no polite way of stating this truth.

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Dismantling Hindutva is a Declaration of a War to Destroy Hindu Dharma

But for what it’s worth, we need to actually congratulate the psychotic organisers of this execrable “conference” of Hindu hatred: they have shown a modicum of honesty in their vulgarity. As their website shows, it is an open advertisement of “tookit,” ignorance, deception, and a ready reckoner of lethal psychological ailments. It would have been childish if it were not so deadly.

Muscular Response

And it requires a muscular–yes, muscular–response from the Indian Government.

Most of the universities sponsoring this xenophobic event have their branch offices on Indian soil and they regularly recruit Indian students and therefore, a good chunk of their income comes directly from Indian taxpayers. Not to mention the fact that they use Indian resources for their operations. The question thus arises: are they recruiting Indian students to indoctrinate them in how to wage war against the native culture of their own country by using their own money in fees? This “conference” seems to prove exactly that.

Two, India’s economic ties with the US and vice versa should not come at the expense of slaughtering the heart of Indian culture, which is Hindu Dharma. Three, and this message has to ring loudly in the US academia: it has to be sent from both the Indian Government, and Indian businessmen and wealthy individuals–withdrawal of funding for expensive chairs and endowments.

The right amount of pressure applied at all levels should hopefully do the trick.


But at a fundamental level, and if it is serious, the Hindu community should actually hold such “dismantling conferences” exposing the barbaric realities committed by their predators both historically and at present. In fact, an entire country can be built just to store the voluminous documentation that has recorded these barbarities dating back to at least one thousand years.

But the tragic fact is that some of the speakers who ought to be in prison for their record of waging war against the Indian state and Hindus have been elevated to pedestals to continue the same war. And they have Hindu names. That is the real dismantling that has occurred over at least three generations.

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