Getting Jacked

Getting Jacked

Twitter Inc cofounder and CEO Jack Dorsey visited India.

And got Jacked.

There’s just no other way to say this but it appears that Jack Dorsey seems dense or incompetent or both. For a techie and CEO of one of the world’s most successful social media platforms operating continuously for over a decade, it is nothing short of shocking that he didn’t seem to have invested enough time in learning about the culture of a country that ranks seventh in the list of Twitter user base. Really, what was Jack thinking when he agreed to pose holding that flagrantly-violent and brazenly hate-mongering, casteist placard that openly calls to “smash Brahminical patriarchy?”

It appears that things began to implode spectacularly the day Jack Dorsey landed in India about a week ago. Launching a courageous rebellion against common sense and truth, Jack met Rahul Gandhi of all people, to discuss on the ways to “tackle the menace of fake news.” Whereas the whole country knows that it is Rahul Gandhi’s corrupt, horribly decayed, and moth-eaten Congress party that has a veritable army of Fake News Factories like National Herald, The Wire, Scroll, Catch News, Alt News, Quint, The Print, and of course, the existing charlatans like NDTV and gang. Indeed, a simple Google search would’ve revealed the kind of fake news generated by these pro-Congress pamphleteers at the rate of a few gigabytes per second. In fact, the said criminal placard in itself is perhaps the greatest and surest proof of said fakery.

And then he met–again, of all people–Shahrukh Khan who has distinguished himself for…nothing. And then Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well. The picture of Jack sitting with one leg over the other didn’t go down well with a vast section of culturally-rooted Indians who found it extremely rude and distasteful.

No other country has internalised and adheres to the timeless dictum of Atithi Devo Bhava (Regard the guest as akin to God) as Bharatavarsha. A dictum which has mostly been reciprocated by violence, conversion and both by those who we opened our doors magnanimously to.

But it could be argued that there’s a reason Jack Dorsey behaved the outrageous way he did. The reason can be found in this picture, the selfsame, notorious Brahmin-hatred placard.

There, in exactly one picture is a very tiny, a mini-rogues gallery of the modern-day Brown Sepoys basking in the glory of getting photographed with the Superior White Master. It is the precedent they have set, it is the propaganda that they relentlessly, ruthlessly peddle that sends a subliminal message to folks like Dorsey: after all, the bloody Indians haven’t changed one bit even after 70 years. They continue to spit on their own country, their own people, and their own culture, which is perhaps the only culture that has a cure for the numerous mental, psychological, and lifestyle-related ills plaguing the present time.

But to take a detour, here’s a brief portrait of the “Brahminical patriarchy” that these  degenerates alias Incurables, want to “smash.” [Emphasis added]

…[these people represent] one of the most important components among the treasures of our country. And I continue to believe that even today, there exist hundreds of people who share my opinion…But no matter how far India progresses in the achievement of…material wealth, there will always be numerous other countries as competition.


But the one field which doesn’t present any such competition is culture: specifically, the spiritual culture of India. This spiritual culture is the best and the finest of India’s wealth. If we don’t account for or neglect this spiritual culture, there’s no other area which India can take pride in. Forget pride, there’s no path where India can become useful to the world. 


Thus, those who protect and preserve the knowledge of our country’s spiritual culture, its organic arts, and its traditional customs in an unbroken manner become the preservers and custodians of the initial capital of this country’s cultural treasure. They are the nucleus of Indian Culture…

The chief characteristic of [these Brahmins] was to experience a life of opulence amidst poverty. That opulence can’t be captured by the calculations of any bank. That wealth doesn’t lend itself to money and gold. It’s the wealth of the soul, of the inner Atman. Those folks had forgotten their paucity of outward riches in the contentment of their inner wealth.


[These Brahmins possessed] an attitude of ultimate spirituality in worldly business; a desire for spiritual peace amid all mundane impulses; an attitude of purity in all earthly bonds of family and friends—these are the key features of Indian Culture. A view of inner wellness, non-expectation, purity—these are the three attributes that were regarded as the highest goals of life by Indians since time immemorial as a cultural disposition. Enjoying wealth amid poverty, remaining tranquil amid commotion, labouring towards hygiene amid squalor—this is Indianness.

Obviously, these lived lives and lifestyle is as alien to Jack Dorsey as Sri Krishna Janmashtami is to Osama Bin Laden.

Contrast the attitude, behaviour, lifestyle, and record of the Incurables standing with Jack. Two examples will suffice. The first is a shameless corporate stenographer cum political fixer cum media goon (who intimidated a blogger into silence), and a vitriolic Christian bigot who tweets this because Twitter said “sorry” after the outrage that followed the hate-filled anti-Brahmin placard.

And these are journalists who lecture every day about freedom of expression and claim to fight “fake news.” But this journalist in question was at least honest in one respect on this occasion: “You are throwing us under the bus to save your skin.” What does that tell the world about the precise nature of the closed-door meeting that Jack Dorsey held with these Incurables? Nothing new except the fact that it yet again exposes the Far Left political bias of Twitter.

In fact, Twitter’s so-called apology and clarification only makes it worse. If the underlying ramifications weren’t so serious, it would be hilarious to read such stuff. In the aforementioned Twitter thread, while Twitter India’s legal brain says that it was a “private photo” and not “reflective of our views,” the Christian bigot who was part of the meeting calls out her lie! Talk about peas in a pod. Here’s something that’s even worse.

The choice of words and people is interesting: “women journalists,” “change makers.” Obvious questions arise: why is it that only women journalists were invited? And what according to Twitter is the definition of “change makers?” And why does the Tweet specifically use the identity-marker “Dalit,” who gifted that racist poster to Jack Dorsey? Does this mean Twitter asks the caste, religion, etc of people it potentially wants to hire? Do Dalit activists get preferential treatment in hiring and/or employee benefits etc? If yes, why? These and several other related questions crop up in light of the other Tweet which claims that Twitter is “impartial.”

But then Twitter is only being consistent with its record of supporting all manner of Extreme Left’s “basket of deplorables,” to use a memorable phrase that cost Hillary Clinton her election.

And so is Jack Dorsey equally consistent.

His platform, in the past, has permanently kicked out the provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, Richard Spencer, and Alex Jones among other prominent American public figures. His record of acting like Big Brother has been meticulously documented, some wondering whether Jack Dorsey’s politics is destroying Twitter. Besides, the other cofounder of Twitter (since exited Twitter), Evan Williams who famously declared that “he no longer believes in Internet free speech for those who are ‘right-wing'” is also a pointer of sorts as to the Extreme Left bias of Twitter.

The case of the American conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones being de-platformed a few months ago is a chilling wake-up call that should be taken far more seriously than it is being taken. For those new, in August 2018, Alex Jones was simultaneously banned on all social networking platforms: Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Stitcher, YouTube and others acting in an eerie concert. Aside, this is a good podcast discussing the issue in depth.

In essence, what this means is that social media and digital media companies both in America and India are packed to the hilt with Extreme Left dopeheads, and for the foreseeable future, there’s no way sane people can get in and/or tilt the balance. And if these dopeheads have caused and continue to cause such mayhem on a regular basis in a country like the US, why should we think they’d do any different in a country like India, filled as it is with scores of breaking India forces in powerful, institutional positions both inside and out of the Government?

The sooner we wake up to this clear and present threat, the better it is, and the more time we will have to change the course given the fact that the 2019 general elections are fast approaching. There should be an effort to ensure that it becomes expensive for social media platforms to peddle dangerous and subversive propaganda about India, its culture, traditions, and people. This is where there’s a lot that we can learn from China which knows how and more importantly, when to wield the whip. At the minimum, right-minded people in decision-making positions should invest in creating home-grown social media and similar platforms and tools. And this investment should not be restricted merely to social media or the Internet. In an era of rampaging globalisation and globalism, the only solution to preserve and protect a civilisation like Bharata is nationalism that is rooted in the Sanatana ethos.

As the last four years have revealed, this is no longer about elections and politics, it’s about the sovereign integrity of India.

|| ॐ तत् सत्  ||

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