High Time we Declare JNU a Crime Scene and Cordon it off

High Time we Declare JNU a Crime Scene and Cordon it off

Perhaps in no other country would you witness university students sloganeering for the destruction of their own nation and for clamours promising to fulfill a terrorist’s “wish.” And perhaps in no other country would you witness top media stars, intellectuals, writers, academics, and even former judges justifying this brazenness as “freedom of speech.” This assorted crew then takes the justification forward and hails these rabid sloganeers as heroes and martyrs.

Actually, a short explanation is in order.

There is India and there is the Unaccountable Communist Republic of JNU, which merely happens to inhabit the geography of India but is covertly and overtly funded and supported by powerful interests in India hailing from the political class, bureaucracy, academia, media, and the rest.

The emergence of Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and their motley band of terrorist-supporters is but the logical blossoming of the seeds that founded the Jawaharlal Nehru University. For those who have followed not merely the history of the JNU but that of the root ideology that inspires and guides it in India, Kanhaiya, Umar Khalid & co’s criminal antics aren’t surprising.
At a point on another timeline not too distant from the present, the JNU slogan of “Hindustan ko tukde tukde kar denge” was given overwhelming support at the party, policy and the ground level by the progenitors of the JNU.

The result: Partition of India.

These seeds were sown in what is known as the “Adhikari Thesis,” which was a “position paper” authored by Gangadhar Adhikari, who was briefly Secretary of the (undivided) Communist Party of India.

The “position paper” titled “Pakistan and National Unity,” was simply two things: an endorsement of the Muslim League’s demand for Pakistan and the willingness of the (original) Communist Party of India to fully back it. The CPI passed a resolution supporting the creation of Pakistan based on this traitorous paper.

But the premise of G. Adhikari in the paper is what is interesting: one, he holds that India was never a united country “from Kashmir to Kanyakumari” and that the idea of “one nation, one people, one language” never existed at any point in India’s long history. Two, he characterises the various regions of India as “different individual nationalities.”

It is highly instructive to read the entire paper in full. Here’s a relevant and representative excerpt.

“The Lingayat peasantry of Karnatak..wakes up to anti-imperialist consciousness and develops a natural yearning for a free Karnatak…So it is with the Andhra, Tamils and with the Sindhis, Punjabis and the Pathans.…as soon as we grasp that behind the demand for Pakistan is the justified desire of the people of Muslim nationalities such as Sindhis, Baluchis, Punjabis (Muslims), Pathans to build their free national life…there is a very simple solution to the communal problem in its new phase…nationalities such as Sindhis, Baluchis, Pathans and Punjabi Muslims. have the right to secede if they so desire…wherever people of Muslim faith living together in a territorial unit, form a nationality…they certainly have the right to autonomous state existence…” [Pakistan and National Unity, Edited by G. Adhikari, 1942, People’s Publishing House, Bombay Pp 4-8. Emphasis added]

How different is this from Kanhaiya & co’s “Hindustan ke tukde tukde” hollering? If anything, Adhikari’s work provides the ideological basis and justification upon whose strength these “martyrs” enact their drama unimpeded on a sprawling campus created, sustained and subsidised by the Indian taxpayer who is only recently becoming aware of the exact sort of danger this institution poses.

The Communists’ support to the Muslim League’s demand for Pakistan—not to mention the orgy of bloodshed they unleashed in Telangana in 1946 in support of yet another vivisection of India—eventually tarnished their image nationwide. But as luck would have it, in Nehru they found a prized useful idiot as Prime Minister who was completely, incurably seduced by the USSR, their Holy Fatherland. It was during his time that they slowly began taking control of institutions that shaped public discourse—chiefly, education.

Having waded through the Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru, I can say with full sense of responsibility that he was far more committed a communist than Mr. Spratt had suspected.

I can now see quite clearly that Pandit Nehru had learnt studiously to look through communist glasses on every problem that arose in pre- and post-independence India. The solutions he sought…were…by what he eulogised as the Great Soviet Experiment…Had not Mao Tse-tung spoiled his game..when he was at the peak of his power….[Nehru] would have handed over the country to the communist mafia. [Genesis and Growth of Nehruism: Sita Ram Goel, Pg. ix. Emphasis added]

But our Communists truly struck gold when Indira Gandhi sought their support in 1969. It’s well-known that in return, they demanded the establishment of JNU, a massive university campus that is more a township spread over more than 1000 acres of prime land in Delhi. Mrs. Gandhi’s Education Minister the rabid communist Nurul Hasan, eventually packed the JNU with handpicked party people, Communist academics, and committed ideologues to key positions. But even Nurul Hasan’s appointment wasn’t accidental. Here is what went on behind the scenes.

…[when Indira Gandhi] split the Congress Party in 1969, the communist mafia had perfected the Kumaramangalam plan of supporting her as the rope supports the hanged man. And she walked into the trap, prompted by the apparatus she had inherited from her father.

She surrounded herself with Moscow’s men and women, recruited directly from the Communist Party of India and its fronts…

Nobody seems to remember that this is the same mafia which had denounced in 1948 Sri Ramakrishna as a homosexual pervert…Sri Aurobindo as a dirty war-monger, Rabindranath Tagore as a pimp, and stalwarts of the freedom movement…as the…bastards of Birla and Tata.

How different is this from an Arvind Kejriwal who until recently used to abuse those who disagreed with him as “agents of Ambani and Adani?” These are the past masters who have guided him and continue to do so.

JNU grew meteorically. As now so then: academic faculty were fundamentally pathological, but well-trained indoctrinators imparting the ideology and tactics to break India. As the Mitrokhin Archives have revealed, a lot of these maniacs were directly on the payroll of the USSR. At one estimate, the USSR had about 40 MPs in our Parliament sitting on important committees and making policy decisions.

Yuri Bezmeov, a KGB defector (now deceased) to the West corroborates this fact. He narrates how when he was working at the Russian embassy in India, academics from various universities including Delhi University and JNU would be trained in the USSR in techniques of brainwashing their students in Communism.

What exactly is the nature of the democracy we have adopted is a question that continues to haunt me.

Down the Memory Lane

A friend and JNU alumnus I recently met told me some revealing experiences of life on that vile campus in the early 1980s.

Almost all academics—faculty and visiting—were card-carrying communists who would drive student activism. Violent, breaking-India type groups like the PSO and RSO too enjoyed complete freedom to carry out their on-campus communist propaganda. Students who didn’t toe the line would be mercilessly victimised. As a high profile example, my friend narrated how a former President of the JNUSU committed the cardinal sin of not adhering to the party line. He was rusticated and his PHD, delayed by eight years. He later went on to become the Patna resident editor of a prominent newspaper.

However, the most revealing and vivid anecdote from my JNU friend was that of Arun Shourie who was invited in 1984 or 85 for an informal, post-dinner address to students at the mess. The topic was “Media as the megaphone of the government.”  The context was twofold.

The first: around that period, as a trial balloon, Mrs. Gandhi had induced the Jagannath Mishra Government in Bihar to introduce the Press Bill to squelch press freedom but had to back down in face of severe opposition. The second: in 1984, the now-defunct Illustrated Weekly of India carried a four-part series entitled “The Great Betrayal” by Shourie. That series had exposed the treacherous role the Communists had played in sabotaging the Quit India Movement. It was later enlarged into a comprehensive book titled The Only Fatherland published by none other than the selfsame Sita Ram Goel.

The address at JNU was aimed at cornering Arun Shourie on their own turf during the Q & A session. My JNU friend described how Shourie came armed with reams of primary evidence, photocopies, and boxfuls of papers and systematically showed how the USSR had painted World War 2 as a “People’s War” thanks to some splendid propaganda, which our comrades dutifully swallowed.

In contrast, the only rebuttal to Shourie’s speech came from an AISF member in the form of a question: “how much has the CIA paid you?” The ensuing exchange, as my friend recounted (not verbatim), is highly revealing:

Arun Shourie (AS): Are you a student or a teacher?
Student: I am a student
AS: Since how long?
Student: 10 years
AS: I asked because I wanted to ensure whether you are contaminated or you are the one doing the contaminating.

Indeed, not much has changed since then at JNU. When cornered, shift the goalpost, outshout, denounce, attack in packs, assassinate the opponent’s character or accuse the questioner of being an agent of some evil force. The same tactic is applied even today night after mindless night in TV “debates,” where the standard refrain of the invited nation-wreckers is to constantly mischaracterise the issue of their anti-India activism as one of “freedom of speech,” etc.

And all of this is in the service of what Arun Shourie calls “a Master Theory, a Revelation,” and “if your answer does not accord with their line, they come down on you as an avalanche—of denunciation, of vicious abuse, of their sudden discoveries about your motives.” Even the CPI(M) and other assorted Communist parties no longer talk about grand revolutions etc. However, the roots they have spread in our institutions and in public discourse have ensured that a sense of permanent confusion prevails. As events of the four preceding years have shown, the current-day spawn of these communists have only accelerated their nation-wrecking tactics across India.

When your average reader, TV news-consumer, or social media ADD zombie is overwhelmed with information overload on every issue, he loses the ability of being able to distinguish between the true and the false, and fact and perception. Which is why criminals and thugs and goondas of the Kanhaiya Kumar variety in every major and minor institution no longer fear punishment; on the contrary their teachers not only indoctrinate them with this poison but actively encourage such rowdy behaviour; intellectuals and media personalities will give them public platforms and bestow them with victim status or martyrdom like in the case of the uber-Naxal, Gauri Lankesh. If the law catches up with them, the latest rent-a-judge scheme is always available.

This is engineered chaos perfected to an art form over several decades. And it is spinning out of control.

You know what is even worse?

You simply cannot win this battle with this species if you fight them head-on. The reason is really simple: they don’t follow any rules, not even the ones they make for themselves. They swindle in order to win and they enjoy the process. Your value system is a weakness that they exploit and use as a weapon against you. Your virtue is their strength. Your nobleness, loyalty, fairness, and good conduct are contemptible qualities. They know you cannot, you will not abandon these qualities. They win their fights using mob-power. It really doesn’t matter to them if their so-called victory produces an inferior, valueless and enfeebled society where there’s no cost attached to criminal and depraved behaviour.

Think back to these four years. Think of any prominent name: Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid, Alpesh Thakor, Jignesh Mevani, Kamal Hassan, Gurmehar Kaur, Swara Bhaskar, and those of the self-righteous loudmouths in the wake of the so-called “Me Too” charade. On the last point, why is it that almost every single pervert and sexual predator hails from the (largely English) news media industry?

And unless you’re living under a rock or in denial, this will simply not stop. No matter who wins the 2019 elections. Because this is something India has ever seen before. It is a near-total takeover of largely the urban Hindu psyche. This breed of Hindus  thinks, speaks and behaves according to the subconscious directives devised and issued by the enemies of Hindus. This takeover has extraordinarily powerful institutional backing. This takeover is almost entirely the creation of the viper-pit known as JNU.

You cannot fight this using any known or familiar methods. And those of us Indians who really care about retaining long-cherished values, customs, traditions, and lifestyles based on a spiritual oneness with nature and harbouring a sense of sanctity towards all facets of life need to think of finding a new way to fight this.

Starting now.

In 1947, the communists actively helped break Bharata into two. I shudder to think of the number this time around.

Declare the JNU as a crime scene; cordon it off with the proverbial yellow tape. Maybe build a memorial on its site for all the martyrs who fought its toxic propaganda and paid for it.

Do it now.

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