Introducing the Adharma Hall of Shame

Introducing the Adharma Hall of Shame

For the longest time, Hindus have been lectured to, talked down to, abused, baited and patronised by the Nehruvian establishment. That “longest time” is nearly seventy years. Nearly three-quarters of a century. Think about that timeframe. Most certainly, seventy years might be the proverbial drop in the ocean of history but think of the other proverb as well: little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

This seventy-year period has been just a single tale: of steady and in many cases, irreversible decline and disappearance of almost all facets of Sanatana Dharma that makes it what it is, thanks to a sustained multi-pronged assault. That this assault has happened under the garb of a criminal politico-ideological concept called is well-known.

But the response on the Hindu side has not been encouraging–both in quality and quantity–to say the least. This response can be housed under to broad categories:

  • People: A handful of committed and truly trailblazing people working largely alone have left a sizeable and spectacular legacy which cannot be carried forward because that path most certainly leads to penury. Working in the realm of Hindu civilisational and cultural issues cannot be a hobby given the sort of mortal danger it is faced with. The latest: the ongoing Sabarimala protests. When one sees thousands of Hindus protesting, one is tempted to gloat about the “great Hindu reawakening” that has happened but the real question is: why did Hindus even allow things to reach such a sorry pass?
  • Sporadic: The same seventy-year period also shows that it takes nothing short of a nuclear bomb to wake up Hindus that they are indeed in mortal danger. It is only and only on such occasions that the Hindu masses are roused to eruption. And then it’s back to the normal state of an inertia induced by civilisational apathy. Look no further than the Ram Mandir. It appears that the descendants of the same culture that gave us magnificent artworks like the Kailasnath Temple at Ellora, the Chalukya, Pallava, Chola, and Hoysala masterpieces that took several generations to build, have simply lost the capacity to sustain anything for more than five years.

Even more tragic is the fact that those who continue to attack Sanatana Dharma are fundamentally soulless people who have no notion of Dharma and lack even basic traits like gratitude and reverence for Creation itself. And as recent times have revealed, large sections of this class of people are depraved beyond redemption. These are Hindus–or rather people who have been merely born as Hindus. This distinction is important because at the root, genuine adherents of Abrahamic cults are the worst victims of the core tenets of those cults and so it is unsurprising that they harbour hostility if not hatred towards Sanatana Dharma.

What is even worse is the fact that for the longest time, Hindus simply took all this unprovoked abuse, slander, and invective. Of course, over the years, they have pushed back and in many instances, spectacularly so. But as I mentioned elsewhere, the secular side is the modern-day equivalent of . Hindus might get fatigued–and they are–but the Raktabijasuras will not stop. What Hindus are today faced with is the combined assault of a Triple Jihad: the actual Islamic Jihad, the Crusades, and a far more insidious form of Communism that has already infected the psyches of Hindu children, especially young Hindu girls. You might think this is alarmist and doomsday-like but it is real. Put another way here is a question: which side would you rather err on: caution or annihilation?

Electoral victories although significant in the short term, can accomplish only so much.

It is time to pushback.

One such effort is the introduction of the , an ongoing repository that documents some of the vilest, the filthiest, and the most depraved words and deeds of these Raktabijasuras, drawn primarily from the media, intelligentsia and Academia complex. In their own words. Curated. For all posterity.

Starting today.

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