It is Time to Establish a National Institute of Liberal Pathology

It is Time to Establish a National Institute of Liberal Pathology

If you’re a Hindu and you have a grown-up daughter, make sure that she doesn’t work in the degeneracy-infested, rootless, soulless Indian English media, especially, the Lutyens variant. If she does, she’ll emerge dumber than what she was before she went in. Not only that, she’ll permanently become damaged goods.

The latest exhibit is the following specimen who tops the charts for the mind-numbing, vacuous, real-life parody that ensued over the “environmental damage” caused by bursting crackers on Deepavali. In her world inhabited by all-encompassing intellectual bottomlessness, bursting crackers for a couple of days in a year constitutes the following:

In one self-shot video, she is seen recording it while driving a car thereby endangering road safety. Her tweets and self-recorded videos are so ridiculous that you can’t even ridicule them. It’s as if a joke has clothed itself in human form and pointing to itself, is loudly clamouring, “I’m a joke, I’m a joke! Laugh at me!” At other times, she shoots other bizarre videos that make it appear that the office of her employer, Republic TV, is actually a beauty salon, not a serious news channel, at which she’s a Senior Editor. Let that sink in.

Lest I be accused of singling out this “Senior Editor” for errr.. special treatment, let me reassure you that she’s just the latest exhibit…nay, she’s one of the thousands of logical outcomes of seventy years of secularism also known as the Incurables. She’s only faithfully following in the illustrious footsteps of her more morbid and blood-loving Elder Sisters like Sagarika Ghose and gang.

This lady, a former TV news media anchor is a mother of grown up children. Let that also sink in.

Here’s the truth about the phony concerns over polluting the environment by bursting crackers on Deepavali championed by private-chopper-driving ecoterrorists and their media foot soldiers: unless these guys stop using fossil-fuel powered vehicles in any form (that includes public buses, cabs, auto rickshaws etc), unless they discard their air conditioners and pollutants of every sort and agree to live in a pre-industrialised world, we should treat them as the shameless hypocrites they are.

And the other truth is that this shrill, annual campaign against bursting crackers, as we have seen elsewhere, is simply a determined effort at uprooting and annihilating Hindu festivals by demonizing the vitals of these festivals and traditions. Therein lies another hilarity. Over the years, these selfsame vacuous worthies have converted this bogus “environment-friendly Diwali” into a ritual, that one word they dread. Come Deepavali, the whole world is witness to a grand Pavlovian global dog-show about how dangerous the festival is to the environment.

I’ll never tire of repeating it: it’s not just about Deepavali. Or Ganesha Chaturthi. Or Janmashtami. Or Rama Navami. Or Holi. Or Jallikattu. Or Kambala. Or Dahi Handi. Or Sabarimala. Or Tirupati. Or Anantapadmanabhaswamy. In truth, all these are mere continuations.

It all began more than a century ago.

When large numbers of Hindu girls were convinced–at the gunpoint of punishment–by Shringara-deprived nuns and poisonous principals that it is backward and shameful to wear bangles and bindis and to knot their hair in long, lovely pleats. This shame induced by a predatory Messianic cult robbed these hapless Hindu girls of their cultural inheritance right in their childhood. More accurately, it was and remains a cultural pedophilia of a far more deadly sort.

But at a fundamental level, these pleasing markers of feminity and creative impulse became unfashionable. As we continue to see, this has proven to be fatal. It is easiest to get you to hate yourself if you are convinced that you’re out of fashion. And so, from there onwards, the transition to discard and sully the innate value of the Mangalasutra was rather effortless. It might actually shock the arid souls of the airheads of Lutyens—who holler about the “plight” of Muslim “minorities”—that countless Muslim women proudly wear the Mangalasutra, earrings, toe rings, and nose rings even to this day.

To cut the proverbial long story short, what has happened in the last seventy years in the guise of “moral science,” “scientific temper,” and “rational thinking” is the near-comprehensive Christianisation of at least three generations of largely “upper caste” Hindu women. The other face of this Christianisation is the sluttification of these Hindu women: you see this phenomenon daily mostly in the film, fashion, and advertising industries and in the Lutyens and Lutyens-inspired English media. It is a vast and well-oiled network that justifies, glorifies, promotes, and panders to every depravity and personal pathology by sexing it up as “freedom,” “empowerment,” “living life on my own terms” and such assorted nonsense. And by extension, as something worthy of emulation. In effect, what should be punished in a sane world is being rewarded. Or like I observed in a related context, those who should have been in prison are in newsrooms. And universities. And academic institutes. And that latest hoax, think tanks.

Which is why it is my considered conviction that the time has come for Hindus to urgently establish a National Institute of Liberal Pathology (NILP).

Here are a few high-level thoughts and guidelines as to what its contours might be.

  • The term “Liberal Pathology” can be defined as a social epidemic observed in a large section of English-speaking (mostly) Hindu people who have been infected primarily by an education that has permanently altered their psychological and mental state by normalising their innate pathologies to the extent of Stage 4 Cancer. The infected patients are typically known as the Incurables or Liberal Pathologists.
  • It must always be borne in mind that the Liberal Pathologists describe themselves using a vast array of terminological vacuities such as “liberals,” “humanists,” “progressives,” “feminists,” “LGBTQIRXXKKJJW activists,” “social justice warriors,” “environmentalists,” “global citizens,” and variants thereof. This is just a sample of an infinitely-expanding list of such terminology. Much like how cancer cells multiply.
  • As a broad charter, the NILP should be a rigorous research body comprising people who share concerns about the survival, well-being and protection of the Sanatana civilisation in all its vital aspects and expressions against the predations of the aforementioned Liberal Pathologists.
  • Its approach must be endowed with great compassion and pity for the Liberal Pathologists alias Incurables, whose personality, behaviour, etc are outlined and described earlier on The Dharma Dispatch and elsewhere.
  • It must diligently and rigorously curate the record of both prominent, lesser-known, and upcoming Incurables, and use scientific methods to analyse their pathologies and see if some cure can be found. A highly recommended approach is provided by the meticulous compilation titled, The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America, which deservedly became an instant bestseller.
  • While it is doubtful that any cure can be found for the Liberal Pathologists, it is also an act of great social service to document the lessons learned from the lives of these pathological eminences so that we can save the future generations of Hindus.
  • This must be a full-time, dedicated, ongoing effort because the Liberal Pathologists will simply not stop. Rest and relaxation is not an option. If they have managed to convince the capitalists to fund their own destruction in the name of compassion, Hindus must realise what exactly they’re up against. No institution, nobody, nothing is safe.
  • The proposed NILP must stop giving rebuttals, scholarly defences and intellectual responses countering these patients. A highly recommended and far more effective approach is to treat them for what they really are: patients in need of therapy.
  • To this end, a well-thought out, well-researched, and proven pharmacology needs to be developed by the NILP. Not all patients suffer from the same severity of the ailment. Therefore, depending on the level of Liberal Pathology, pity, compassion, mockery, satire, condescension, and in extreme cases, exercising a firm, paternal hand are all recommended treatments to be employed as appropriate. The reader is invited to contribute other workable treatments.

In the end, always remember that they only have pathology, which they use as a weapon, attacking in packs. Hindus on the other hand, have high philosophy, deep spirituality, and a robust and refined cultural inheritance that has continually resurged and re-asserted itself on precisely these innate strengths.

What are you waiting for?

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