Seelampur Riots
Seelampur RiotsHindustan Times

The Anti-CAA Riots are an Ongoing Intifada Formulated by the Post-Independence Recruits of Future Partitions of India

Nawab Nehru’s education system, a euphemism for Marxist indoctrination, birthed a new breed of Hindus which, over successive generations came to identify themselves as liberals, another euphemism for intellectual Stalinism. It is these Hindus who have willingly, gladly, joyously warmed the beds of the slaughterers of their ancestors and the gang rapists of their great great great grandmothers. It is these Hindus who are strutting around, proudly celebrating their concubinage as a badge of honour. Needless, vast sections of the Academia-Intellectual-Media Complex is infested with them. A good section of the millennial spawn of these Stalinists is today being used as cannon fodder for the ongoing low-intensity Jihad against the CAA.

Students as Cannon Fodder

This then is the newest battlefront cum weapon: teenagers, undergraduate and postgraduate students who can merely read and write but whose heads have been transformed into garbage dumps filled with innumerable nation and society-wrecking toxins from early childhood at taxpayers’ expense. This has happened because our “humanities” textbooks over the decades, have become tools for sustained child abuse from which one never recovers. News and visuals coming our way like tidal waves clearly show that our universities and educational institutions have turned into some kind of military garrisons waging war against the Indian state, fully supported, coordinated and strategised by journalists and media houses.

The jungle Naxals and Maoists might have been largely wiped out from their original hideouts…and this is why an incessant study of history and keeping its lessons in active memory is mandatory. One important lesson is the fact that no area of human endeavour is unimportant or insignificant to the Communist scheme of things. I will hazard a guess based on this history and will daresay that perhaps jungle Naxalism is no longer required: we now have two and half generations of Naxals in our cities and towns who are so thoroughly brainwashed that they don’t even realise that they’ve been brainwashed.

Those who have studied Communism and Communist-inspired mass uprisings will testify to the fact that these brainwashed and braindead youth are actually convinced that they are taking part in some of a grand and noble revolution. This then is the other facet of what I called Incurables. This population of India is lost to us, civilisationally, forever.

Let’s call the beast by its real name—what we’re witnessing is not protests by any definition of the term but the contours of a civil war. But before we get into the specifics let’s address a fundamental and core issue.

An Ongoing Intifada

While Mamata Banerjee’s obsession with Jihadis is understandable but unpardonable, a fact hidden in plain sight has largely escaped public attention. I was alerted to it by an astute friend who posed a simple question to me: “Why is the Congress so desperately opposing the CAA in this brutal fashion? It is one thing to oppose it politically but entirely another dimension to get down to the streets with naked violence and rioting.”

Indeed, to not link the ongoing rioting, public violence and arson to the Congress party is as believable as the virgin birth of an alleged son of a jealous male God who in turn spawned an 800-year old institution that recruits nuns sworn to a lifelong vow of abstinence.

But there’s an even deeper theme to this organised political, but mostly Jihadi violence: as to why and how it materialised seemingly out of thin air, on the spur. It can be likened to the breaching of a dam. And going by the shocking reports emerging from Seelampur in Delhi, what we are witnessing is not dissimilar to an Indian formulation and implementation of Intifada, defined in the Arabic usage as “a legitimate uprising against oppression.”

Pause…and. Just. Think. About. Its. Full. Import.

The breathing speed, effectiveness and success with which the Modi 2.0 Government is taking not only monumental but history-altering decisions has not only left the Congress (and its clones) civil warmongers breathless but helpless at the sheer misery of the realisation of their own impotence against Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. The current spate of their organised street violence is akin to an impotent husband repeatedly and unreasonably beating up his wife at the frustration of his own inability to perform.

Speed. But more importantly, Master Boxer Amit Shah. Between 16 May 2014 and today, the historic date of 23 May 2019 now appears merely like the interval of a movie. Indeed, the Modi 2.0 Government didn’t even “settle down,” a factor that completely stunned and unnerved these civil warmongers. In just over six months, they realised to their horror, that nothing was now in the realm of impossibility for Modi 2.0: the UAPA, abrogation of Article 370, nailing and jailing P. Chidambaram and D.K. Shiva Kumar, the rebuilding of Ram Mandir, and now the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Loss of a Permanent Vote Bank

However, the CAA was the proverbial last straw because of another crucial reason. If it is implemented with the thoroughness, effectiveness and stringency it demands, the CAA will herald the irreversible end of the bumper and assured vote bank of the Congress and its clones not just in the electoral realm but in all fields. To be sure, it was the CPI(M) Government in West Bengal that inaugurated the nation-wrecking scheme of importing large numbers of illegal Muslims from Bangladesh and giving them bogus citizenship IDs. Needless, the Congress quickly caught on to the game and in some instances, beat the CPI(M). For the full lurid details of how this game played out, read the chapters titled A Country or a Wastepaper Basket? and No Time to Relent in Arun Shourie’s classic, A Secular Agenda.

The CAA will hopefully pave the way for the discriminatory practice of placing Abrahamic institutions out of Governmental scrutiny and perhaps end the unjust largesse that these predatory religions have wrested from the Hindu taxpayers for more than seventy years.

Arguably, the CAA is perhaps the most significant social reform undertaken since India achieved “independence.” As history shows, no reform can sustain without undergoing temporary and short-term pain. As the overwhelming support pouring in for the CAA from the Hindus and all nationalist-minded people shows, they’re willing to undergo the pain. However, as we noted in the previous part of this series, it will be a grave error if we, like Nehru, underestimate the faith-driven and community-derived strength of the Intifadaists. If the violence is not checked and quelled with an iron hand, there is potential in this Intifada to create conditions to roll back whatever minor civilisational gains we have made in the last five years and topple the BJP. If and when that happens, we’re unsure how much of “Hindu” will be left in the original home of Hinduism in the next ten or fifteen years. If that sounds alarmist and unbelievable, let’s turn to history for a bit. In 1947, the entire Hindu community was largely united and the Pakistan-mongers were relatively weak. Yet, all it took was just one horrific Jihad in Calcutta to carve out Pakistan. Today, the Intifadaists have the direct support of a good number of mainstream political parties.

A Civilisational Imperative

However, to their credit, both Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have stood rock-solid and taken the battle directly to the enemy’s camp. Prime Minister Modi’s taunt to the Congress asking if it wants to give Indian citizenship to Pakistanis and Amit Shah’s statements and interviews where he said that stringent action will be taken if the violence continues are displays of the same steely resolve. If the experience of the last five years has taught anything to Narendra Modi, it is this: the Congress party and its clones respect nothing and nobody, not even the Prime Minister and the Supreme Court, and that the only way to deal with them is to speak to them in the only language they understand. It is impolite to spell out what that language is. And so, roughly from mid-2017, Narendra Modi gave up his attempts at nuanced argument and reasoned persuasion and spoke in the language of devastating one-liners and undisguised aggression even as his team implemented his vision for the nation.

It is the same strategy he has followed now, in the wake of the low-intensity Jihad against the CAA and in one stroke, has taken the narrative back from the Congress & Co’s civil warmongers. Self-confident defiance and not multicoloured explainers are the need of the hour because the Sanatana civilisation is faced with a foe that invents rules of engagement on the fly.

The Citizenship Amendment Act is not merely about naturalisation or asylum for persecuted Hindus but a civilisational imperative and prerogative. When we keep afresh this fundamental fact in our minds, the law will automatically reveal its full meaning to us.


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