The Awful Tanishq Ad is the Consequence of Sanatana Civilisational Failure

A commentary on the implications of the communally-driven recent video advertisement of Tanishq
The Awful Tanishq Ad is the Consequence of Sanatana Civilisational Failure

Even as the auspicious pre-winter winds of Dusshera and Deepavali are steadily drifting towards us, it appears that this year, Tanishq decided to launch a frontal attack against Hindus with the now-notorious video advertisement that shows a Muslim mother-in-law lavishing motherly care on her pregnant Hindu daughter-in-law. The nationwide outrage that instantly erupted from the Hindu community is the most evident proof that all those heavy kilograms of Tanishq jewellery decking the daughter-in-law are merely window-dressing. But then we’re living in a bizarre age where Rasam is also an upper-caste construct designed to oppress the subalterns. Who knows, tomorrow they might call for a ban on Rasam because it reduces the…errr…potency of XLBTYK9R3EZJK Coalition of the Perpetually Oppressed.

The Awful Tanishq Ad is the Consequence of Sanatana Civilisational Failure
The Millstone of Hindu Tolerance and its Ongoing Civilisational Tariff

Tanishq has correctly withdrawn the ad and its stock has received a deservedly severe hammering in the market. However, it is equally clear that the withdrawal was not an act that emerged from a clean conscience or genuine repentance but because the company’s stock and its reputation was battered. In other words, money trumps morals. Here is Tanishq’s horrible excuse for an apology, which is worse than the ad itself.

What does “coming together of people from various walks of life” even mean in this context? The dictionary meaning of “walk of life” is rather straightforward: a person's occupation or position within society. By what stretch of imagination does the Tanishq ad fit this definition?

A Growing Trend

The wretched Tanishq ad is just the latest in a growing trend of an all-out assault against the Hindus as a global community in the land of its own birth. And this trend excludes the targeted murders, abductions, rapes, and open violence on the ground, another routine occurrence. And it takes various garbs. This includes legal lobbying and judicial sermonising against Hindu festivals and traditions and practices. The second is the endless emissions of the noxious fumes of anti-Hindu Hydrogen Sulphide that Bollywood pollutes the atmosphere with. The third is a far more insidious version of both the first and the second: feel-good corporate messages in the form of ads such as the Tanishq one.

Hindus have Drawn no Red Lines

The Tanishq ad is yet another direct consequence of Hindus drawing no red lines that others must not cross. There is simpler way to understand this: think for a moment and it becomes instantly clear that the control over Hindus as a global community is no longer in their own hands. And because nature abhors a vacuum, others will step in and take control of the community, a control which will be exercised purely on their terms.

The Awful Tanishq Ad is the Consequence of Sanatana Civilisational Failure
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Corporate Mainstreaming of Love Jihad

When we strip the Tanishq ad of all its sexed-up glamour, this is what lies underneath: the ad is the softcore corporatised mainstreaming of Love Jihad. The unambiguous subtext of the ad is that it is normal for Hindu girls to marry Muslim men in India. The verifiable everyday reality is just the opposite.

Let’s approach this from another perspective and see what emerges further. To know the exact legal status in Islam of the type of Muslim family shown in the ad, ask any Imam or Mullah or cleric: he will tell you unequivocally that this is completely prohibited in his religion. He will ask you why the mother-in-law and other ladies in the house are not wearing the burqa, and why that Hindu lady is wearing a Sindhoor.

Let’s now fly directly to the Middle East.

Will Tanishq Preach in the Middle East? 

The Middle East has a sizeable population of Hindus who continue to contribute immensely to its economy. Tanishq has a huge presence for example, in Dubai. Why doesn’t it make a similar video ad showing a Hindu mother-in-law and a pregnant Muslim daughter-in-law on the occasion of say, Ramzan? You’re absolutely right. Forget making it, Tanishq knows that even thinking of making such an ad is not in the realm of imagination let alone probability. Nor is this limited to Tanishq alone. It applies equally across all such gigantic MNCs. These corporate houses that routinely mouth homilies of respecting the “law of the land,” are keenly aware of the laws in the Middle East. In reality, those are red lines which nobody dares cross for a simple reason: punishment is swift, severe and uncompromising. Needless, countries in the Middle East are Islamic despotisms on whose soil MNCs like Tanishq will happily agree to toe the line if it means profits.

The Awful Tanishq Ad is the Consequence of Sanatana Civilisational Failure
The Civilisational Wound and the Cultural Hoax Called Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb

And what do they do in India, perhaps the most liberal democracy in the whole world? Here, they preach and actively promote the “interfaith” poison whose greatest victims have been and continue to be Hindus: specifically, Hindu girls. And even here, the Tanishq ad did not dare show the reverse: a Hindu mother-in-law and a Muslim daughter-in-law because experience has shown these corporates that Muslim street rioting has been highly effective. Advance grovelling before terror tactics and audacious baiting of perhaps the gentlest people anywhere in the world throughout history.

These corporates have also quickly understood another verifiable fact: that, at best, Hindus will rant on online platforms, get the ad withdrawn, and in less than a month all will be forgotten, and that Hindus will never draw any red lines. Gives enough time to mount an even viler assault. These are tactics of termites and parasites.

The Self-Destructive Mindset of Hindu Business Houses 

There is yet another fundamental phenomenon operating on a different plane. This sort of “anything goes” attitude on the part of our business houses is the result of that sick American mindset that prizes Artha (wealth) over everything else. The brainless importing of American style capitalism and imposing it wholesale on an ancient spiritual civilisation has proven disastrous for India more than any other country. History is the greatest proof of how entire civilisations have been wiped out when they worshipped Artha at the exclusion of and by slaughtering Dharma. Of late, even these profoundly sacred terms have become keywords akin to trade symbols in the stock market.

The Awful Tanishq Ad is the Consequence of Sanatana Civilisational Failure
The Last Chance for Hindus: Plea for a Contemporary Sanatana Renaissance

The history of the last forty-odd years clearly shows that corporatised business houses helmed by Hindus have been completely brainwashed by this alarming mental outlook. JRD Tata was one of the biggest admirers of Swami Vivekananda, and three generations of the Birlas were devout Sanatanis. But their present-day inheritors have been thoroughly de-Hinduised. Why?

The largest country in the Middle East is lesser in size to the largest state in India. Yet all of them know exactly how to safeguard their cultural heritage and religious practices for what it is worth. And here, the seventh largest country in the world has zero safeguards against abusing the very Dharma of its majority community that lends India its liberality and liberty.

This is not democracy but civilizational shamelessness, cowardice and failure.

Almost a millennium of history shows that interfaith nonsense simply cannot and does not work between Hindus and Abrahamic faiths because Islam is an imposition of seventh-century Arab global imperialism in the guise of religion, whose core has not changed one bit. The first brush of Christianity with logic wiped it out in Europe. Think about it.

The Mother-in-law in the Tanishq Ad

And then, the type of Muslim mother-in-law shown in the Tanishq ad exists only in the ad. In the real world, the common parlance is more akin to Razia’s mother-in-law in Dr. S.L. Bhyrappa’s iconic novel, Aavarana. To get a first-hand, in-depth understanding of the complete, real-life implications of Lakshmi’s transformation to Razia, do read the book itself.

Finally, we are still left with the familiar questions: why for instance, should a Hindu man or woman compulsorily convert to Islam to marry into it? What about the children from such marriages? Who will they become? Tukaram or Taimur? Ask Kareena Kapoor.

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