The RSS and the Communists in 2018: A Rough Retrospection

The RSS and the Communists in 2018: A Rough Retrospection

The contrast cannot be starker, and the trajectory, more contrarian. Every parallel train track typically ends in a wall. The childhood image of train tracks abruptly, almost rudely, suddenly disappearing inside a wall in Kanyakumari railway station comes to mind.

As the curtains are fast falling on 2018, this analogy is quite apt to couch the historical trajectory taken by the two definitive national phenomena that began in the same year.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in keeping with its lofty founding ideals and vision was founded on Vijayadashami, 27 September 1925 while the officially recorded date of the founding of the Communist Party of India (CPI) was 26 December 1925.

The yawning, unbridgeable contrast begins right there. The RSS was founded with a civilizational goal which it continues to pursue in a spirit of duty, a Karma Yoga of sorts whereas the goal of the Communists remains political. While the RSS seeks the renewal and rejuvenation of the one thing that keeps India intact, the Communists continue to actively work towards annihilating it: Sanatana Dharma.

It all boils down to the fundamentals.

Like the desert-based Abrahamic imperialistic cults, Communism at the core rests on a binary fantasy and hawks the snake oil-laced vision of a paradise where everybody are equal. This vision is supposedly based on what it calls the “onward progressive march of this final truth of history.” This verbiage is slightly dated but you can find its present-day equivalents in the language used by social justice warriors, progressives, feminists, LGBTXYZAKKIRQRPMS, and similar other deluded magic mushroom-eating cult members. One must be fundamentally depraved to even attempt to modify human evolution and annihilate social systems and behavior that have evolved and sustained over millennia of trial and error. This is not merely arrogance, it is unqualified evil. The horrid history of every communist country is the best and recorded proof this fact.

Any analysis or examination of the writing, speech and behavior of these cult members must always be aware of this fundamental evil that informs their words and motivates their actions. Else, it will be akin to prescribing Crocin to cure cancer.

A sense of history informs us that it was this nihilistic, unqualified evil that operated behind the Communists sabotaging the Indian freedom struggle and the unstinted benison they gave to Partition. Of course, this climactic disgrace is apart from their incessant terrorism that includes the notorious Meerut Conspiracy Case, their active collaboration with the Razakars, their inveterate abuse of nationalists, patriots and icons like Subhas Bose, Sardar Patel, Gandhi, and Dr. K.B. Hedgewar.

What was the RSS doing during the same period?

In very simple terms, the farsighted leader, organizer, and institution-builder par excellence, Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar had correctly understood the multi-pronged dangers that Sanatana civilization, culture, society, and the existential threats that Hindus faced, and sowed the formidable, enduring seeds of the RSS.

More importantly, he presciently foresaw and grasped the nature of cowardly compromises that the Indian National Congress party under Gandhi’s leadership was making with various anti-Hindu forces. In this context, the dear departed Shri H V Seshadri’s monumental work, The Tragic Story of Partition should be made mandatory reading to know the full, gory details of said compromise by the Congress party. In hindsight, it is mind-boggling how in an astonishingly swift period the Gandhi-led Congress ceded ground to and collapsed in face of the worst zealots in the Muslim “leadership” that (still continues to) harboured their shattered dreams of reviving the pan-Indian Sultanat that they had lost so spectacularly, and in such a short span.

Dr. Hedgewar who had unshakeable roots in the Sanatana civilizational ethos understood a vital distinction: that the Hindu Rashtra (loosely translated as “nation”) is not a Rajya (State). The latter is largely temporal and it changes and even succumbs to the vicissitudes of time, fashion, morals, ethics, wars, and laws. A Rashtra however, is to be understood in the sense of a civilization that sustains, absorbs, responds, and if it is strong enough, renews itself. The sort of democracy that was shoved down the throats of Hindus (for a more detailed discussion on this, see my book, Seventy Years of Secularism: Unpopular Essays on the Unofficial Political Religion of India) after 1947 doesn’t recognize this distinction. Hindus continue to suffer as a consequence.

This culturally-rooted vision that guided Dr. Hedgewar’s work and that of the RSS is one of the chief causes that made the self-loathing Brown Sahib Jawaharlal Nehru despise the RSS with a viciousness and vengeance that is unparalleled. Indeed, at no point in his entire wasted life did Jawaharlal Nehru even considered the possibility that India was a civilization. The best proof of this fact is in a half-baked book that he himself has written: Discovery of India, an egomaniac’s tribute to his own roasted ideas.

The civilizational bedrock upon which the work of the RSS rests is what has allowed it to remain relevant and to thrive beyond the confined box of continuing series of election cycles. It is this that made Dr. Hedgewar conceive the door-to-door method of outreach to build the RSS. Almost every classical civilization understands the innate power and an aspect of nobility that underscores what is called the “personal touch.” In a word, it is known as “sharing.” Or in the memorable words of DVG, the Vedic conception of “Rashtra as a Yajna,” a shared celebratory joy of nation-building.

These are among other reasons why the RSS has today attained the kind of preeminence and occupies the national mind space that every mass organization can only fantasize about. However, as with such organisations and mass movements, drawbacks, pitfalls and dangers are ever-present.

We can understand this more clearly when we look at it from a different perspective.

There’s a really simple reason why the Indian Communist-Leftist-Liberal cabal is backed by such a vast and well-oiled global network. Since inception, if there’s one thing that the Communists have consistently done, and done well, it is this: selling India bit by bit, parcel by parcel, to foreign powers. Veteran deplorables like M.N. Roy, P.C. Joshi, G. Adhikari, S.A. Dange, G.V. Ghate, P. Sundarayya, EMS Namboodiripad, and the rest have at various points directly acted as the agents of Lenin and Stalin in India.
How different is this from their later-day equivalents who continue to dominate our academia, intelligentsia, media, and the cultural space?

In keeping with one of the fundamental tactics to achieve their goal—the scorched-earth policy, it is no surprise that the Communists are more than willing to jump into bed with every enemy of India. This is why for example, a Washington Post so readily accommodates a Barkha Dutt.

What the Communists have also perfected is the art of infiltrating institutions at all levels. Think about the exact nature of threat say, an IAS officer poses to national security if he/she is a committed Communist. Needless, the rightly-reviled babudom is choked with such committed Communists. Their kids in turn get smooth accommodation in the halls of the so-called liberal educational institutions in the US or UK and then return to India to further perpetuate the breaking India project. The diabolism is generational. Indeed, it is this art and craft of institutional infiltration and consequent takeover that has today made the Congress party abjectly surrender to the global Leftist, breaking India mafia. In the Nehru-Indira-Rajiv eras, the Communists were largely in the shadows. Today, they have reduced the last dynastic scion to the status of a bumbling puppet.

The other weapon that the Communists have employed with aplomb is the sheer public indecency and vulgarity. Few can match their crudeness, instances of which Sita Ram Goel and Arun Shourie among others, have exposed brilliantly. An average, sane, and normal person will recoil in terror at the mere thought of this sort of depraved behavior. But in the political and ideological realms, this has won them thousands of tiny battles, which in turn has furthered their aforementioned institutional infiltration. Neither does it stop at just that. The Communists have succeeded because they make indecency and vulgarity fashionable and sexy. The underlying point here is that any ideology or mass movement premised on the innate human appeal and quest for enjoyment will find more takers.

Therefore, an objective and dispassionate observation reveals that for the longest time, the RSS had largely kept a distance or maintained dignified silence at this outrageous behavior and indecent language.

Equally, the sheer capacity for and the volume of fraudulent literature that the Communists have produced is another case in point. They have ensured that economy-wrecking Communist schemes like MNREGA, Right to Food, etc have found a place of glory in global organizations like the UN while the RSS and the BJP have largely been hesitant to celebrate even their positive accomplishments—though this has seen minimal improvement in the recent times. Why for example, has no definitive volume(s) been written on the contribution of the RSS to a truly epochal event like the Ramjanmabhoomi Movement? Whereas even a third-grade pamphlet on say, the infamous “Tryst with Destiny” speech is given wide publicity by the Communist-Congress illegitimate couple even today. There’s just no other way of saying it: the RSS is sitting on a veritable goldmine of history and culture and perhaps doesn’t understand its true and full value. Or perhaps I am missing something.

In the present time, the other big challenge to the door-to-door and human-contact model of the RSS comes from the sheer and uncontrollable pace of technology that has atomized societies across the world. And continues to alter even fundamental behavior patterns (as the wonderful book, The Shallows shows). In this, the global Left has a head start thanks largely to its dominance in the realm of public discourse.

Political battles and electoral upheavals apart, the greatest challenge before the RSS is in the realm of culture and society in a globalized world where information is borderless, open, and free. More than mere intelligence, it calls for people with insight to understand and realise the subtle interconnections of the static and moving parts in all these realms and come up with a vision and concrete work for the future—like Dr. Hedgewar did in his time—so that not just the RSS renews itself but the larger Hindu samaj is reinvigorated.

The alternative is unthinkable.

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