Welcome Back Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Bharatavarsha was Never in Doubt that you’ll Return

Welcome Back Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Bharatavarsha was Never in Doubt that you’ll Return

There’s really nothing to write because there was really no doubt in my mind that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would return with a comfortable, no, luxurious mandate in 2019. A more detailed essay will follow in a few days because like millions of my countrymen and women, I want to bask in the sheer joy of Narendra Modi’s renewed victory. So I’ll offer a few quick observations that I made during the run up to the climactic May 23, 2019.

Belated Advice to Secular-Left-Liberal Whiners in their Time of Grief

When Narendra Modi says something, you better believe it. When he said for example, that the BJP will return with a bigger mandate in 2019, you should’ve taken him at his word. But what did you do? You ran to your Khan Market Online Media Kirana shops and began spewing more of the same Modi-hatred that you’ve perfected. Now look what happened.

Bharatavarsha was never in doubt.

Notes on the Global Voluntary Modi 2.0 Network

In a historic first, a parallel, citizen-driven voluntary campaign to re-elect Narendra Modi was launched after the election dates were announced. This campaign had absolutely no ties to the BJP party system. Its scale was global. It had almost no “budget.” These volunteers took sabbaticals from their jobs, got on the streets, wrote, sang, debated, YouTubed, spent their own money, persuaded their long-forgotten uncles, relatives, school and college friends, neighbours…expecting nothing in return except the return of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister. Most importantly, these volunteers didn’t care a hoot about what the anti-Modi Sewage System (mistakenly called “ecosystem”) comprising such worms as The Wire, Scroll, Print, Quint, Bloomberg, Telegraph, The Economist, The New York Times, …thought or said about them. And I have tracked almost every single item that this Sewage System emitted. Here’s what I found: none of these worms even had a clue that such a voluntary network was silently working to get Narendra Modi re-elected. On the other hand, it was Narendra Modi who, in one of his campaign speeches, alluded to this volunteer network when he said, “My work during this campaign has been lessened. Countless ordinary Indians are campaigning for me out of their own goodwill.”

Tell me honestly: which other political formation or leader in India today commands this number and quality of volunteers? Congress?

Bharatavarsha was never in doubt.

One of the greatest motivators of this voluntary network was fright. Dread. Anxiety. Panic. Terror. Loathing. At even the mere hint of a return of a non-BJP political formation to power. I have written and spoken on numerous occasions that any non-BJP formation taking political power in India means an automatic return of the Congress party. For a simple reason: they are all mere clones of and breakaway factions of the Congress. And the mothership, the Congress, has files on all their misdeeds. In 2014, Narendra Modi had managed to merely cut some of the threads of this fabric loose. And now in 2019, he has ripped it completely apart. From the Nehrus to the Naidus, from the Yadavs to the Gowdas, from the Chautalas to the Pawars, the threads are strewn all over and there’s no hope of stitching them in any cohesive manner. It is this fear and anxiety and terror and loathing against these India-wreckers that prompted even such a senior philosopher and litterateur like Dr. S L Bhyrappa who at the ripe age of eighty-eight years tirelessly campaigned for Narendra Modi’s renewed mandate.

Bharatavarsha was never in doubt.

Death of Dynasty

By all realistic accounts, dynasty politics is mostly dead. Some ugly vestiges still do survive in the form of Jaganmohan Reddy, Navin Pattnaik, Stalin, et al but they have mostly realized that they have to fall in line because India today is vastly different from even ten years ago. But more realistically, their brand of “politics” has nothing to offer. It never did.

There is no substitute for a strong national party whose primary and sole goal should be a constant pledge to uphold the unity, integrity, and sovereignty of India. From this flows everything else: economic progress, etc. This is Constitution 101. Instead, for thirty years, we got parties with single digit MPs blackmailing Prime Ministers for their private profit, and such political parties morphed into criminal enterprises. The ruse of “regional aspirations” cannot hold India’s sovereign integrity to ransom.

Narendra Modi by invoking the mantra of strong federalism has largely succeeded in ending this regional-party blackmail. He has correctly made a stellar example of the vile Chandrababu Naidu, the ugliest and the most expensive practitioner of this blackmail. His successor, Jaganmohan Reddy, if he is smart, will think a million times before indulging in mischief.

Bharatavarsha was never in doubt.

The Congress Party Decimates the Left

I distinctly remember a remark that a Far Left Comrade made over lunch the day Sitaram Yechury was elected as the CPI(M) boss: “this guy will finish us.”

Long story short, by ceding Wayanad to Rahul Gandhi, the Left has ensured its extinction as a political formation. Of the 50 seats that the Congress got this time, a gigantic 15 came only from Kerala. This has happened for a simple reason: the Muslim vote bank in Kerala has correctly identified that the Congress, and not the Left parties, is the true Muslim party.

Let’s quickly rewind: in 2016, the CPI(M) was all set to lose its status as a national party. There is no doubt that Pinarayi Vijayan will officially be the pall-bearer of the Left’s political corpse. Huge chunks of the Left’s party cadre have deserted it and shifted to the BJP although this hasn’t translated into seats for the BJP this time.

In a case of unintended consequences, here’s what has happened: the LDF ceding space to Rahul Gandhi was its desperate attempt to stop Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s inroads into Kerala. In the process, it has committed suicide. Without Narendra Modi and Amit Shah lifting a finger.

Bharatavarsha was never in doubt.

Death of Secularism

Make no mistake. The Missionary-Jihadi crop that grew into successive electoral harvests for nearly seventy years was made possible only due to the manure called secularism nurtured by Congress and its clones. Although it is now vastly diminished in power and prestige, one must not make the same mistake that occurred in the aftermath of the Ayodhya Movement and the BJP’s various stints at power. Its roots are deep and wide and have global backing.

One mustn’t also forget that political power is fleeting. Remember how the mighty Vijayanagar Empire was annihilated. Political power is merely a means to an end.

But for now, our heartfelt thanks must go out to Prime Minister Narendra Modi 2.0 for emphatically relegating the filth of secularism to the dustbin in so many words in his victory speech. In very simple words, seventy years of secularism has impoverished India, destroyed and splintered Hindu Samaj, desecrated our sacred spaces by packing them with bureaucrats and not devotees, bred Jihadism and facilitated large-scale Christian conversions among other evils. The forthcoming period should ideally be a period of civilizational recovery and reconstruction. One of the first steps for Hindus is not to be gullible and believe everything that is packaged as Hindu. That is the topic for a separate discussion.

Oh, and welcome back Prime Minister Narendra Modi!

Bharatavarsha was never in doubt that you will return.

|| Om Tat Sat ||

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