From the West's War against Breastfeeding to Puberty Blockers

From the West's War against Breastfeeding to Puberty Blockers

From the 1950s onwards, Corporate America declared a war against breastfeeding leading to long-term, disastrous societal consequences.

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From the West's War against Breastfeeding to Puberty Blockers
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From the West's War against Breastfeeding to Puberty Blockers

A PARALLEL PHENOMENON ALSO SURFACED IN AMERICA, especially during the 1950s. It endured almost till the early 1980s. This was the sinister induction of fear about breastfeeding in the minds of young American mothers. A barrage of essays and advertisements in American magazines of that period pummelled pure terror into these young mothers. The terror was broadly premised on these themes: breastfeeding would “destroy their beauty and figure,” and that it was “practiced by the uneducated and those of lower classes,” and that it was “a little disgusting.” The fear-mongering worked like magic as we shall see. 

It also has an Indian side.

As with every Western psychosis that the Indian elite has imported, this Western war against breastfeeding arrived here roughly in the 1980s. It continues to wrest a powerful psychological servitude most notably from the dry-cleaned brains of Bollywood bimbettes who had the misfortune of becoming mothers. This, combined with the loathsome photos of them strutting around with bloated, naked bellies, and the even more nauseating pictures of their “post-delivery figures” reveals the appalling scale of this imported societal carnage.

But the carnage is not confined only to these fashionable classes. Over time, it has ensnared the psyches of middle class urban Hindu girls and women as well. The consequence has been the whirlwind erosion of a timeless civilisational value known as Creation — in the sense of giving life

Creation is purposeless and self-defeating without its nurturing. Breastfeeding is the nature-bestowed expression of precisely this value. But because we have to state the obvious in a world infected by the Woke epidemic, nurturing new life is most critical in its infancy. We are moved and angry when we watch Nat Geo or Discovery channel videos showing the fury and tears of a lioness separated from her infant. Or we share her absolute joy when we see her suckling her newborn.

Yet, from the 1950s onwards, the same West that produces these videos about the animal kingdom, also produced a whole slew of “medical” literature that had actively discouraged human mothers from breastfeeding. This sort of “medical” literature belonged to a subset of a larger machinery — this is the ubiquitous corporate machinery and here’s how it worked. 

After frightening young American mothers — through a sustained media campaign — that breastfeeding was dangerous, Corporate America unsurprisingly offered an alternative: factory-made baby food. Recall that this fright was instilled by warning women that breastfeeding would impair their physical beauty. And so, when you commercialise something like physical attractiveness — which is subjective and which differs from culture to culture and from age to age — and this commercialisation is global in intent and scale, the damage is truly scary and irreparable.       

The disastrous consequences that followed the application of this anti-breastfeeding propaganda eventually wizened the West to the fact that... errr… breastmilk is the best milk for the baby.  That said, the baby food market also continues to burgeon: in India alone, it was valued at $5.4 billion (around ₹ 450 crores) in 2022.

In our own time, Corporate America has also acquired newer targets. This is the lucrative enterprise singlehandedly birthed by two generations of degenerates inbreeding in the US academia: the sex-change hormone industry. It was valued at a whopping $2.6 billion in 2022 and is growing at a CAGR of 4.06%. 

There’s worse. 

The puberty blocking industry — a powerful associate of the sex-change hormone industry — has also notched up substantial profits. Just one random name will suffice to understand the magnitude of the evil. AbbVie, a powerful Pharma conglomerate which produces Lupron, a puberty-blocking injection, garnered a revenue of $58 billion in 2022. 

It is futile to comment any further on this. America is committing suicide with its eyes and wallet wide open and both are aided by misguided science. 

The worry is that these aids to national suicide have infected India as well. If left unchecked, they will culminate in civilisational suicide in our case — sooner than later. 

Seventy-plus years of deracination and self-loathing is how we blindly allowed the import of these vile ideologies. The solution to this evil does not lie in economics alone — remember, the world’s richest country is injecting itself to extinction via Woke and gender-bender derangement and associated maladies.  

Do we want to ape it?    

To be continued

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