The Incurables who are Chopping Hindu Traditions and Temples

The Incurables who are Chopping Hindu Traditions and Temples


I distinctly recall an anecdote a veteran scholar once told me. The incident in the anecdote occurred sometime in the 1960s, the nascent stages of the era of spurious spiritualists and that class of rank materialists and megalomaniacs who eventually came to be known as Godmen, New-age Gurus, and so on. So, a colleague (or friend) of this scholar began to extoll the miraculous powers of one such megalomaniac and concluded in the typical vein of every cult follower that this scholar must take the blessings of said New-age megalomaniac. At which, this scholar gently smiled and said, “I’m sure he’s a miracle-worker and my sincere pranaams to him. But I’m old-fashioned. I’m content to follow in the footsteps of my forefathers. I would rather continue to worship my stone gods and climb the steps of Tirumala.”

The ongoing protests against the Supreme Court’s feminist-textbook “judgement” that has acted as an axe chopping away centuries-old tradition of Swami Ayyappa at Sabarimala have revealed one thing with extraordinary clarity: the precise and alarming extent of de-Hinduisation that has occurred in the last seventy years in its only birthplace and home: Bharatavarsha or India.

While it is true that the original mischief-maker, viz, Naushad Khan from the Indian Young Lawyers Association, who filed the destroy-Sabarimala petition, it is also true that this organisation is largely made up of Hindus who hate to identify themselves as Hindus. Even worse, they seem to have embarked on a determined course to wreck every dateless tradition, custom,  ritual, practice, and institution that has kept the Hindu society together for centuries. Emboldened by their past successes, they have set more and more audacious targets for themselves.

And they have the full might of the Supreme Court behind them.

I have a name for such Hindus: the Incurables.

You could call them brainwashed, indoctrinated, deracinated, Macaulay-putras and variants thereof and you would be absolutely right. But you would be right in the past tense. Because this aforementioned garden-variety species lives in a post-Macaulay, post-Communist dystopian world where there are no lines, no values, no restraint, and no rules except the need of the moment. With their near-stranglehold over institutions and avenues of public discourse, they are forcing the rest of the population to enter their depraved world or be annihilated. They are the Incurables.

In an extraordinarily chilling scene in the classic Darkness at Noon, Arthur Koestler describes in soul-clotting detail how an entire generation of such Incurables are created and unleashed upon the society and the nation, corroding it from within. The former KGB-defector, Yuri Bezmenov puts this in a more direct fashion.

Accordingly, Incurables are those who are so far gone that they have permanently lost the inborn human faculty to distinguish between truth and falsehood, fact and perception, day and night, light and darkness, and even mathematical certainties such as 3+3=6 because they have been rewired to believe that all facts and values are relative. And that amorphous and fundamentally evil ideas of “social justice,” “equality,” and the deadly “rights” discourse are the Only Truths; nay, the only “goals” worth pursuing and achieving at any cost–even if it means stabbing your family members in the back.

Early warnings about the long-term and permanent damage that this sort of relativist discourse would engender were issued, for example by the brilliant Allan Bloom and Saul Bellow who called it the “untreated sewage odours of a century of revolutionary rhetoric.” I suppose as humans we’re fundamentally designed to ignore warnings especially when the party is so exciting. That’s how we have nosedived to a stage where, as Charles Sykes observed in 1992, “biology is patriarchal,” and mathematics is a “tool of oppression” because it “denies the centrality of emotion to reason, strips away subjectivities and context, and privileges the hetero-normative account wherein logic triumphs over feeling. It allows us to reduce the human experience into cold numbers and symbols.”

How do you reason with vast numbers of our youth who genuinely believe this?

And so Incurables are those who have reached the point of no return. As a believer in the dictum of showing and not telling, here is a prime example of a rabid, depraved, Incurable. (Warning: Graphic pictures)

That is an extreme and extremely public specimen but the fact that she’s so visible and is willing to go to any lengths to destroy everything that millions of Hindus hold as sacred is a brutal, living, real-life commentary on the kind of society that we’ve become.

Would you want this woman to be your wife, daughter, or sister? 

However, it’s unfair to single her out. As we’ve seen especially in the last four years, there is an entire global ecosystem that enables, encourages, pays, and protects such Incurables. NDTV leads the pack. Here’s how it spins this warped excuse for a human being who carried a blood-stained sanitary napkin to Sabarimala.

Explain Who Is A Devotee, Says Woman Who Couldn’t Enter Sabarimala…Rehana Fathima is one of the under-50 women, who tried to enter the Sabarimala temple but could not.

One of the latest entrants into this NDTV-esque ecosystem is the Extreme Left online propaganda pamphlet, The News Minute. This is how it “reports” on the Sabarimala protests.

Another representative example of the Incurables. In fact, the News Minute makes no secret of its agenda, the most glaring example being its no-holds-barred, breaking India narrative of the “United States of South India.”

The Incurables have been able to proliferate to such a dangerous extent primarily because of two major factors.

The first is a thoroughly broken and corrupt education system which actively and mostly irreversibly, and successfully indoctrinates our children in Hindu-hatred. At least two generations ago, there was still some hope: in the sense that Hindu family values acted as a strong bulwark against toxic “moral science” taught in fashionable Christian convents to which Hindu parents sent their kids. That has all but disappeared today.

The second is a Hindu-Samaj whose backbone has nearly been shattered. Sure, this Hindu-Samaj is still strong but it is the strength of the invertebrate, it walks proudly but it is the gait of the cripple. It is leaderless, rudderless and therefore directionless, and therefore vulnerable to the ongoing Sabarimala-kind of predatory aggression aimed directly at its core. And the contribution of the New-age cults in bringing about this pathetic state of affairs is quite substantial. As an oblique illustration, this passionate speech about the multi-pronged threats that Sanatana Dharma continues to face hasn’t quite received the traction it merits.

Ultimately, the Incurables are the newest and the youngest weapons created by the innumerable breaking India forces across the world. In the last seventy years, they have grown in strength, reach, power, influence, determination and their capacity to execute their agenda. At a time and place of their choosing.

The Incurables could be closer to you than you even suspect or expect. You can stem the tide. There’s still time. But it’s running at a premium. The first step is to identify them. It’s a question of your survival.

Unless you want Bharatavarsha to be Egypt or Persia or East Timor.

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