Why Every Village Should Have a “No Missionary Zone” Signboard

Why Every Village Should Have a “No Missionary Zone” Signboard

Let me reiterate this: I have nothing but the highest admiration for the nonchalant guts of the Sentinelese who dispatched the soul-predator John Allen Chau to that abode where he will be eternally blessed by the kiss of Christ. The history of the world shows that the kiss of Christ has exterminated entire civilisations built on profound reverence for nature, the feminine and were in tune with Rta or the Cosmic Order in various ways.

To break it down in very simple language, both Abrahamisms—Christianity and Islam continue to remain at constant war with nature. From this impulse emanates the need to suppress the feminine. This is why Islam prescribes all kinds of cruel punishments to women (the worst and lifelong punishment is the Burqa, not the Dutt) and Christianity has ridiculous notions that claim that a woman is only one-sixth a man, like they used a measuring tape or weighing scale or something. And this is supposedly holy and sacred. And further, in the same breath, it concocts something called a “Christian Science.”

One of the first things that any Hindu loses upon conversion to Christianity is freedom of Aradhana and Puja, which are not the same as worship. And when substantial numbers of Hindus are converted, the consequences are well-known: temples will rot away and even worse, be taken over by the Church. Even a casual glance at the town and rural landscape of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh is enough, physical evidence of the aforementioned statement. As it stands, even without active efforts on the part of missionaries, Hindus themselves have shown extraordinary competence in neglecting their temples on a spectacular scale.

From a different perspective, the scenario in Andhra Pradesh presents an incredibly alarming and sinister picture than other South Indian states (we should exclude Kerala; it’s perhaps irretrievable). This is the land where classical Hindu culture is still largely maintained especially in the Krishna and Godavari belts and the solid foundation laid by the Vijayanagara Empire still endures to some extent. Yet it is the same belt that has seen an explosion in conversions and church planting on a monstrous scale. More specifically, the rural landscape of this region.

And it most definitely didn’t happen by accident.

Is our Democracy Powerless to Prevent Conversions?

It was orchestrated and implemented to devastating effect with the full power of the state machinery. Under the late Y S Rajashekhara “Samuel” Reddy. Consider the fact that one of the most powerful political figures today is the rabid evangelist “Brother” Anil. In many ways, he is a one-man repository of an entire vote bank. Think of the implications of his brother-in-law Y S Jaganmohan Reddy coming to power in 2019 in Andhra. Also consider the fact that there is quite a powerful political and business lobby in the form of “Reddy Christians.” For those who came late, the Reddy kingdoms (in Kondavidu, Rajamahendravaram and Kandukuru) during the post-Kakatiya period stood as such a solid bulwark protecting South India that for almost a century, no Muslim Sultan dared send an expedition this side. That was how those rulers fought back the Second Abrahamism (Islam) and protected Sanatana Dharma.

And when we compare this historical fact with an appellation like “Reddy Christians,” we understand the exact nature of damage Christianity can and will inflict.

The case of Y S Rajashekhara Reddy also raises fundamental questions of the much-praised constitutional checks and balances. And neither is this limited merely to him. Almost every democracy in Europe has been spineless and helpless in face of the Islamic takeover of the continent.

The continuing neglect of what’s known as “rural India” has brought us to this pass. Almost every single legislation and social “reform” passed mostly during Indira Gandhi’s period has directly and repeatedly hit the Hindus the hardest: breaking their lands, families, and uprooting them from their ancient traditions. That is a topic for another day. But suffice to say that in the successive waves of migration to the cities and bitter caste politics in our villages, the once-vibrant Hindu cultural mooring and strength has eroded, perhaps irreversibly, irretrievably. Mohandas Gandhi’s famed “the real India lives in her villages” is perhaps no longer true.

And who steps in to fill this vacuum? Clearly, the global evangelical lobby. During the same period that this vacuum was being created, the evangelicals invested substantial resources to study the Hindu society, worked towards creating and cultivating powerful lobbies right within the power centres of our Government and engaged in religious psy-ops on a massive scale. Here is a tiny snapshot of one of their tactics:

The Chennai-based India Missions Association (IMA) in partnership with Gospel for Asia… was conducting a detailed India-wide PIN code survey. India’s postal service is one of the world’s largest and it is important to understand why American mission agencies picked on India’s postal system to devise their covert conversion strategy. The Indian postal system has a network of 1,52,786 post offices-89 percent of them in villages, which means one post office for 23.12 sq. km of rural land and one for every 3.16 sq. km of urban stretch, or one for a village with 4,612 people or one for 12,924 people in a town or city.


There is no easier way of locating [evangelical/missionary] workers than attaching pincodes to them. Media contacts can be linked easily with workers. Sorting “harvest forces” and mailing lists is easy. The pin codes make distribution of gospel literature faster and easier. Urban areas have more postal codes than rural areas. This helps in planning effectively to plant churches in each area. [Bush’s Conversion Agenda for India: Preparing for the harvest. Tehelka. Emphasis added]

The sorry fact is that even the Government of India doesn’t have people who are capable of this level of strategic thinking and long-term planning. This outcome arises because:

  1. Their motivation is underscored by a fanatical religious imperialism, whose only aim is success at all costs.
  2. They are fiercely determined and know how to swallow temporary setbacks.
  3. Notions like honour, self-respect, compassion, harmony, Satya, and Dharma are not merely alien to them but are obstacles to be overcome.
  4. Most importantly, their ultimate goal is civilizational. Combine this with almost a millennium of experience and global success and institutional memory, you produce generations of thinkers, strategists, planners, and executors (to be taken literally as well) of this caliber.

Even as we speak, a vast swathe of Hindu population can’t even begin to imagine that such a thing can even exist. Their image of a typical Christian is derived from crappy and candyfloss Bollywood productions of the Manmohan Desai and Prakash Mehra variety, which have inflicted incalculable damage on Hindu culture.

And during the same period, the Hindu community was having a grand time pushing Brahmins out of villages (especially in South India), demonizing and banning Sanskrit from our education, the so-called “landed castes” were unleashing violence on Dalits, Hindu politicians were busy looting temples, and actually gifting away public land to Christians to build Churches. The list is nearly endless.

Long story short, after about forty years, the Christian lobby is so well-entrenched that no easy solutions are in sight on how to deal with it. A measure of its success is this: this lobby is largely invisible. Of course, of late, it is largely thanks to rapist Bishops and other members of the clergy who have exposed themselves (pun unintended) so publicly that the country got to see their true colours. The other area where it is visible is the Tamil cinema industry: almost the entire technical and ancillary professions are packed to the gills with second and third generation Hindu converts to Christianity. The other big success on their part has been the manner in which Hindus have been softened and primed to subliminally accept this cult of ghost-worshippers that originated in a desert. The so-called fast food culture and the pervasiveness of celebrating Christmas and the naked hooliganism that passes off as New Year celebrations has occurred within a generation. Ask yourself a simple question: why is there no police force on the streets during Ugadi? And why on earth should a festival be policed in the first place?

We also shouldn’t forget the fact that the Church is the largest landowner, second only after the Government of India.

As it stands, the Hindu Samaj is yet to begin to evolve a cogent and well-thought out strategy to counter this sinister menace which continues to operate in stealthy silence. This despite several early and well-documented warnings issued after Independence, most notably the following:

  • Niyogi Committee Report on Christian Missionary Activities
  • Catholic Ashrams: Sanyasis or Swindlers by Sita Ram Goel
  • Christianity, an Imperialist Ideology by Ram Swarup (coauthor)
  • Vindicated by Time: The Niyogi Committee Report by Sita Ram Goel
  • Harvesting our Souls by Arun Shourie
  • Missionaries in India by Arun Shourie
  • Breaking India by Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan

This is excluding the reams and reams of reports by the various agencies of Indian intelligence on the havoc wreaked by missionaries over these seven decades.

How to Make it Expensive for Missionaries to Convert Hindus

In any case, there has been a silver lining of sorts in recent times. While among some sections of Hindus an awareness of this menace has been growing thanks to such stupendous efforts, this has translated to very little by way of action on the ground compared to the tremendous inroads that the soul-vultures have made.

The other hearty news that emerged from the interiors of Andhra earlier this year is the following:

[in the] Kesalingayapalli [village] in Andhra Pradesh, villagers have proudly proclaimed that they will not trade their souls for monetary gains. They have even erected notice boards, advising evangelists to stay away from the village. In a bid to fight evangelical propaganda, even the shops and houses in the village have erected saffron flags with ‘Aum’ written on them.

All Hindus should not only endorse, applaud, and commend this, but should also adopt the following steps:

  1. Erect signboards in every single village that will prescribe harsh punishment to any potential soul-vulture and carry out this punishment proactively.
  2. In villages and towns that already have churches, keep a tight vigil on what is being taught and preached within. Widely circulate stories of any suspicious activity. The internet is a really effective medium if used well.
  3. Where possible, show the villagers short clips of the dangers that Christian conversions entail to their families: the greatest danger being the rape of their underaged children.
  4. Make every attempt to reconvert new converts; with each successful reconversion, make them narrate how they were fraudulently lured into the cult of ghost-worshipping and circulate these stories widely.
  5. Declare each village as a “No Missionary Zone,” and as a safe space for Hindus. Click pictures of such villages and circulate them widely and repeatedly.
  6. Make resolutions against giving land in your village for building churches. If any person violates this resolution, make it expensive for him/her.
  7. For those missions who have succeeded in buying land in a village, make it prohibitive for them to construct a church.
  8. And in those villages that have functioning churches, make it expensive for them to function.
  9. Celebrate Hindu festivals like your grandparents did: unabashedly, grandly, proudly. Involve the entire village. Exchange food with one another.
  10. Last, but the most important: train and send selfless, traditional Hindu Swamis and Gurus (the title and varna really doesn’t matter) to these villages who will not only act as guides and inspirations but will constantly hammer home the dangers of getting the fatal kiss of Christ even once. In this effort, the RSS and the VHP can play a pivotal and stellar role, and will earn the lasting gratitude of our Rishis if they do undertake this activity on an urgent, war footing.

The reader is welcome to contribute additional points to this list.

These are merely short-term and quick fix methods to stem the ongoing rot. The long-term and permanent solution is to impose a blanket ban on missionary activity on the soil of Bharatavarsha.

Make no mistake, there’s nothing the soul-vultures love better than watching the converted and non-converted heathens fighting with each other. And adding gallons of gasoline to it. Don’t forget how the Rwandan genocide happened. And what the Christ-kissers did there.

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