Basics of Temple Art and Drawing: Announcing a New Course

Basics of Temple Art and Drawing: Announcing a New Course

Vibhu Academy's new course on temple drawing, art and aesthetics.

Vibhu Academy announces a new course on the basics of temple art, drawing and aesthetics in accordance with the theory and application of Shilpa Sastra texts. This field is witnessing an increasing resurgence in recent times. As is widely known, temples continue to remain one of the central pillars to understand the history, culture, civilisation and society of Hindus. Thus, even a basic acquaintance with various aspects of temples such as the philosophy that underpins them, their art, design, sculpture and aesthetics is imperative to get a well-rounded understanding of Indian history itself.

This course enables the participant to acquire such knowledge.

A brief outline of the course along with the syllabus is provided below.

Purpose and Audience

The course offers solid assistance to a wide audience including students, researchers, and the general public to learn the basics of temple art, aesthetics, iconography, and symbolism in accordance with traditional norms. With time, the diligent participant will be able to apply this learning in practice and create independent drawings, designs and art.


The syllabus is twofold including theory and practicals.


The theory portion includes readings from various authoritative texts of Hindu Shilpa Sastras (temple architecture and temple-building). It covers the following:

  • History of Hindu Temples

  • Philosophy of Hindu Temples

  • Basics of Shilpa Sastra (temple architecture/temple-building)

  • Symbolism of Hindu Temples

  • Aesthetic aspects of Hindu Temples


The practical sessions cover instructor-led tutorials including but not limited to the following aspects:

  • Line drawings and design patterns

  • Ornamentation

  • Differentiated measurements for depicting human and devata forms, animals and birds, trees and creepers, etc

Course Details

Instructor: Sri Ganesh Bhat, a renowned sculptor with decades of experience in temple-building and creating sculptures using both stone and wood.

Course Commencement: September 25, 2021.

Mode: Online

Sessions: Every Saturday and Sunday: 7 pm - 8pm

For registration details:


Phone: 9480318113 / 9611131760

The programme is open to all.

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