[COURSE ANNOUNCEMENT] The 64 Vidyas in the Traditional Indian Knowledge System

Vibhu Academy announces the launch of a new online course in the 64 Vidyas in the Traditional Indian Knowledge System
[COURSE ANNOUNCEMENT] The 64 Vidyas in the Traditional Indian Knowledge System

VIBHU ACADEMY offers an online course titled The 64 Vidyas or chatusshashtividyas. Brief information about the course is given below.

The contribution to the glory of Bharateeya wisdom by the conventional Indian knowledge systems called chatusshashtividyas or 64 Vidyas is as great as that of the celebrated astdashavidyapaddhatis (18 branches of learning such as the Veda Vedanga Rajaneeti, etc).

These 64 Vidyas generated countless skills, arts, crafts and professions and for millennia, enabled Bharatavarsha to flourish with prosperity, cultural grandeur and innovative excellence.

The 64 vidyas include sciences such as architecture, medicine, farming, metallurgy etc., and fine arts like sculpture, music, etc., crafts like weaving, carving, pottery, etc., and intellectual arts like poetics & aesthetics and games like magic.

The upcoming course, taught by learned scholars and resource persons throws light upon a vast spectrum of these desi-vidyas, some of which are still in vogue and others which have been obscured.

Considering the unfortunate absence of information about these desi-vidyas in the mainstream Indian academia, this course will prove valuable for honest seekers of factual information on Indian knowledge systems.
The course offers great value for students, professionals, researchers and others.

The course is offered in English spread over 15 sessions. It is open to anyone aged 14+.

Overall Course Details

Start Date: Feb 27, 2024

Total Sessions: 15

Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Time: 7 P.M. - 8:30 A.M., India Time

Tutors: Dr. S.R. Leela, Dr Arathi V B, Arjun Bharadwaj, and other scholars.

Hurry up and book your slots!

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