The Mysore Hiriyanna Library

Prof Mysore Hiriyanna was once a name that blazed with a soft glow in the annals of Indian Philosophy. He was a much sought-after philosopher and a scholar of the highest order by academicians and lay people alike, and tutored at least three generations of scholars. His trailblazing works such as “Essentials of Indian Philosophy,” “Quest after Perfection,” “Indian Conception of Values,” and “Art Experience” are unparalleled in depth and sweep of scholarship and insights.

Read a brilliant profile of Prof M Hiriyanna penned by the legendary DVG:

Honouring the Master

It is to honour this Master’s singular contributions to the 19th and 20th Century Indian Renaissance that Prekshaa Journal has republished his selected works to make them accessible to the contemporary generation. This collection is known as the Mysore Hiriyanna Library. The other relevant details are in the invite below.

The Prekshaa Annual Calendar

The event also includes the release of the much-loved annual Prekshaa Calendar whose theme for this year is an exquisite selection of Hoysala Sculptures. The highlight of the calendar is that each sculpture has a corresponding Sanskrit verse and translation indicating its meaning. The Prekshaa Calendar is available in both the wall and tabletop formats, available at a discounted price at the venue.

The Hiriyanna Lectures

The event also features brief lectures by distinguished writers and scholars that offer a flavour of the scholarship, insight, and writing of Prof M Hiriyanna. The invite featured above lists the names of the speakers and topics.

The event is open to public.

Please block your calendars: December 9, 2018: 10 A.M. 

Here is the Google map to the venue:

Prekshaa Journal looks forward to your enthusiastic participation.

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