Reminiscing Four Years of Dharma Dispatch

Jotting down some thoughts on the fourth anniversary of The Dharma Dispatch tracing our journey so far.
Reminiscing Four Years of Dharma Dispatch

THE DHARMA DISPATCH BEGAN exactly this day four years ago with a long form essay on the Bangalore Ganapati Clashes of 1928. When I think about it now, it sounds ironical. It is the timeless Sanatana tradition to invoke Ganapati or Vighneshwara, the remover of obstacles, before beginning any work. And here we published a stark essay, a slice from recent history that showed how a peaceful community felt so offended by the selfsame Vighneshwara that it launched an unprovoked attack against his devotees. In a school.       

Reminiscing the trajectory of The Dharma Dispatch over these four years is a sobering, joyous, and humbling experience in that order. Sobering because what these years have taught us is a familiar but oft overlooked lesson: that we have to remain eternal learners in the sense of being engaged in constant Adhyayana. Joyous because the whole process of putting pen to paper till finally hitting the publish button is an experience of unqualified joy. Humbling because of the infinite outpouring of genuine regard and goodwill that The Dharma Dispatch continues to receive from the Sanatana community. 

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Reminiscing Four Years of Dharma Dispatch
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Reminiscing Four Years of Dharma Dispatch
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Reminiscing Four Years of Dharma Dispatch

We continue to remain committed to our core ideal of regarding our work as a civilisational good. In this, our profound and inalienable guides remain:

  1. A quest for truth. 

  2. Self-study or Svadhyaya.

  3. A deep sense of idealism drawn from the spiritual fount that our Rishis have bequeathed to us.  

We do not chase page views nor do we aim for popularity or mass appeal. It is our conviction that these are manifestations of the transient and have little intrinsic value. For example, what was the exact shelf life of the wildly popular “song,” Kolaveri? Hardly a few months. To invoke the timeless wisdom of DVG, such populist attempts are akin to 

mannaneya daaha ellakum teekshnatama |

tinnuvudadaatmavane mankutimma ||   

The thirst for recognition and fame is the most intense |

It devours our very Atman, Mankutimma ||

Quiet, unhurried, rhythmic, concentrated and sustained work spanning generations is the Sanatana method. Take any facet of our civilisational and cultural heritage that has endured for thousands of years, and you will spot precisely these traits.

Spotting the innate value of something — be it a mundane news report or a beggar singing a verse in a crowded train — and conserving it for posterity has been one of the secret recipes powering the incredible endurance of our civilisation. Indeed, as a civilisation, we have been the world’s greatest conservationists measured by any yardstick. And our attempt is to gather as many ingredients in this recipe and offer it back to the very sacred civilisation that makes The Dharma Dispatch possible. 

With due humility, the experience of these four years has shown us that our work has, in its own small way, resonated with the larger Sanatana community. The response, encouragement and above all, multi-pronged support for our work continues to touch a cross section of the Sanatana Samaja. Primary schoolteachers in remote villages,  Gurukulams, businessmen, Hindu parents, academics, students, et al, send heartfelt messages and good wishes blessing and encouraging The Dharma Dispatch. Like I said, the experience is deeply humbling. It is indescribable and above all, puts a greater sense of duty upon us. This is not to blow our own trumpet, it is an expression of gratitude. And some acknowledgements are due, just to illustrate the nature of the goodwill that The Dharma Dispatch has earned. 

Given this scale of affection and regard, what can The Dharma Dispatch really offer in return but to reaffirm our lasting dedication to this sacred journey? As we never tire of saying it, it is your support that has brought us this far from the cradle of our inception four years ago. It is your love that propels us forward. It is a combination of all these that gives true meaning to our work and spurs us towards fruition. 

Once again, our heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who has become such an inextricable part of our journey. Its value is incalculable.

As with every anniversary piece, The Dharma Dispatch continues to seek your contributions to help us offer more back to the Sanatana community. You can contribute by clicking either of these links:

|| ॐ तत् सत् ||

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