"Gandhi is a Babe!" - Why Every Hindu Should Read Sankaran Nair's Verdict on Mohandas Gandhi

Excerpts from Sri C. Sankaran Nair's searing assessment of Mohandas Gandhi's disastrous role in the Indian freedom struggle
"Gandhi is a Babe!" - Why Every Hindu Should Read Sankaran Nair's Verdict on Mohandas Gandhi


ENTIRELY CONSISTENT WITH the despotic and nepotistic methods of the Congress party after India attained a questionable Independence, the Nehruvian Congress bulldozed every attempt that told the truth about the party, its "great leaders" and their role in the freedom struggle. Some of these despotic methods included but were not limited to banning books, jailing people, destroying careers, and creating amnesia among the public about the real stalwarts who fought and sacrificed so much only to see India free.

One such stalwart was Chettur Sankaran Nair, a fearless, blunt and acerbic truth-teller, especially about the fake saint, Mohandas Gandhi and his serial blunders as a public figure who usurped the freedom struggle from Lokamanya Tilak.

Ever since the said usurpation, Sankaran Nair quickly saw through and noted both with alarm and anger how Gandhi systematically began to hoodwink the Congress and the gullible Indian masses with his loin-cloth trickery. Nair's fury peaked after the Moplah genocide of Malabar Hindus.

The outcome was the nuclear book titled Gandhi and Anarchy, still a classic. Needless, the book was promptly made to disappear after the British left India in a hurry. It is an early record chronicling Gandhi's list of sins spread over seven years and is still a primary source to understand the real Gandhian side of the Indian freedom movement.

The following are some excerpts from its brilliant preface, which every Hindu needs to read for reasons that will become evident once you finish reading it.

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Gandhi and Anarchy: Preface

"The struggle for Indian Home Rule which was started with the inauguration of the Indian National Congress has many difficulties to encounter, has strong and powerful opponents and has received many checks. But its strongest opponent is Mr. Gandhi and perhaps the most severe check it has received is the adoption by the National Congress at his instance in Calcutta and Nagpur of the so-called-Non-violent Non-co-operation.

“Non-co-operation as advocated by Mr. Gandhi may be a weapon to be used when constitutional methods have failed to achieve our purpose. Non-violence and passive suffering will lead to bloodshed or be unfruitful of any satisfactory results...It was rightly realised by many...“that the path of the progress of the Gandhi movement fused with the Khilafat element will be bloody.

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"Gandhi is a Babe!" - Why Every Hindu Should Read Sankaran Nair's Verdict on Mohandas Gandhi

The claim for Indian Home Rule rests upon very different grounds. The Hindus have nothing to do with the Khilafat agitation...While the claim itself rested on such slender grounds, the means first adopted to enforce the claim were grotesque.

The methods advocated by Mr. Gandhi and the Congress are directed against Western civilization; against the class which fought for and won the reforms; and the Montague reforms scheme of constitutional progress. They have failed miserably and as was natural more violent methods leading to direct conflict with the forces of Government have been advocated which would in all probability have been carried out but for the arrest and imprisonment of Mr. Gandh

Mr. Gandhi belongs to a class of thought which has attracted some of the noblest minds in this world, but in applying his the gospel of life to politics, he has shown himself a babe and his interference has been generally mischievous.

In South Africa he is responsible for creating a situation which makes a peaceful and satisfactory solution practically impossible. His factious policy in India stands in the way of further reforms. The opposition to Gandhi was however not strenuous. The so-called Moderates only whispered their protests against his policy so as not to be heard beyond a few feet.

They are loud however, in their denunciation of Government action to check the illegal activities of Mr. Gandhi and his followers. It can hardly be doubted that their cautious attitude has contributed to the growth of the Gandhi movement.

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"Gandhi is a Babe!" - Why Every Hindu Should Read Sankaran Nair's Verdict on Mohandas Gandhi

There is scarcely any item in the Gandhi programme which is not a complete violation of everything preached by the foremost sons of India till 1919; which has not been strongly even vehemently denounced by those old respected members of the Congress who now follow Mr. Gandhi: Pandit Malaviya, Messrs. Vijayaragavachari, Lajapat Rai, Natarajam, S. Kasturiranga Iyengar, the Editor of the 'Hindu.”

Mr. Gandhi's emotional outbursts, fastings, penances, Sanyasi waist cloth, may carry away the emotional masses, women and students. But whether this wave of emotionalism submerged the men above named I would not care to guess.

No one of course has any right to find fault with his genuine followers like Mr. Prakasam, Editor, 'Swaraj' whose motives, however much we might differ from his politics, no one will question. He is one of those genuine patriots who believes in the efficacy of Mr. Gandhi's methods to obtain Home Rule. By far the great majority however, follow him for other reasons.

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"Gandhi is a Babe!" - Why Every Hindu Should Read Sankaran Nair's Verdict on Mohandas Gandhi

The severe simplicity and austerity of Mr. Gandhi's life combined with his appeal to the principle of 'Ahimsa' non-injury inherited from Buddists and now ingrained in Hindu life, has secured him the support of the Hindu masses and particularly vegetarians.

His indiscriminating support of the extreme Khilafat demands has ensured the Mahomedan support. Some politicians who naturally desire to use him and the influence he has acquired for putting pressure on the Government to concede further reform, also have joined him. But I am satisfied he is using them all to further his own ends. An attempt in which he is bound to fail.

His success to obtain what they call Dominion status or Home Rule will only lead to bloodshed and anarchy...I have attempted in the following pages to give my reasons for these conclusions. I have also given a list of riots or disturbances. These give a fair idea of the activities of Mr. Gandhi."


Do read Sankaran Nair's work in full.

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