Launching Today: Not a 50-Word Edit. The Anti-India Whales at TISS

The Dharma Dispatch introduces a new feature titled "Not a 50-Word Edit" providing pithy and timely commentary on current affairs and focuses on tracking and debunking the more egregious chicaneries committed by the Left-Liberal media, the Lutyens cabal and breaking India forces of all hues.
Launching Today: Not a 50-Word Edit. The Anti-India Whales at TISS


You have to give it to the global Left-Liberal-Woke cabal which has been shaming the venerable chameleon for a full century. When Communism became an obscenity, the cabal held on to its intellectual-sounding variant, "Marxism." When even Marxism became an object of ridicule, it fell back onthe still-respectable label, "Left." Using that as a tool of subterfuge, it systematically changed clothes and after successfully appropriating the term "liberal," it calls itself "Left-Liberal."

Needless, this shame-the-chameleon phenomenon has spilled over to every area of public discourse.

A recent media incarnation of this phenomenon is The Print founded and edited by Shekhar Gupta, formerly with The Indian Express. Shekhar Gupta remains a reverse-inspiration of sorts. The carefully-scripted aura of the pretence of neutrality that characterises The Print is a woke art form. Rags like Scroll and The Wire are openly, brazenly Extreme Left and insanely woke and don't pretend that they aren't. The Print is the Aamir Khan of Indian media, maintaining a facade of dignity, social responsibility and courteous behaviour but is precisely lethal for those very reasons. Shahrukh Khan's egomania and money-hunger is public knowledge. Salman Khan's goondagiri and debauchery is unapologetic.

But this is not a criticism targeting The Print but an acknowledgement of gratitude. Its 50-Word Edit inspired us to start this new feature at The Dharma Dispatch titled Not a 50-Word Edit.

Not a 50-Word Edit will periodically track, comment, criticise and demolish the very narrative that the 50-Word Edit continues to push.

The first edition of Not a 50-Word Edit is a commentary on the fracas that erupted over the breaking-India "thesis" submitted to the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS).

As always, we hope you welcome Not a 50-Word Edit and find it useful, and support our enedavours by making a contribution you are comfortable with.

TISS and Ashoka are the Whales: What about the lesser-known Pirahnas?

Ashoka University and TISS are the whales. Thousands of such lesser-known institutions are flourishing with impunity across India. The most lethal aspect of the likes of TISS is that they are actively grooming generations to wage war against their own country, and with each generation, their success rate has only improved. Previous generations of their “graduates” are the reason even judges are scared to take on a Mamata Banerjee. They are the fuel that keeps Mamata’s fire constantly burning, and burning Bengal in the process. They're deeply embedded, and solidly supported by the powerful IAS lobby. Ignoring them will prove fatal. A determined and well-organised army of poisonous worms can eat a lion.

Stop the enemy before he reaches the gates.

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