6 Things that will Happen if the Congress Returns in 2019

6 Things that will Happen if the Congress Returns in 2019

This episode of The Dharma Podcast discusses the six major things that will occur in India if the Congress party returns to power after the 2019 general elections. In this detailed essay, we have seen how the Congress party today has completely surrendered to the breaking India forces. The following excerpt serves to set the context.

The two-term Congress-led UPA Government was able to inflict this colossal damage on the country with relative ease for another simple reason. The framework had already been primed decades earlier by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s generous patronage. And when they recaptured power in 2004, it was simply a matter of settling in and rigging the institutions wholesale. Almost irreversibly.

The rigging continues to deliver splendid dividends, something that Prime Minister Modi with an absolute majority Government has been learning the hard way. This is what I meant when I said that Sonia and Rahul Gandhi have achieved in defeat what an Indira Gandhi in power couldn’t achieve: a committed bureaucracy and an even more committed judiciary.

But there’s another important reason why the breaking India forces that now control Rahul Gandhi continue to stay invested in him—and in whatever is left of the Congress party. The sheer amount of time that this party has been in power, the loyalty that the institutions still retain towards it, and the unparalleled global network that it enjoys is simply unbeatable by any other political formation in India, least of all the BJP.

And unless the BJP—or at any rate, folks who care about India as a civilization—recognizes this lethal, breaking-India force that the Congress has become, there won’t be a “next time” after 2019. While Narendra Modi supporters, the BJP, and Hindus in general may still rejoice at the 2014 victory, it is a mere blot, a temporary setback in the eyes of said breaking India forces.

Think about it. They have now directly recruited the chief of the Congress party by actually employing their resources to work towards his victory; and if not a victory, at least dashing Narendra Modi’s chances of reelection.

Their goals are civilizational and therefore multi-generational.

Given this background, here are the six things that will happen if the Congress returns to power in 2019.

  1. The Indian economy will be burned
  2. Sabarimala type of disruptions will occur across the nation in major spaces sacred to Hindus
  3. Kashmir will be gifted away to Pakistan
  4. Maoists and anti-India NGOs will return with redoubled force
  5. Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and other important BJP leaders will be silenced.
  6. India will be undone

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