Decoding Rahul Gandhi's Hatred of the Hindu Community

A detailed podcast commentary explaining the deep-seated animosity of Rahul Gandhi against Hindu Dharma, its traditions and customs. The extent of his Hindu hatred can be gauged from his shocking statement in the Parliament, branding the whole Hindu community as violent. This was not accidental but entirely along expected lines given his dynastic legacy of baiting and sacrificing Hindu interests for nearly eight decades.

This podcast offers a scholarly Commentary on Rahul Gandhi's recent speech in the Indian Parliament disparaging Hindus as a violent community.

It also unmasks the historical animus of the Nehru dynasty against Hindu Dharma, traditions, culture and practices and narrates how Rahul Gandhi is following the same inherited anti-Hindu animosity.

What Rahul Gandhi really did was to insult Sanatana Dharma and humiliate and mock Hindus.

This episode also offers a powerful and detailed rebuttal to Rahul Gandhi's misportrayal of Lord Shiva, revered by millions of Hindus across the globe. Equating Bhagavan Shiva's Abhaya Mudra with the Congress party's election symbol was quite outrageous.

Throughout, this episode offers rare anecdotes and eye-opening facts about the Congress party, the Nehru dynasty and how the dynasty deliberately de-Hinduised India.

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