Podcast #74: THE 100-Year History of Indian Communism in Half an Hour

A Century of Breaking India
Podcast #74: THE 100-Year History of Indian Communism in Half an Hour

In 1917, a radio broadcast in Russia announced that the Tsarist regime had been overthrown and a new Soviet government was formed. This was the first ever victory of Karl Marx's political ideology that had now acquired an entire state for itself: the largest country in the world. Quite obviously, the event was enormously significant throughout the world and there was great excitement among Communists in non-communist countries. One such country was the British colony, India.

This Dharma Podcast episode traces the nearly century-long history of Communism in India from its founding days by M.N. Roy up to the present time. Founded in 1920 in Tashkent by M.N. Roy, the Communist Party of India (CPI) has had a chequered legacy in India. However, its influence, impact and consequences for India have largely been destructive. This destruction has passed through several key stages but it has unarguably been a force for the worse. Overall, Communism has calculatedly destroyed many important facets of a gentle, ancient culture and civilisation and continues to work for the physical break up of the Indian state by collaborating with the declared enemies of India. Communism has also been mainly responsible for why India was considered a third world country for more than six decades after it attained independence from the British.

Although Communists exist in India as a political force only nominally in the present time, they have managed to infiltrate their ideology by masking it it clever verbiage and have succeeded in a nationwide capture of government and other public institutions. This podcast episode is one of its kind offering a capsule history of a century of Communism in India which covers all the major milestones in its history.

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