The Communist Subversion of India Explained: A History of 100 Years

The Communist Subversion of India Explained: A History of 100 Years

We take immense pleasure in introducing a new feature on The Dharma Dispatch YouTube Channel titled “The Dharma Explainers.” The purpose of this feature is to present complex topics related to Indian history, culture, and contemporary issues in a simple, crisp, and easy-to-understand fashion. We hope this will stimulate a wider discussion and evoke a deeper interest in our subscribers and the general public on the topics presented in The Dharma Explainers.

The inaugural episode is the first of a two-part series tracing the history of Communism in India since 1925. India presents a rather unique case for Communism. In its history of nearly a century, the Communists have failed to make serious inroads in capturing political power in the Centre. However, through a long-term and carefully calculated strategy, the Communists have managed to infiltrate all major public institutions such as the bureaucracy, education, media, cultural centres and of late, even the judiciary. The full story of the damage that the Communists have inflicted on the cultural, moral, ethical, political and civilisational fabric of the Sanatana civilisation is yet to be told.

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The Communist Subversion of India Explained in Two Parts. Part 1: A History of 100 Years

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