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Terms of Use

  1. I am aware that the information shared/given by me is maintained with utmost confidence and that the information so provided will not be disclosed to any person/authority except as required under any law/regulatory requirements.
  2. However, I also understand and agree that, upon my express permission, the information provided by me may be disclosed to any person or authority at any given time.
  3. I hereby confirm and covenant that The Dharma Dispatch is not and cannot be held responsible for any actions or third party claims or legal proceedings that may be initiated by statutory authorities, state or governmental authorities, etc or by third party or parties for any posts, comments, information, data, article, write up, etc posted by me in this website either in written form or pictorial form or through any other media which in any way hurts or causes damage or hurt to any persons’ sentiments, religious or otherwise, or otherwise gives raise to any actionable claim. The Dharma Dispatch shall not be liable for any incidental, allied/ remote, direct or indirect, consequential or special damages of any kind, or any damages whatsoever, arising out of or in connection with any posts done by any person who does not form part of the editorial board or who has posted anything or any work or any post without the specific approval from the editorial board of The Dharma Dispatch.
  4. I agree that data/ information, including texts, images, pictorial or graphical representations, video, music, software, codes, algorithms, etc (hereinafter referred to as “Content” or as “Data”), that are made available or accessible in this Website either publicly or privately to me or any user, shall be the proprietary information or data of The Dharma Dispatch and that I shall have no right whatsoever to use or copy the same without the express written consent of the editorial team of The Dharma Dispatch.
  5. I further agree that the data or information furnished or inserted by me either as an advertiser or as an author or as a person posting any comments or remarks shall also belong and be owned by The Dharma Dispatch and I shall not claim any copyright rights over the same. However, I hereby agree that I shall not, at any time, publish, post or write or send any information or data or images or any representations that are offensive, objectionable, abusive, or defamatory to any person and/or in any manner hurting the religious or other sentiments of any person. I further agree that in the event of posting any such offensive or defamatory or inflammatory material or post in this website, in whatsoever manner, I shall be solely held liable and responsible for all/ any actions whatsoever and The Dharma Dispatch shall not be held responsible or liable on any count for any such third party claims.


  1. I agree not to use or copy any material from this website and/or its archives without the express written prior consent of the editorial board of The Dharma Dispatch.
  2. I agree not to use this website or its Contents for any commercial use without the express written consent of the editorial board of The Dharma Dispatch.
  3. I agree not to use this website, its archives, its data/ contents and not to post or publish in this website any data/ contents that would in any manner give rise to any civil or criminal action against any party, including The Dharma Dispatch.
  4. I confirm that all the information that is provided/ will be provided by me is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and that I have not concealed any material information. I understand and agree that any loss incurring on account of the false/incorrect information provided by me will be my sole responsibility and liability.
  5. The courts/tribunals at Bangalore and the laws governing them shall have the complete jurisdiction over any dispute/difference that may arise between The Dharma Dispatch and myself/ user of this website.

Privacy Policy

  1. The Dharma Dispatch hereby covenants and confirms that the information/ details of the person visiting or registering in this website and the information/ details furnished herein shall be kept private. No data whatsoever will/ shall be shared by The Dharma Dispatch with any third party or parties for any consideration.
  2. The Dharma Dispatch hereby covenants and confirms that all the data entered/ furnished by the persons visiting or registering in this website are safe and private.
  3. The Dharma Dispatch reserves the right to use the data so submitted by persons to communicate to them regarding the updates on the website, updates on the posts, articles, etc. The Dharma Dispatch shall also be entitled to issue receipts, letters of acknowledgement, newsletters, brochures, introductory mails/ letters, etc to those who make any contributions, monetary or otherwise using the data submitted by them in this website.
  4. The Dharma Dispatch shall also be entitled to issue or write emails, letters, etc as replies to any requests, demands, information, data, posts, comments, etc submitted by persons visiting or registering in this website.
  5. All or any comments or posts or information or data posted or written by any person in this website shall be considered as the proprietary information of The Dharma Dispatch and it may use such information or data and cite the same using this website as the source in print, social or other media.
  6. Unless otherwise indicated, all images, photographs, graphics, artwork, and related visual, video, and audio content have been sourced from Google searches. The Dharma Dispatch does not claim any copyright on the same, and has used such representations and material under Fair Use Policy.

Contribution Policy

  1. All transactions are effected in Indian rupees.
  2. All voluntary contributions are supported through online payment and cash is not accepted. For contributions through Cheques, Demand Drafts, or wire transfers, please click this link for more information.
  3. All information – credit or debit card, bank or wallet details – provided during payment will be handled as per the privacy policy of the payment gateway used and The Dharma Dispatch does not store any information related to the same.
  4. We hope our contributors contribute to us with their own will and hence we have not supported any refund mechanism.


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