Beef-Eater Ramachandra Guha’s Intractable Hatred Against Gujarat Boomerangs via Ahmed Patel

Commentary on cricket commentator Ramachandra Guha's recent racist tweet against Gujaratis
Beef-Eater Ramachandra Guha’s Intractable Hatred Against Gujarat Boomerangs via Ahmed Patel

Writing about the beef-eating, infamous Iyer, Ramachandra Guha is akin to taking an avoidable literary detour into the scotch-filled slums of Far Left ideology. Sometimes the avoidable becomes necessary…regular slum inspection is one of the functions of the city municipal corporation. Sometimes one does it just for fun. As I’m now doing. Why let go of an opportunity that presents itself so deliciously?

An Animal Farm of Taxpayer Parasites

Ever since Narendra Modi cut off the overflowing udders that had fed the opulent Animal Farm inhabited by these parasitic species, Ramachandra Guha’s descent into unhinged incoherence has been truly spectacular. A straight line connects Guha’s raving delirium with Narendra Modi’s successes. Perhaps only Ramachandra Guha rivals Tehelka in terms of the sheer number of hate-Modi output produced per column inch. Indeed, Guha is one among the top three Far Left propagandists that played a signal role in elevating and expanding Narendra Modi’s popularity. Thus, when Modi repeatedly said in those days that he constructs a beautiful building with every brick that his detractors throw at him, this is what he meant.

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Beef-Eater Ramachandra Guha’s Intractable Hatred Against Gujarat Boomerangs via Ahmed Patel

For this and related reasons, especially over the last three years, Guha has become that large, low-hanging poisonous fruit that every village lad throws stones at but knows not to go near.

There used to be a time when rebuttals were written to his vacuous nonsense and I stand guilty of writing a few of them. That was largely because of the blinding red Marxist light that had polluted the whole public discourse and therefore a need was felt to take him…err…seriously. That atmosphere feels like ancient history now. And so, at times when all of need to have some fun, we have a wealth of material that proves why Ramachandra Guha is just a perfumed version of Kavita Krishnan.

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Beef-Eater Ramachandra Guha’s Intractable Hatred Against Gujarat Boomerangs via Ahmed Patel

Think about it. Think about the fact that even Ramachandra Guha feels obligated to write pieces critical of something called Rahul Gandhi. Twice. And on the second occasion, got clobbered by his own mothership, the Congress party, and apologized. He must’ve felt the full weight of that Padmabhushan that he got under UPA’s tenure.

And now, he’s repeated the same feat albeit in a different way. Unable to muster courage, he has resorted to his favourite hobby of being an inveterate racist by tweeting a racist comment from a foreigner, a point we’ll soon examine.

His infamous career of racism and nefarious casteism was earlier reserved for non-Gujaratis. For example, several years ago, he wrote in a column that a Punjabi landlord had stolen electricity from his meter and concluded that all Punjabis are thieves. Here’s another, cruder sample:

The sociological background of the Hindutva hate-mailer can be partially reconstructed from his name and background.

Clobbered by Ahmed Patel

A textbook definition of brazen casteism is hard to find, and these lines appear in titled Hindutva Hate Mail published by Penguin. Guha regurgitates the same sentence and entire paragraphs in his other book, Patriots and Partisans. And goes on to pontificate about pluralism and liberal outlook.

And now, his practiced racism has turned against Gujaratis for obvious reasons: two Gujaratis wield the topmost political power in India and are dismantling the aforementioned parasitic Animal Farm and hence the Guhaesque pig-squealing.

By evening, Ramachandra Guha was clobbered by Ahmed Patel, one of the most powerful leaders in his favourite party. Unfortunately for Guha, Patel hails from Gujarat and we suppose the Garvi Gujarati in him rose up in fury and hammered Guha as follows:

Quoting Philip Spratt

Quoting Philip Spratt is a double-edged sword. But then it’s Guha who has quoted him, which by definition has to be selective and intellectually dishonest.

Philip Spratt was an agent of the genocidal Communist International (Comintern), who was specially recruited to spread Communist propaganda in India. He was one of the founding members of the Communist Party of India and became friends with his fellow ideologues like M.N. Roy, the first Communist terrorist of India. Spratt was arrested in the notorious Meerut Conspiracy Case in 1929 and thrown in jail, a turning point in his life.

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Beef-Eater Ramachandra Guha’s Intractable Hatred Against Gujarat Boomerangs via Ahmed Patel

When Spratt got out of jail, he had renounced Communism and became one of its leading critics in India. He did what Arthur Koestler did in a much more incisive manner: exposing the genocidal pathology at the core of Communism.

Spratt was also one of the most stringent critics of Nawab Nehru and after the deadly Avadi Resolution, foresaw a straightforward point: that the Congress had irreversibly mortgaged itself to the Communists. He also teamed up with the intellectual giant and fine scholar, Sita Ram Goel who mercilessly scorched Communist propaganda under the aegis of the Society for the Defence of Freedom in Asia at a time when it was hazardous to do so. Towards the end of his life, Spratt edited the Swarajya magazine then helmed by C. Rajagopalachari.

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Beef-Eater Ramachandra Guha’s Intractable Hatred Against Gujarat Boomerangs via Ahmed Patel
Philip Spratt
Philip SprattWikipedia

This is what Philip Spratt wrote about Nawab Nehru’s Congress and the Communists:

An item of his policy which, I believe, testifies to Nehru’s Marxist feeling, though it is no longer Communist orthodoxy, is his tolerance of corruption. Before the revolution the Bolsheviks obtained their funds by organising a prolonged campaign of dacoities, by seducing heiresses, and by taking big subsidies from the German Government…Nehru has the same bohemian attitude towards audit objections: they belong to the fussy bourgeois era of Gokhale and Gandhi.

Nehru’s Communism is revealed in the extraordinary favour he shows to the Communist Party… Ten years ago the Congress Party was by no means socialistic. When the resolution on the socialistic pattern was passed at Avadi, an important Congressman compared it to the Emperor Akbar’s Din Ilahi. Socialism, he said, is Nehru’s personal fad, which will quickly be forgotten when he passes from the scene… It seemed a shrewd judgement at the time, but it overlooked the attraction of socialism for a ruling party of hungry careerists. The experience of socialism in the nine years since then has won many Congressmen over...

It is really whether India shall continue to be ruled by a Government of usurpers, who will go on pushing the country against its will towards Communism… [Emphasis added]

We’re all too familiar with how deeply and widely Communist roots spread ever since and the enormous civilisational damage it has inflicted. It was precisely these hungry careerists who inaugurated and commanded independent India’s greatest economic evil: Licence-Permit Raj, which is exactly what Spratt (and others) had predicted. The cousin of the selfsame Licence-Permit Raj in the academic and intellectual spheres is precisely reflected in the careers of beef-eating, intellectual and cultural vandals like Guha: of acting like gatekeepers of public discourse.

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Beef-Eater Ramachandra Guha’s Intractable Hatred Against Gujarat Boomerangs via Ahmed Patel

Campaign Contribution to the Bengal Elections

Beef-eater Ramachandra Guha quoting Spratt is only of secondary importance because it is just the most recent phase in a career lately dedicated to hardcore Narendra Modi-bashing. Oh and let’s not forget that the Bengal elections are approaching. Inciting regional hatred definitely counts as a good campaign contribution against the BJP.

In an age where it takes less than ten minutes to verify the primary sources on any historical topic, Ramachandra Guha’s assumption that readers are ignorant or idiots is one of the greatest feats of rebellion against common sense. Quite naturally, Guha is selective because he finds Spratt’s pioneering contributions to Communist terrorism in India highly useful. And omits any mention of Spratt’s damning criticism of Guha’s Deity of Darkness, Nehru.

It is also a sign of times that his vacuous tweet became national news and ministers took it seriously by responding to it. As an avowed policy at The Dharma Dispatch, unqualified contempt is the most deserving response to such antics, something we highly recommend.See the outcome: the cricket commentator is thrilled, experiencing a mushy joy akin to the high school boy whose English composition essay was praised by the ma’am he has a crush on. Self-righteously responding to BJP ministers’ tweets.

And thereby revealing himself again, proving the truth of what I had described him as, about a decade ago: that Ramachandra Guha is simply unable to look beyond the walls of 10 Janpath and that he remains engraved art piece and celebrity-beneficiary.

Beef-eater Ramachandra Guha did not respond to Ahmed Patel’s solid admonition.

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