Opening the Communist Death Vault: An Introduction

An introduction to the dark and violent history and legacy of Communism in India
Opening the Communist Death Vault: An Introduction

“A Communist is commonly a zealot, moved by the intensity of his faith or of his personal commitment to the Party to assume the mantle of the prophet.”

With this essay, we begin a new series on The Dharma Dispatch entitled Opening The Communist Death Vault for a straightforward reason: to re-emphasise the fact that the genocidal-nihilistic cult called communism is not only still alive but thriving in ways we can’t fathom. Our series on the fourth generation warfare merely explored some facets of this deadly phenomenon using recent events but it is only when we dig with arduous spadework that we unearth the appalling skeletons buried deep inside the communist crypt.

This is a genocidal journey from M.N. Roy to Aruna Roy.

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Opening the Communist Death Vault: An Introduction
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Opening the Communist Death Vault: An Introduction
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Opening the Communist Death Vault: An Introduction

It’s a journey we must undertake for three crucial reasons:

(1) To inform ourselves about the historical facts that have now transformed into a nation-threatening fatality at all levels.

(2) To safeguard whatever survives of the unbroken Hindu civilisational and cultural continuity.

(3) To ensure that this genocidal cult is not only uprooted but never finds a conducive incubator in India in the future.

Doughty Warriors Against Communism

Perhaps the most doughty fight against Communism in India was offered by the redoubtable duo of Ram Swarup and Sita Ram Goel in the 1950s under the aegis of the long defunct Society for the Defence of Freedom in Asia (SDFA). The battering ram of his blazing intellect pounded the most resolute Communist wall of all-encompassing deception and dipping his pen in acid, he mercilessly seared both Communist theory and practice in the USSR and China in a political and intellectual climate dense with the heroin vapours of this genocidal cult. In earlier days, Goel’s razor-sharp analysis and pulverising prose exposing the savage realities of Mao’s China was avidly read by Home Minister Sardar Patel himself who clandestinely encouraged these efforts. It’s a profound national tragedy that we lost Sardar Patel so early and suffered the philandering Indian version of Stalin for seventeen cruel years.

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Opening the Communist Death Vault: An Introduction

Standing on the shoulders of such warrior Rishis not only makes our job easier but evokes our everlasting gratitude for their pioneering work the undying embers of whose scorching trail remain an inspiration for future generations. Titles like Mind Murder in Mao-land, Communist Party in China: A Study in treason, China is Red with Peasants' Blood, Red Brother or Yellow Slave? leave nothing to the imagination as it should be.

A Glaring Theme

The stunning element even in a partial study of Communism in India is the glaring absence of a comprehensive work that documents its recorded and record crimes against the Indian people, its culture and civilisation. This, in spite of the Himalayan evidence they’ve themselves left behind of their villainy. The work of Ram Swarup, Sita Ram Goel, Arun Shourie and K.R. Malkani are perhaps the most pathbreaking and notable in this regard. But history awaits one such comprehensive work, which can easily run into several volumes given their century-long and continuing record of waging war against the Indian state and Hindu Rashtra and civilisation.

Three explanations can be offered for this. The first is their perfected art form of inducing public amnesia about their crimes by piling on even more brutal and greater number of crimes at breathtaking pace. The second is the innate spirit of Hindus, the majority in India who were successfully lulled by the noble-sounding sloganeering of the Communists and for the longest time couldn’t connect the fact that Naxal terrorism was the inextricable and real-life operation of this sloganeering. The third is the Nehruvian dictatorship over information dissemination, and his economics of Hindu impoverishment which left millions of us busy trying to survive with no time for such ideological or political analyses.

I would say that the Communist Party is not a thing to be feared, yet it cannot be destroyed by any force or any violence. The Communist Party feeds and grows on force and violence. Truth, understanding, and an ability to measure this thing calmly and react in a democratic way this will destroy it. This will leave it out of our scene, and it doesn’t belong in this scene anymore.

The acclaimed American novelist and former hardcore Communist Howard Fast, who decimated Communism in America with his intellectual nuclear bomb, The Naked God, said this in an interview in 1958. He was speaking strictly in the context of his era during which the parasitic worms of the Frankfurt School had just set foot in America. At this distance in time, we can say that Fast grossly underestimated their reproductive capacity and skill at being amorphous monsters. Yet, there is a grain of truth in what he says: that only truth, equanimity, patience, courage, and information above all, are the best weapons to destroy Communism. But like most ex-Communists, Howard Fast too, paid a terrible price for lifting the lid off the sewer. His senior contemporary in Europe, Arthur Koestler one of the immortal renegade communists literally went insane and died a miserable death.

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Opening the Communist Death Vault: An Introduction

The Burning Begins After the Revolution

However, Fast’s method will work as long as the Communists haven’t gained sufficient political traction. The real story begins the moment they do. The real burning begins, the true-red revolution starts after the Communists acquire power. We’re now familiar with what Jyoti Basu, the genocidal Communist chief minister of West Bengal did after he took over the government in a democratic India. For 38 years, no other party could be elected. Or the ongoing Communist carnage in Kerala under the “revolutionary” Pinarayi Vijayan. What this has done to Bengal and Kerala is exactly what Lenin and Stalin did to Soviet Russia.

The suppression of political life throughout the country must gradually cause the vitality of the Soviets themselves to decline. Without general elections, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech, life in every public institution slows down, becomes a caricature of itself, and bureaucracy rises as the only deciding factor. No one can escape this…

Rosa Luxemburg

An exact description of the Indian bureaucracy roughly after the late 1905s. Let it be said that as Prime Minister, even a political genius and indomitable leader like Narendra Modi has been unable to tame this Nehruvian monster, which is arguably his most debilitating hurdle from within.

Russian Eyes on India

And this is where our story begins. With Soviet Russia. Actually about three centuries before Russia was coloured in Soviet blood. With Peter and Paul. Like every fledgling colonial power, Tsarist Russia of the 18th and 19th century had an eye on the global economic colossus called India.

In late 18th century Tsar Peter the Great desperately wanted to open direct trade relations with India and trained himself in shipbuilding and maritime trade with the Dutch East India Company and the British East India Company. The results were discouraging and highly unsuccessful.

Next, Tsar Paul I entered into a treaty with Napoleon Bonaparte to jointly invade India and dispatched an army of Don Cossacks in India’s direction. It ended in disaster. Paul himself was murdered in 1801 in a palace intrigue.

Almost a century later in 1900, Russia again made a military pact with France to invade India with a combined troop strength of 3,00,000 from Tashkent. The railway line that connected Tashkent was not completed in time, and domestic troubles for the Tsarist regime was growing rapidly. The invasion of India would have to wait.

In just seventeen years, Russia was transformed completely, irreversibly and for the worse, when the Bolsheviks led by Vladimir Lenin seized absolute political power through large scale savagery and copious bloodletting of innocent Russians. This is the reality of the so-called October Revolution of 1917. The Tsarist royal family was brutally wiped out including children as young as 13. The same “revolution” would be repeated in Mao and elsewhere later. It is this revolution that still fires the wet dreams of the impotent old fogeys in the Marxist-Communist ratholes scattered throughout India. Only the tactics have changed.

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Opening the Communist Death Vault: An Introduction

But the Communist regime that replaced the Tsarist one didn’t abandon its imperial ambition of conquering India now firmly in British grip. The infant Communist USSR realized that it couldn’t directly defeat the formidable British and wrest India. Other and more long-lasting methods were needed. In this, it was fortunate: the manner in which vile propaganda was used to lethal effect in toppling the Tsars was the method.

Injection of Communist Toxin

The conditions in India were favourable to Soviet Russia for another important reason: by the first decade of the 20th century, the freedom movement had acquired substantial momentum. There was no dearth of armed uprisings against British rule across a vast sweep of the land from Lahore to Calcutta and Meerut to Madras. Time was ripe to surreptitiously usher in the first stirrings of a revolution by exporting Communist propaganda behind the burqa of supporting the anti-colonial fight for justice and freedom.

Quite obviously, this couldn’t be done directly. Local recruits were needed. Their brains would need to be injected with fractional doses of sexed up Communist toxin till their psyches would be incurably altered. This is the common theme of Indian Communism right from the days of Lenin to the grisly revelations of the Mitrokhin archives: a willing slavery of alien, expansionist powers seeking to invade or break or takeover India.

Descendant of a Sakta Brahmin Lineage

Elsewhere, a grandson of a Sakta Brahmin family of hereditary purohits of the Ksheputeswari temple in Midnapore district quickly distinguished himself as a brilliant student, learning Sanskrit, Bengali, and Chemistry and Engineering. A voracious reader endowed with a highly analytical mind, he devoured the works of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya and Swami Vivekananda and was swept away by their passionate nationalism, patriotic zeal and indestructible, confident cultural ardour. He plunged himself into the freedom struggle headlong.

And then he met that other blazing star of Indian revolutionary freedom fighters, Bagha Jatin and became an ardent disciple. Like his Guru, this Sakta Brahmin grandson became convinced that only an armed struggle would eject the British.

In 1914, Germany inaugurated the first world war. Indian revolutionaries were overjoyed. Finally a solid power had emerged that could break the British backbone. In Berlin, expatriate Indian freedom fighters and patriots successfully appealed to and received confirmation that Germany would supply funds and arms to freedom fighters back home.

And in India, one of the key persons entrusted with the task of receiving German money and weapons was the selfsame grandson. In 1914, he set sail to Java to procure them. His name was Narendranath Bhattacharya who later rechristened himself and became popularly known as Manabendranath Roy or M.N. Roy. He eventually became the pioneering Communist terrorist of India by founding the Communist Party of India.

The story of how this devoted disciple of Swami Vivekananda and Bankim transformed into an all-out Communist terrorist and an agent of Soviet Russia will be narrated in the next part.

To be continued

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