The Fourth Generation War Has Already Entered India: Here's How it Has Taken Over GenNext

The Fourth Generation War Has Already Entered India: Here's How it Has Taken Over GenNext

An introduction to the Fourth Generation War as the latest method of subverting and breaking India

After six years, an important perspective from which to analyse Narendra Modi’s reconquest of Delhi is just one word: revelation.

Whatever his other achievements or lack thereof, this much is clear as daylight: Narendra Modi as Prime Minister has stripped naked the entire Congress-Communist political system across the national landscape. What we’re seeing as a result are the dangerous innards of the proverbial monster whose head is cut off but whose vicious organs continue to perpetuate the evil.

Think how, despite being in the throes of a paroxysmal death-spiral, the nakedness of the Congress-nurtured political and ideological system continues to manifest itself. It’s as if this ecosystem can whip up unrest, violence, and hoodwink people at will. On any issue. In any city, town or village. At a time of its choosing. Whatever be the cost to the nation and the society.

Consider the recent case of the brazen bunch of IRS officers who wantonly released a fabricated “tax hike” report without any authorisation from the finance ministry. The wife of one of them, Prashant Bhushan (a singularly accursed name, according to an astrologer I spoke to) is a Congress MLA from Begusarai. Or the latest hot air balloon about the Congress party paying the fare of migrants who want to return to their homes; the point is not the Congress party newfound magnanimity, the point is that such news would cause an influx of thousands of these migrants thereby defeating the Modi government’s solid efforts at containing the Corona outbreak.

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The Fourth Generation War Has Already Entered India: Here's How it Has Taken Over GenNext

These are just the latest of an infinite loop of instances emanating from this ecosystem all leading to the same inescapable conclusion: the people of India have tossed us out of power, so we will scorch India. The other inescapable reality is this: if you love India, you will automatically despise the Congress. Indeed, this is the same party that alleged that the Balakot strike was carried out because Modi wanted to return to power.

The IRS officers’ “report” also points to the same “scorch India” cabal of the Congress. It would be a mistake to think that it’s the job of a few disgruntled bureaucrats. In reality, it is a weapon of war against the Indian nation represented by Prime Minister Modi.

Think of a hypothetical UPA -3 

Now think of the alternative scenario: of a UPA-3 recapturing power in 2019. Of the fate of a Narendra Modi who had lost the elections. Think of these two aspects for a brief moment…in fact, think of these two aspects every single time before uncritically swallowing the multi-pronged, multi-directional propaganda that masquerades as news and opinion.

At a very high level, the contours of this phenomenon is this: while an out-of-power Congress can unleash frequent disruptions across the nation, a Congress in power can give us RTE, Communal Violence Bill, communal headcount in the armed forces, manufacture the balloon of Hindu terrorism and throw top RSS leaders into jail on invented charges.

As we’ve detailed elsewhere, today, the Congress party is the political representative of breaking India forces with a network and toxicity that’s perhaps unparalleled anywhere in the world. The decades-long unbridled political power that it held in its thrall and which attained its full, venomous bloom during 2004-2014 was a beautiful aster that concealed its true nature as a party of global breaking India forces that have already launched what is known as the fourth generation war.

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The Fourth Generation War Has Already Entered India: Here's How it Has Taken Over GenNext

Weapons of the Congress-Communist War on India

Before we examine the point in more detail, consider some major events that have occurred since Narendra Modi became Prime Minister in 2014 and then again in 2019.

  • Unrelenting and continuing attempts to weaken the Indian state in every manner: by hampering its economy. For example, filing frivolous PILs against national infrastructure projects, interfering in and using a cultivated bureaucracy and judiciary to achieve this objective.

  • Meddling with its armed forces and weakening the morale of law enforcement agencies.

  • Launching both low and high intensity assaults repeatedly at the roots of the Sanatana culture, disparaging its festivals, customs, traditions, etc.

  • Manufacturing non-existent issues like Award Vapsi, intolerance, fake reports of cow slaughter, rapes, lynching etc.

  • Mobilising caste and other groups to wage repeated, violent wars against the state. Every such “agitation” is meant not to overthrow elected governments but to paralyse them from functioning.

  • Using the combined might of its high-class call girls: media, academia, intelligentsia, and the film industry to manufacture and hype up these incidents aimed at weakening the Indian state.

  • Allying with hostile global forces in their war to break up the Indian nation.

One must be really naïve or living in a cave to believe that these acts of war against the Indian state materialised only after 2014. These are not merely caste, religious, economic or other groups. They are weapons of war in the arsenal of the Congress Communist Party of India (CCPI). As long as the Congress and its breaking India cronies wielded political power, they had skilfully concealed the weapons. All bets are off now.

Think about two major incidents that no longer appear in news on a regular basis:

1. Pakistan-exported Jihadi terrorism. At its peak during the UPA regime, there was one Jihadi terror attack every six weeks on an average.

2. Maoist terrorism. At its peak, it had spread to 303 districts in 14 states…national security circles were feverishly churning out content about the dreaded Red Corridor. Remember?

A 2018 news report gives some numbers.

the Union Home Ministry has claimed that 44 districts in the country are no longer under the influence of the leftwing extremism (lWE), which is now confined only to 30 worst-hit districts… There has been a decline of 25 per cent in lWE-related violence and casualties to security forces dropped by as much as 42 per cent during May 2014-April 2017 as compared to May 2011-April 2014… the elimination of Naxal cadre rose by a sharp 65 per cent and the surrenders by the extremists recorded 185 per cent increase last year.

Leftwing Terror has Already Invaded our Intellect

While this is certainly a reason to rejoice, we are either unaware of or overlook the other, far more lethal reality because it is hiding in plain sight: Left wing terrorism, over the last fifteen years at least, has silently invaded the drawing rooms of Urban India and captured the minds of our kids and has permanently altered their sense of reality.

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The Fourth Generation War Has Already Entered India: Here's How it Has Taken Over GenNext

Here’s a random question: would you believe anyone if they told you that Gurmehar Kaur, Swara Bhaskar, the Hardik-Alpesh-Jignesh (HAJ) trio, and similar Incurables are all actually Naxals? No, you’d think that anyone making this claim is crazy but that’s precisely what they want you to think. It is subversion that has touched the upper crests of perfection of a vile ideological art form which was last practiced in the USSR and has made a malignant comeback.

Even if you don’t “belong” to any ideological camp, consider the vocabulary that you take as normal today: upper caste privilege, LGBT, Brahminical patriarchy, misogyny, fat-shaming, slut shaming, food fascism, dress fascism, triggering, safe spaces, rape culture...the list is infinite. I’ve selected these terms randomly, and this list of terminology is ever-expanding. You may ignore this terminology as nonsense or at best be ambivalent about it. But there’s an entire generation that uses these words as settled truths. The real question is: why wasn’t this vocabulary so widespread, so commonplace even a decade ago?

Naked War Against Sanatana Civilisation

Undoubtedly, these terminologies are the latest manifestations of Communism in its most granular form. Which is why it’s a mistake to take them individually and examine them as individual phenomena. They are group-operations which have subterranean links to one another, links not visible on the surface, and collectively, they have transformed into something far more fatal, a global miasma for which no mask can be invented in the foreseeable future. It is armed revolution of a different kind. And it is operating at unimaginable levels. Unlike even fifteen years ago, its approach today is multipronged and its attack is relentless. In our context, it is a naked, all-out war against the Sanatana Civilization of which the remnant of Bharatavarsha is the last bastion.

To understand its full and ultimate implications for the Sanatana Civilisation, I humbly urge the gentle reader to memorize Orwell’s chilling words.

We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognise their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.

This is from his classic novel 1984, in which O’Brien, the tyrant, speaks these lines. But in our own time, it is easy to visualize the monster George Soros speaking them.

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The Fourth Generation War Has Already Entered India: Here's How it Has Taken Over GenNext

Indeed, we owe Orwell an everlasting debt for both 1984 and Animal Farm. A majority of the occurrences he describes in his fictional dystopian world has already come true. Thus, when Orwell mentions doublespeak, we’re reminded of Ram Guha quoting Orwell. When he mentions mediaspeak we have an unending roll of Far Left dishonour not just in the Indian media but throughout the world. When Orwell mentions doublethink, we have an impressive list of pretentious former Marxists who are now more Hindutva than the RSS….the list is endless. When we recall the Ministry of Love in 1984, the image of crazed professors, opioid intellectuals and their weasel-brood of Incurables surfaces in our mind, all of them emitting the kerosene fumes of “safe spaces,” “not giving offence,” “the need to love,” and that latest linguistic knavery, “healing.”

But in order to understand this phenomenon in greater depth, we need to go right to the roots: when, how, and where this granular discourse of violent Communism originated, and how today, it has acquired such frightening power in India, a power whose explicit aim is to dismantle the Sanatana Civilisation. Or what is known as the fourth generation war.

To be continued

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