A Guide for Hindu Parents to Prevent Their Children from Becoming an Incurable

A Guide for Hindu Parents to Prevent Their Children from Becoming an Incurable

Outlines of a recent social and cultural phenomenon that has infected our youth and invaded their psyches

The recruitment actually begins real early. In early-late childhood. An age where nothing is under your control, not even your natural bodily functions like urinating and the rest. Other people, mostly your parents, do your work for you. Even the notion of using the word “parents” in the plural…parenting in the sense that we understand it is perhaps the greatest accomplishment in the evolution of all earthly species, pulled off so successfully, so enduringly only by humans….it is this notion of parenting that is at the root of all civilisations and it is this parenting that is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. A fundamental part of this parenting is what propels your parents to take that most lethal decision of all: sending you to school. The kind of mainstream school we’re all familiar with.

From then on, unless your parents match up to even a fraction of their grandparents, your descent into the black bottomless abyss is not only unstoppable but comes with a lifetime guarantee of irreversibility. The trajectory of this descent is roughly this: first, you will be made to learn…rather, you will be made to write and to draw dark strokes and pictures that celebrate the Hampi-like vandalism of the memory and culture of your own ancestors. Initially, no marks will be awarded but you will be penalized for either refusing to draw these pictures or for questioning the need for such drawing pictures or for not celebrating the aforementioned vandalism adequately enough. The punishments even if mild, will prove exceptionally cruel given that you’re still a child: public shaming, isolation, and psychological manipulation have devastating, lifelong effects. Eventually, you like most children will fall in line. Second, as you grow up and your strength, mental acumen and other faculties increase and expand, the dosage of the injection of this cultural vandalism will increase proportionally. Third, by the time you complete your twelfth grade, the sunlight shining into the abyss would resemble the light of a permanently grey cloud. But there will still be time for you. Except that you now confront the choice-at-the-crossroad: science or…errrr….”humanities.” If you pick the former, you still might have a sliver of a redemptive chance in the remote future…if you choose the latter, two things will occur at the same time: the overhanging cloud will instantly become invisible and you will see the welcoming resplendence of darkness from the unfathomable depths of the abyss. A tenebrous feast prepared by award-winning chefs ranging from Romila Thapar, Ramachandra Guha, Yogendra Yadav all the way down to Kanhaiya Kumar will be awaiting you. The fourth and final stage starts at the precise moment you taste even a morsel of that feast. At that point, you will become a permanent Incurable. A defining and clearly identifiable marker of your incurability will be the fact that you become both the consumer and the consumed: you will simultaneously become the food and the feces. By this time, you will be in the general age bracket of 21 – 30.

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A Guide for Hindu Parents to Prevent Their Children from Becoming an Incurable

Who is an Incurable

It is difficult to give a precise definition of an Incurable. It’s akin to diagnosis in medicine where you arrive at a semi-definitive conclusion that the ailment is indeed X or Y based on centuries of accumulated knowledge, etc. Following roughly the same approach, one can identify an Incurable with reasonable accuracy based on the following verifiable and repeatable behaviour.

Middle and Upper Middle Class Hindu

At the outset, an Incurable is typically a middle and upper middle class, self-hating Hindu belonging to the aforementioned age bracket, who is generally clueless about everything including the occupation of their own parents. In my own experience as a speaker at a media workshop, one such Incurable claimed that Sikkim was an independent island. Only that she couldn't spot it on the world map.

In the interests of feminism, gender equality, and in perfect adherence to the laws of the alternate universe of unfathomable and fluid acronyms (LGBTQIAXJRZK++), let it be said that the summit of the Incurables is lorded over by…errr…women belonging to the selfsame middle and upper middle class Hindus.

Traits of Radioactivity

Almost every Incurable is on social media and is highly radioactive there and elsewhere. Here is a short but ever-growing list of the traits that they share in common: inventing and imagining offence, injustice, and oppression; demanding free food, booze and entry into the toilets of five-star hotels all of which are considered legitimate forms of protest; creating hashtags to solve the problems of the world; fatal Bollywood celebrity-worship, in itself the subject of an independent essay; marring and disfiguring their bodies with ghastly tattoos, metals on eyebrows, tongue, chin, and elsewhere, drenching their hair in toxic chemicals, not bathing for weeks…again another subject for an independent essay.

All Sex All the Time

This is a phrase I’ve borrowed from one of the most incisive cultural chroniclers of our time, Theodore Dalrymple. A full twenty years after he wrote the essay bearing this phrase, we realize how farsighted he was and remains. An inveterate and irremediable obsession of our Incurables is not just sex…they’ve bombed the sexual act to the realm of irrelevance long ago and are increasingly plumbing the depths of depravity in ways that are fatal to civilisation itself. In this ongoing charade of all-encompassing perversion, the female section of our Incurables are the unquestioned championesses. They not only feel justified but entitled to publicly yell about the lurid details regarding the size, shape, smell, and composition of their private parts but take out public rallies akin to the ones in the West where young women marched in public wearing clothes stained with period blood. If this is not enough, girls as young as twelve are being indoctrinated into this depravity on a national scale right in the comfort of their classrooms: and the parents of these girls pay for the lifetime destruction of their hapless wards in the form of school fees. We’ll return to this topic in detail in a future piece. But the simple question is this: why do the parents of these brainwashed and depraved women and girls appear helpless?

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A Guide for Hindu Parents to Prevent Their Children from Becoming an Incurable

Incurable: Therefore Unemployable

A shocking neglect of or at least, indifference to their careers and future is another noteworthy theme of our Incurables. I haven’t done enough research to mention this with any degree of certainty with regard to India but here is a miniature of the situation in England back in 2000: it was found that 16 year-olds, even after twelve years of compulsory and state-funded schooling, could not:

  • Spell or read or write words containing three syllables

  • Multiply 7 times 9

  • Handle a pen or notebook or a printed book

  • Name a single writer including Shakespeare

  • Know that there was something called a Second World War

  • Spell anything correctly: for example, Dear sir was spelled as Deer sur.

And so it goes, this sickening litany of the near-total destruction of education in England with the author concluding that for these youths, the year “1066 is more likely to mean a price than a date.” The same thing applies to our own Incurables the difference being only the degree. Like in the West, it is the teachers who have not only designed but presided over this planned destruction of generations. Needless, these incurables are thoroughly unemployable like their heroes and heroines that includes but is not limited to Rahul Gandhi and Kanhaiya Kumar. Unemployable but incurably addicted: to smartphones, comfort, marijuana, celebrity, sex, and “protests.” Which makes them readily-available cannon-fodder for those that created them in the first place. It’s both a lethal concentric circle and a deadly labyrinth that none can decipher but whose consequences the entire nation suffers for no fault of its own.

Mindless Hate Against Modi and Motherly Love for Burqas

The last and the obvious trait of our Incurables is their vicious and mindless hatred of Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, the BJP, the RSS, Hindu organisations and the Hindu community as a whole. But their special scorn, contempt and perversion is reserved for Hindu Deities. This is the realm in which their depravity unfolds in full, spectacular bloom. I won’t labour this point because it’s too well-known. On the other side of this coin is their piety for and defence of Islam which puts even the most rabid Mullah to shame. This trait is also perhaps the best marker by which you can instantly detect an Incurable. They see for example, no incongruity in upholding…errrr…feminism and defending Burqa and Triple Talaq. Or to put it in real-world terms: a bikini-wearing Hindu woman, Deepika Padukone is as much a feminist icon as a burqa-clad begum in Saudi Arabia. Both enjoy the same degree of freedom, both are equally “liberated” in the eyes of our Incurables. The fact that the Zanana faction of our Incurables resort to this kind of psychosis has forced me to coin a new, exclusive term for them: Alices in the Abyss.

These then are some of the broad symptoms and traits that help you identify an Incurable. If you find additional or newer symptoms, please feel free to add them in the comments section below this article.

Since it’s now crystal clear that these Incurables are unemployable, I will, out of a sense of deep and abiding compassion for fellow human beings, suggest some viable career options for our Incurables in the next part of this series.

To be continued

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