George Soros has Declared War Against Bharatavarsha: And He is Not Alone in it

How George Soros has destabilised several countries by establishing NGOs and used their own citizens to rebel against their elected Governments
George Soros has Declared War Against Bharatavarsha: And He is Not Alone in it

At 89 years of age, those handful of Hindus who still abide by traditional Sanatana values are either living a quiet and contemplative life of Vanaprastha or have renounced everything in pursuit of that ultimate quest of all: self-realisation via Sanyasa. We need to keep this value-yardstick in mind if we wish to understand how fundamentally the Sanatana culture differs from the two Abrahamisms. In very simple terms, there is an inbuilt demonic trait in the DNA of the Mleccha systems, which doesn’t allow their psyches to sit still at a place thereby doing no harm to themselves and by extension, the world.

Hindus Must Revisit Their Puranas and Memorise Them

The inestimable value of our Puranas offer us a great aid in understanding such fundamental elements. A common and recurring theme of our Puranas is the seemingly unceasing battle between the Devas and the Asuras. Typically, the Devas feel no need to set out on unprovoked military conquests whereas the ultimate goal of every Asura is to usurp and occupy Swarga (Heaven, commonly) by violently displacing the Devas. To the Asuras, there is no other way for attaining happiness than by trampling and destroying others who are generally peaceful and mind their own business. Because they can’t do this by any known methods of warfare—given the fact that they realize that the Devas are always more powerful than them—they resort to what they consider as Tapas or penance. As our Puranas show, every such Tapas-acquired victory of the Asuras is largely temporary and inevitably ends in their own destruction. A self-inflicted destruction because the seeds of this destruction are ensconced in the very kernel of their Tapas. The common attributes of these seeds include being in a constant state of restlessness from which arises intolerance from which arises a need to inflict unprovoked violence on others which in turn stems from an illusion-encrusted psyche that such violent annihilation is the key to permanent happiness.

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George Soros has Declared War Against Bharatavarsha: And He is Not Alone in it

However, when we observe the scope, scale, and barbarism of the global destruction and innumerable genocides that these two Abrahamisms have inflicted over nearly a thousand years, we find that their adherents are far more diabolical than the worst of our Asuras. We also simultaneously find the all-encompassing genius of the Sanatana Darshana. One definition of the word Asura is, Asuraah purvadevaah, meaning, the Asuras were formerly the Devas who, owing to defects in their character, fell on the path of evil and wickedness. Both Devas and Asuras were children of the same Prajapati. Thus, a Hiranyakashyipu who violently displaced Indra had to first undertake rigorous Tapas to please Brahma, and not another Asura. Think about what all this means.

In our own time, perhaps the greatest embodiment of this Asuric or demonic trait is the person of the 89-year-old George Soros who is commonly described as a philanthropist. We fail to understand the meaning of the word “philanthropy” when it’s applied to a filthy-rich person who arrogates to himself the right to destabilize and destroy nations based on incurable and extreme megalomania which he justifies as a crusade against “nationalism” or whatever other pretext. It is the philanthropy that funds cultural and civilisational genocide wearing the tuxedo of good intentions.

The Newest Face of an Old, Barbaric Phenomenon

But then, George Soros is not just a person. He is the 21st Century Avatar of a phenomenon that India is sickeningly familiar with but has apparently learned nothing from it: the White Man’s colonialism wearing the masks of business, capitalism, wealth-creation, reform, and benevolence leading to long-term enslavement and wholesale cultural decimation. Consider just two examples from history.

Example 1

The native is to be treated as a child and denied franchise. We must adopt a system of despotism, such as works in India, in our relations with the barbarism of South Africa.

That was “Sir” Cecil Rhodes, the arch racist justifying his decades-long exploitation, oppression and slaughter-sprees in Africa for which he approvingly cited India a model country for the most successful experiment of colonial exploitation. And since “independence,” we have some four generations of Hindus who are proud to strut around flashing the “Rhodes Scholar” as a badge of honour and sitting in positions of power and influence, and teaching their own kids, God knows what about Indian culture and Hinduism.

Example 2

The foulest blot on the moral character [of Britain was] that it allowed its Hindu subjects to remain under the grossest, the darkest and most degrading system of idolatrous superstition that almost ever existed upon earth… Our religion is sublime, pure beneficent, theirs is mean, licentious and cruel.

That was the disgusting William Wilberforce, a British politician, orator, evangelist and…surprise! A philanthropist. Let’s not forget that in his time, his filthy views attracted applause, approbation, and incited missionary conversions of Hindus in India. Akin to a predecessor of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, Wilberforce founded a charitable organization called Society for the Suppression of Vice whose main business was to ban books and publications considered obscene, which culminated in the British Parliament passing the Obscene Publications Act in 1857. A variant of this act is the Section 294 of the Indian Penal Code, which interestingly places “naked Sadhus and temple art” outside the purview of obscenity. Again, think about what this implies.

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George Soros has Declared War Against Bharatavarsha: And He is Not Alone in it

But the well-recorded historical fact is that the vile nature of British colonialism was also largely sustained by an influential section of Indians who preferred to trade Bharatavarsha itself than live as free Indians. As we note, the same phenomenon is at work even today vis a vis George Soros. The only difference is that folks like Cecil Rhodes, Wilberforce and the East India Company had the full backing of the British Crown whereas today, this support has to be clandestinely provided. Speaking purely in the context of India, his close ties with the Democratic Party of the US is what enabled George Soros to massively expand his footprint in India during the Obama Presidency. It also helped that during the same period, India had a Government by, for, and of anti-India NGOs whose furtive writ superseded that of the Indian Prime Minister.

Thank You, George Soros

However, one must also be thankful to George Soros for finally being frank about his India-wrecking agenda in his recent speech at Davos. This is his coming-out-of-the-closet moment as the real face of the proxy war which is far deadlier than the one waged by Pakistan. Some of the members of the selfsame NGOs that he patronized must have ideally been in prison. However, the fact that they are still strutting around with impunity, challenging the sovereign might of the Indian state on a daily basis only shows the frightening extent to which their tentacles have spread in almost all areas. Doubly frightening is the fact that these tentacles have gripped our national institutions: the higher levels of bureaucracy, judiciary, academia, and obviously, the media. One might perhaps feel a sliver of relief at how they have largely not impacted the proverbial unwashed masses that continue to attend the Kumbh and other local festivals. However, even they will not remain unharmed if the Soroses of the world are not checked urgently.


Consider some NGOs and powerful individuals working gleefully as the willing slaves of George Soros to destabilize and break India:

  • Human Rights Law Network

  • Sherpa

  • Coordination of Democratic Rights Organizations

  • Right to Food Campaign

  • Centre for Policy Research

  • Association of Democratic Reforms

  • Namati

  • Amartya Sen

  • Indira Jaising

  • Harsh Mander

  • Pratap Bhanu Mehta

To cite an example of what will occur in India if Soros is not taken seriously, we can note the important fact that his own country of birth, Hungary, has declared him an enemy of the state, and in 2018, its government prepared a three-part plan titled Stop Soros Package. And it’s not just limited to Hungary. Wherever George Soros has gone, he has created and nurtured a sprawling and thriving NGO industry: most notably, almost all Central and Eastern European (the former Soviet Bloc) countries have passed stringent laws either banning or strictly monitoring his NGOs. Ukraine presents another notable case. Soros was declared the second most influential person in the country after its President, and in 2016, the Obama Government ordered the Ukranian Government to stop its investigations into his NGO, Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC), which funded street protests by students against the Government. More dangerously, George Soros has funded a range of separatist movements for example, in Kosovo…the list is nearly endless but fairly representative of the mortal danger Soros poses to any country.

It is clear that Soros has followed all of the aforementioned strategies with respect to India: his latest tirade against Prime Minister Modi over the “autonomy” of Kashmir follows the same script vis a vis Kosovo. Then we’ve already seen the network of breaking-India NGOs and individuals he continues to fund.

George Soros is Not Alone in This

Neither is it restricted only to George Soros. This phenomenon of dangerous Western interference in India was actually made possible because India failed to erect ironclad safeguards around its national and cultural security after the economic liberalization of 1991. Almost all mega-rich corporations that enter India to do business do not merely do business.

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George Soros has Declared War Against Bharatavarsha: And He is Not Alone in it

Take the case of the super-successful IT conglomerate, VM Ware. Its CEO, Pat Gelsinger is publicly proud of being an Evangelist and liberally funds missionary conversions. VM Ware has substantial presence in India and the majority of its employees are overwhelmingly Hindus. What are the chances that he will not use his authority as the CEO to infect his India operations with liberal doses of Jesus-love? As also the pressure its Hindu employees will face for not accepting this “love?”

Mark these words: none of these corporations that enter India have any love, respect, or regard for its Santana traditions and culture; nor do they have any knowledge about the country whose resources they exploit to maintain their performance on the stock market. At best, their knowledge of India is derived from the offshoots of the toxic textbooks written by the likes of Romila Thapar and their opinions, from generation-wreckers like Ramachandra Guha & co. Needless, that heap of secular toxicity is hostile to the Sanatana culture. Small wonder that harebrained CEOs like Jack Dorsey can spit on the Indian society with impunity on its own soil, and why Jeff Bezos’ conscience finds nothing unethical in allowing the Washington Post to generate India-hatred and visit India to expand his business.

However, more insidious are the various foreign-funded corporate foundations like that of Bill Gates operating in India. Their story is almost sickeningly the same: child care, orphanages, disease-eradication, education, etc into which they pour the kind of money that even the Indian government doesn’t. That brings us to an entirely different realm: the nature of Western philanthropy which is directly rooted in the Abrahamic doctrine. But that’s the subject of an independent essay. The interested reader would be rewarded by a study in contrast between the Santana notion of Daana and Dharma—beautifully exemplified for example, by Bhartruhari—and the Abrahamic notion of attached philanthropy.

Indeed, if there was anything that Prime Minister Indira Gandhi got right, it was her near-fanatical insistence on the dangers of the “evil foreign hand.”

While George Soros is the most visible and most high-profile instance of funding unprovoked, indirect infiltrations into the internal affairs of foreign nations, the aforementioned cases too, need equal if not greater scrutiny. The survival of Sanatana Bharatavarsha is at stake.

In the next part, we can look at some measures that we can take to stem such grave threats to our national security and civilisational survival.

To be continued

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