Christian Conversions have Wiped Out Entire Civilisations: It’s Time to Ban Them with Immediate Effect

An essay delineating the havoc inflicted by rampant Christian missionary conversions in India and the civilisational danger it poses for Hindus
Christian Conversions have Wiped Out Entire Civilisations: It’s Time to Ban Them with Immediate Effect

Recall the famous proverb about how our habits contribute to building our character? The precursor to something becoming a habit is the conscious and repeated performance of the same action, behaviour, etc till they become inextricable from us. A big and difficult part of cultivating virtuous habits is the simultaneous abstinence from the harmful ones: i.e. a conscious and constant self-warning against these. In Yogashastra, this is encapsulated by the twins, Yama and Niyama.

What is applicable in the microcosm is applicable in the macrocosm. Thus, in the realm of civilizational and cultural preservation, Yama is the conscious maintenance, application, and celebration of all those rooted civilizational and cultural facets and traditions that keep it going. Equally, the civilizational and cultural Niyama is the incessant vigilance against all those forces that threaten to disrupt or destroy these facets and traditions.

Christian Conversions have Wiped Out Entire Civilisations: It’s Time to Ban Them with Immediate Effect
How Christian Missionaries Use Dalits as Canon-Fodder for Anti-Hindu Propaganda

As the history of “independent” India has shown, and more alarmingly, as the history of India since 2004 up to now has shown, Christian conversions have emerged as one of the singular threats to Sanatana survival. As instance after disquieting instance has shown, the full nature and extent of this threat has been discovered only after the disaster has occurred. For example, until the nightmarish scale of the rapist clergy in Kerala was revealed publicly, how many of the proverbial ordinary Indians even knew that these sinister “celibates” of the Church owned entire hills and ran multibillion real estate empires across India? Tamil Nadu pretty much falls in the same category but unlike Kerala, it still contains a dormant Dharmic population whose collective energies of devotional fervour remain ununified. But Andhra represents the most dangerous, living example where the Church has attained political power. In Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy’s case, there is a valid case to be made for the fact that the “Minister” in “Chief Minister” actually stands for a Christian Minister.    

Understanding the Nature of the Beast

Here’s a back-of-the-envelope method for understanding a few major themes related to Christian conversions in India and why it variously represents a problem of understanding the true nature of the beast:

  • At the root of much of the prevailing confusion and erroneous ways of understanding Bharatavarsha, Sanatana philosophical and spiritual traditions, culture, practices, rituals etc lies in applying Eurocentric/colonial constructs of Bharatavarsha. Bharatavarsha will be reduced to a dark vacuum minus its defining Vedantic nature from which arises conceptions of Rta and Dharma. And so, anything—in whatever garb—that seeks to “understand” this on the intellectual and physical planes is fundamentally detrimental to Sanatana Dharma. It is as simple as that.   

  • The Constitution of India continues to discriminate against the very culture and civilization that gave it birth, and this discrimination was given state patronage by the  residual nightmare of Nehru’s civilizational misadventure called secularism. A full discussion on this topic is available in the preface to my book, 70 Years of Secularism.

  • A fundamental doctrine of the Abrahamic faiths to convert (or kill) non-Abrahamics acts to the detriment of Dharmic faiths like Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and so on. This religious diktat allows its adherents to commit genocide and all sorts of unspeakable crimes against humanity with a clear conscience because such crimes are not only sanctioned but rewarded by their God.  

  • The Indian Constitution has absolutely no safeguards to prevent these Abrahamic faiths from converting the followers of Dharma by force or fraud or both thus leading to societal tensions and violence across the Indian geography.

  • It is for these reasons, and chiefly to protect the ancient and valuable heritage of India that conversions to Abrahamic faiths should be banned by law.

Christian Conversions have Wiped Out Entire Civilisations: It’s Time to Ban Them with Immediate Effect
BHU Protest is a Consequence of Hindus not Drawing any Red Lines: The Nightmare of Unheeding Pandit Malaviya’s Caution

It is instructive to examine Article 25 of the Constitution in this context:

Freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion(1) Subject to public order, morality and health and to the other provisions of this Part, all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right freely to profess, practise and propagate religion

A more confounding verbiage is yet to be found. And there is no better dissection of this matter than that done by Mahamahopadhyayaya P.V. Kane. In the present context, the word “propagation” needs closer scrutiny.

In the context of Sanatana Dharma, the word “propagation” in practice essentially involves a range activities including but not limited to building temples, stupas, Gurudwaras, public havans, kirtans, celebrating festivals, Yatras, Annadanams, and so on. These activities do not prohibit members of Abrahamic faiths from taking part nor is there any demand on them to convert to Sanatana Dharma.

What does Propagation Really Mean?

But what does the word “propagation” imply in practice in the case of Abrahamic faiths? To be sure, non-Abrahamics are allowed—actually encouraged—in Churches and Mosques. The obvious reason is because this tacit encouragement is also one of the innumerable methods to lure and convert the heathens to their fold. Thus, in practice, “propagation” of such faiths in practice is synonymous with evangelism and conversion of members of non-Abrahamic faiths. Remember, this is guaranteed by our Constitution.    

Christian Conversions have Wiped Out Entire Civilisations: It’s Time to Ban Them with Immediate Effect
The Great Creeping Encirclement of an Ancient Dharma

And so we have a self-abrogating situation created by the Constitution for people who follow Dharma. In the case of Abrahamic cults, religious propagation can only happen at the expense of a non-proselytizing faith, a fact that Swami Vivekananda alluded to when he said:

When the Mohammedans first came, we are said…to have been six hundred millions of Hindus. Now we are about two hundred millions. And then every man going out of the Hindu pale is not only a man less, but an enemy the more.

Prabuddha Bharata, April, 1899

This historical truth is backed by copious evidence right from early colonial writings which termed, for instance, the Vedic society and its current offshoots as “primitive tribes and races” implying three things. One, this society was defeated by colonial Europe because it was primitive; two, only Christianity and/or the White Man’s Burden could liberate it; three this defeated primitive society could hope to become civilised only if it abandoned its past wholesale. That such racist and imperial cruelty had academic sanction for over two centuries is one of the greatest hoaxes of human history.  So pervasive was the influence of this kind of “academic work” that even scholars like Dr. S Radhakrishnan accepted this discourse without close scrutiny (Ref: his two volumes on Indian Philosophy). Needless, Nehruvian and Marxist courtiers sexed up this hoax by inventing definitions and theories on the fly—a detailed critique of this is available here.

The Vedantic Core of India

The core of all Dharma lies in Vedanta: in the changeless truth of verifiable, universal experience embodied in the various Upanishads, and echoed by such simple aphorisms like Tatvamasi (I am That) and Aham Brahmasmi (I am Brahman). This stands in opposition to the belief in an absolute truth and One God espoused by Abrahamic religions. Abrahamic faiths essentially stand on the foundation of separateness—God/Allah is separate from his followers. This translates in practice as Kaffirs/Heathens versus the rest. The towering scholar Dr. S. Srikanta Sastri encapsulates this in an extraordinary passage.

In modern times, some thinkers approached social equality exclusively in economic terms and concluded that the history of mankind indicates only class conflict and nothing else. When this was taken to its extreme, logical end, it resulted in wars, famine, and other destructive episodes worldwide. From this perspective, religion and culture are seductive subjects of study. Thus no…subject…premised on Otherness will help us overcome such potentially—and practically—destructive consequences. More so in the current era of widespread belief that nothing that fails the scientific method will stand a chance of succeeding. This applies especially to religions premised on Otherness. If these religions fail the test of scientific inquiry, it is…evident that they will also fail to ensure peace and harmony. Although some religions do have the concepts of God as the Father and Universal Brotherhood, they hold that these concepts apply only to the adherents of those religions and proclaim that the rest are condemned to Eternal Hell. Thus, no such religion can truly have universal appeal. Likewise, any faith or system that preaches Soullessness cannot bring about peace in the world. Therefore, most Indian philosophical schools and treatises agree to what logic and experience bear out: Cosmic Non-Duality (or Advaita) is the best method to eradicate Otherness, which is a product of fear. The most distinguishing and valuable characteristic of Indian culture is the fact that it has benefitted the world immensely by giving the gift of Advaita.

Christian Conversions have Wiped Out Entire Civilisations: It’s Time to Ban Them with Immediate Effect
From Caldwell, Karunanidhi to Kamil Zvelebil: The Long Tradition of Dismantling Sanatana Dharma

A sense of history also says that the more history changes, the more it remains the same. In the past, an inherent component of religious wars was conversion. While such large-scale wars are no longer possible today, the conversion project continues unabated because its goal is world imperialism masked as and justified by religious piety. The latest case is of that incurable Christian bigot, John Chau who came all the way from the US to convert the Sentinelese who promptly dispatched him to meet The Only True Christian God. This frightening article traces Chau’s entire journey—from being infected with the Jesus virus to finally meeting Jesus and his Father. The real point is not Chau or his conversion ambition: it is the fact that the global Church machinery has actually mapped out every single corner of the earth which has not had the fortune of being contaminated with the Jesus disease. As an Indian and Hindu, ask yourself this question: until Chau met his fateful end, how many of you even knew that there existed the Sentinelese right next door, tucked away in an Indian Ocean island?

The other variations of this war include gigantic hoardings in urban India inviting “people of all faiths to know God,” “Quran for all,” “The Prophet’s Real Message,” placing Google ads for the same, and to highly-visible evangelical endeavours like the Joshua Project. Yet, there is not a single ad or plea asking people to “convert” to Hinduism.

This is the beast Sanatana civilisation is confronted with. For the squeamish or the wilfully blind Hindus, it is an ongoing war against Sanatana civilisation. It’s good to remember this always: the Jesus-disease merchants look at Hindus as Hindus and not as Brahmins or Dalits. The con job of emancipating Dalits etc is part of their perfected technique of what’s known as segmented marketing.   

So, it’s in the best interests of Hindus to face this bitter truth now than when it’s too late. And there’s still time to mitigate it by taking that first crucial step immediately: banning all conversions of Hindus.

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