The Great Creeping Encirclement of an Ancient Dharma

A commentary on how a global nexus of anti-Hindu forces have encircled the ancient Sanatana civilisation
The Great Creeping Encirclement of an Ancient Dharma

Shaheen Bagh blew the lid off and shattered the nitric acid bottle that had barely contained the violent bubbles of naked Islamism. Ever since, it has continued to flow throughout the country, burning and consuming everything in its path. Here are just the most recent news items that caused outrage:

  • The Jain bakery case in Chennai

  • The arrest of a Hindu man because he refused to accept groceries from a Muslim delivery boy

  • The open threats from Muslim men preventing their women from buying from Hindu shops

  • The ever-growing list of incidents where Muslims spit inside bread loaves, apply their saliva on fruits, and lick vegetables before selling them—all with the explicit intent of spreading the Chinese Corona virus.

  • The disgusting spectacle of grown up Muslim Corona patients defecating in hospitals and running around naked, again with the explicit purpose of shocking and threatening ordinary, decent citizens.

Let’s also not forget the mother of all Islamisms enforced peacefully in peacetime: the modern equivalent of Jizya known as Halal certification. If some news reports are to be believed, even vegetarian produce manufactured by Hindus now carries Halal certification. This mindless rush to voluntarily embrace civilisational degradation leading to spiritual debasement and further to self-inflicted Hindu depopulation is unparalleled in the cultural history of the world. This is the real-life manifestation of separating Dharma from Artha, which will eventually lead to the slaughter of Dharma. The Hindu businessman will willingly abandon his ancient Dharma to enter into a lucrative business contract with a stinking rich Sheikh in the Middle East who will impose his religious will as a precondition to signing the contract. The US allowed itself to be seduced by Saudi Arabia in exchange for oil and got Osama Bin Laden in return.

The aforementioned incidents and their innovative variants will only multiply in future.

The Great Creeping Encirclement of an Ancient Dharma
The Anti-CAA Riots are an Ongoing Intifada Formulated by the Post-Independence Recruits of Future Partitions of India

Contours of a Final War

The Shaheen Bagh flashpoint has two major angles to it. The first, as some argue, is that it was a vehicle for Arvind Kejriwal’s re-election in the Delhi assembly polls. The second is that it was the organised culmination of the Muslim anger against the serial knockout blows dealt by PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah in the form of scrapping Article 370, the CAA, and the Supreme Court verdict on Ram Mandir. Given the breathless pace at which events have unfolded ever since, the second angle has more credence.

To put it bluntly, the worst elements of the powerful Islamist lobby in India and its transnational supporters worldwide have declared an open war against the Indian state in general and against the Prime Minister and Home Minister in a tenor of personal vendetta. In reality, it is a final war to finish off the remnants of the ancient unbroken Sanatana civilisation that have survived…including Sanatanis.

It is a Great Encirclement, a final siege in which there are no laws and rules, only a savage, determined quest for all-out victory.

The Great Encirclement operates at multiple levels: political, societal, legal, religious, and grassroots. The tools, as we’re all familiar, are the deeply-entrenched academia, intelligentsia, and media. At the political level, the starkest example is the Shiv Sena, an ultra-Hindutva party that morphed overnight into an ultra-Islamist party. Enough said. But the real encirclement is occurring at the grassroots level which largely employs guerrilla tactics—what used to be restricted to spit and scoot tactics has now eerily transformed into unpredictable, brutal violence against Hindus carried out with impunity with full state backing in non-BJP ruled states. To put it in plain terms, Hindus never know from where and when the next physical attack will come their way. This ongoing phenomenon is perhaps the best real-life illustration of the State of Fear.

George Soros
George Soros

On the global level, we have world-burning monsters like George Soros who has openly declared war against what he calls nationalist forces. In the context of India, let it be said unequivocally that only Hindus can innately be nationalist however the term “nationalism” is defined. If it is defined territorially, one cannot separate the spiritual feeling for Bharatavarsha that Hindus carry in their DNA. If it is defined culturally, one cannot separate the longing of a German or US Hindu for Prayagraj or Ayodhya or Kanchi or Kashi; or the fact that Hindus abroad have built—and continue to build magnificent temples in their adopted countries. These are simple facts immediately evident to every Hindu if they wean themselves away from pompous intellectual nonsense written mostly in English but really don’t mean anything. Equally, the other two Abrahmisms operating in India cannot be nationalist by definition because they are religious imperialisms and their sacred religious centres are located in an Arabian desert.

The Great Creeping Encirclement of an Ancient Dharma
George Soros has Declared War Against Bharatavarsha: And He is Not Alone in it

The implication is clear for India: if George Soros’ vile project of waging war to eliminate nationalist forces in India succeeds, it simply means a physical elimination or conversion of Hindus into either of these two Abrahamisms or transforming them into Far Left ideological zombies that will eat their own organs to breed.

Hindu Lines of Defence Broken

Undeniably, the forces of Islamism constitute the most powerful weapon—even numerically—in this Great Encirclement. A slight detour in recent history is necessary to understand how this frightening power was acquired.

Until the original Indian National Congress in its infinite folly thought of recruiting Muslim support for the freedom struggle, the Hindu society had never accorded the status of religion to Islam. In this Hindu consciousness, Muslim rule was still an alien rule that had to be tolerated till it was rooted out, which is why some Hindu kings largely welcomed the British pounding of Muslim sultans and nawabs.

One of the first steps in this recruitment involved setting Islam on an equal footing with Sanatana Dharma. Mohandas Gandhi was obviously the greatest exponent and accomplished salesman of this dangerous fiction. He added a phoney spiritual dimension to this concoction: “all religious paths lead to the same God,” and its equally spurious corollary: “all religions are equal.” With this subterfuge, the first line of Sanatana defence was irreparably broken. It is a telling sign of the times that there is no space for such fundamental discussions in public discourse today.

The Great Creeping Encirclement of an Ancient Dharma
Unmasking the Mahatmahood of Gandhi: R.C. Majumdar’s Frank Assessment of Mohandas Gandhi

Arguably, but for Gandhi’s poison-coated pill of Sarvadharma Samabhava, Nehruvian secularism wouldn’t have become India’s official political religion and wouldn’t have created generations of Hindu-hating Hindu secularists. Indeed, secularism accomplished for Islam what the unremitting waves of Jihad in medieval times had failed to do for about a thousand years: a superior status over and above Hindus in “independent” India. A great hallmark of a Hindu secularist up to the 1990s was a profuse praise of Islam and a lavish derision of Hinduism. Thus, a Hindu litterateur cum academic would write with pride that he urinated on a Shiva Linga and that no curse befell him, and the media would gushingly publish it. He was celebrated as a true secularist and hailed as an opinion-maker and intellectual and universities vied with one another to invite him. We have significant archives of all such “academic writings” at The Dharma Dispatch.

The Great Creeping Encirclement of an Ancient Dharma
The Last Will, Testament, and Warning of Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya to the Sanatana Society and Civilisation

Sure enough, the second line of Sanatana defence crumbled as a consequence of the first. This was on the epochal occasion of the British granting independence to India. Or more specifically, during the heated discussions over partition. The fact that the Muslim League, a radical Islamist outfit populated by goons, murderers, and separatists was invited as equals with the INC to sit at the negotiating table marks this destruction of the second line of Santana defence. And how did the Muslim League accomplish this? By the selfsame tried-and-tested method of staging unpredictable, barbaric street riots against Hindus. The venerable Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya captures this brilliantly.

A wholly communal organization like the Muslim League has attained parity with a nationalist organization like the Indian National Congress Party. It is only due to this development that the larger Hindu community has become demoralized. The Hindu community’s aspirations, its culture, Dharma…all of these have been drowned under the weight of something called “Secular India.”

There is a case to be made that this precise underlying threat of unleashing random street riots was one of the reasons Jawaharlal Nehru, his cronies and his illegitimate intellectual brood kept chanting the secularism mantra and kept offering concessions to incessantly appease this Churchillian crocodile in the hope that it would eat them last. The cost has been the destruction of everything good, noble, valuable, gentle, virtuous and profound in Sanatana Dharma; its population has consistently dwindled through murders, conversions, and love Jihad; its ancient, unbroken institutions lie shattered; its way of life torn; the backbone of its society broken, and worst of all, the flames of infighting continue to blaze with greater intensity with each decade.

On the other side, the crocodiles have grown in numbers and strength and hunger and confidence that the Great Encirclement has now reached a tipping point.

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