How the Secular Historians Transformed Punyabhumi Ayodhya into an International Crime Scene and Got Away With it

How the Secular Historians Transformed Punyabhumi Ayodhya into an International Crime Scene and Got Away With it


Two key themes emerged from my scores of conversations with the people of Ayodhya on a fairly recent trip to the Punyabhumi, the birthplace of Parabrahma Swaroopa Sri Ramachandra.

  1. The moment I mentioned the word “Babri Masjid,” the reply was the same from every person: “Kaun sa Masjid?” (Which mosque?)
  2. “All these people…(the then) government, historians, experts, secularists, film people…all of them ganged up together and transformed this Tirthakshetra and Punyabhumi into an international crime scene and have painted all Hindus as criminals solely because they worship Prabhu Ram ji. In those days, if we said we were from Ayodhya, in some circles, we were looked upon as if we were murderers.”

This is the precise contribution of the fetid Nehruvian-rational-Secularist-Left-Liberal-Communist-Marxist goon squad of eminent fraudsters masquerading as archeologists, historians, editors, journalists, columnists and commentators to the discourse on Ayodhya. And this is the exact technique that Hitler employed: a systematic and lethal build-up of demonizing an entire community—the Jews—which over time enabled him to legitimize and then justify their genocide.

Let that sink in.

A Goon Squad of Fraudsters

The maniacal behavior of Rajeev Dhavan in the Supreme Court was entirely expected given his close and sustained affiliation with the nation-wrecking Congress party. Fish swimming in water or worm in the gutter: take your pick. The heightened anticipation among Hindus worldwide of a positive outcome after the Supreme Court drew the curtains on the Ayodhya matter on October 16, 2019 is emphatically welcome. But not enough. The “enough” is when Sri Ramachandra will return to his home and sit on a resplendent throne inside a splendid Mandir built along the lines of say, the Kailasanatha Temple in Ellora.

There are two facets to Rajeev Dhavan’s latest bout of open-court lunacy. The first is his clutching-at-the-straws attempt to somehow save face with his clients, the Muslim bodies in favour of restoring the Babri mosque. The second is actually what led to the first. In brief, it is the role played by the aforementioned goon squad of eminent fraudsters who convinced the Babri Masjid Action Committee (BMAC) that they, the fraudsters, were the real saviours of the Babri cause. Their names: (alleged) historians R. S. Sharma, D. N. Jha, M. Athar Ali, and (alleged) archeologist Suraj Bhan who eventually took a thick file to the Chandrashekhar Government claiming that it was “evidence” that “proved” that Ayodhya was not Rama’s birthplace and that the Rama temple never existed. And what did the “evidence” contain? A bunch of newspaper cuttings, random works of questionable scholarship, opinion pieces, editorials and the like. Among other things was “evidence” that Rama was actually the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II! The name of the author? M.V. Ratnam.

But as the days went by, and the goon squad realized that the ground was quickly slipping beneath their feet, they further inflamed the Muslim side to adopt a more hardened, obstinate stance. Instead of appealing to the reasonable elements in the Muslim community, they instigated the fanatical Ulema with the time-honoured fear-mongering: if you let go of the Babri Masjid, Islam itself will be in danger!  The confidence of the goon squad lay in their near-total stranglehold over institutions of public discourse: academia, intelligentsia, media, etc. It is precisely this stranglehold that helped unleash a flurry of deranged articles, which in reality were mere variations of exactly one sentence: secularism died in India the day Babri Masjid was demolished.

But it was the Congress party that was really demolished. The Babri Masjid demolition was the preface to the 44 Lok Sabha seats that the Congress got in 2014. History is also an unending story of irony and nowhere is this irony more prominent than here. It was Rajiv Gandhi who with a brute majority of 413 Lok Sabha seats who ordered the gates to be opened. And to give him credit, he was willing to give a genuine hearing to the Hindus. But what he did not realize was that he had also simultaneously entered a dark tunnel whose door automatically shut behind him. In this light, a reasonable case can be made that this goon squad of fraudsters actually sealed the fate of the Congress party.

But the other and more fundamental case that needs to be made against this goon squad of fraudsters is the crimes they have committed against Sanatana civilization and against generations of real, living Hindus through their relentless and vicious propaganda inspired by a soulless and cruel ideology responsible for the maximum genocides in the twentieth century.

Unfortunately, they have gotten away with it.

Seventy Years of Murdering Indian History

Indeed, the denial by the Leftist goon squad of fraudsters that the Ram Mandir existed marked that crucial turning point when unbridled hubris begins its downward journey to that dark abyss of no return. But before we proceed further, consider this quote:

I cannot value freedom if it deprives us of the Bhagavad Gita or uproots our millions from the faith with which they look upon our temples and thereby destroys the texture of our lives…. this shrine once restored to a place of importance in our life will give to our people a purer conception of religion and a more vivid consciousness of our strength.

That was K.M. Munshi talking about the restoration of the Somanath Temple. In hindsight, Munshi was living in luckier times because the Marxist parasites were merely the sizes of worms and were still engaged in an uphill struggle for institutional control. Plus, he had daring and courageous colleagues like Sardar Patel and so the Somanath Temple got built. In stark contrast, here’s what happened after the Marxist parasites had transformed into nationwide goon squads:

The Marxist-Muslim combine launched a two-pronged campaign. On the one hand, they proclaimed that Muslims had destroyed no Hindu temples except those few…with hoarded wealth… and that Islam as a religion was never involved in iconoclasm.

I could see quite clearly that they were playing the Goebbelsian game of the Big Lie. But they could not be countered because they had come to dominate the academia and control the mass media during the heyday of the Nehru dynasty. Most of the prestigious press was owned by Hindu moneybags. But they had placed their papers in the hands of the most brazen-faced Hindu-baiters. [Emphasis added]

David Vs Goliath

In fact, it is an extraordinary testimony to the Sanatana Spirit that the Rama Janmabhoomi case has even reached the present state because from the very beginning (roughly 1986), it was never a fair fight. David vs Goliath in recent memory. And from Day One, the goon squad of eminent fraudsters played dirty at every single step. If you brought scientific proof to show the existence of gravity, they would call Newton communal. I’m not kidding. Here’s an example from as early as February 1989:

[Arun Shourie] frontpaged an article…showing that while the Urdu version of a book by Maulana Hakim Sayid Abdul Hai of the Nadwatul-Ulama at Lucknow had admitted that seven famous mosques had been built on the sites of Hindu temples, the English translation published by the Maulana’s son, Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi (Ali Mian) had eschewed the controversial evidence. [Emphasis added]

In fact, Arun Shourie’s article also mentions the efforts taken by this goon squad of fraudsters to find every single copy of this book and destroy it. Why? Because it specifically mentioned that the Babri Masjid had been built after destroying a Hindu temple. Luckily, a few copies had survived.

Or to put it plainly, destruction or concealment of evidence was one of the several heinous methods employed by the Leftist goon squad to “prove” the case that the Rama Mandir did not exist. If destruction or concealment of evidence is a crime under the CrPC, we see no reason why it shouldn’t apply here as well.     

At any rate, the landmark Allahabad High Court judgment of 2010 is a landmark for another fundamental reason. It stripped the selfsame goon squad of eminent fraudsters naked in open court. We must be grateful to Meenakshi Jain for providing summaries of the goon squad-testimonies and the court’s observations on them in her brilliant book, Rama and Ayodhya. From all this, we derive the accurate credentials of this goon squad of eminent fraudsters: historians of ancient India who don’t know Sanskrit, historians of the medieval Muslim period who don’t know Arabic, Persian, or Urdu. We have Phds in Archaeology who have never visited a single excavation site throughout their career. Even worse, we have “expert” historians of the Mughal period who have never read Baburnama. And finally, we have that one rare Communist “historian” who is actually honest perhaps because he’s testifying under oath in the court: the Communist party issues a line, and we have to stick to it.  

This ladies and gentlemen, is the real story of the so-called Ayodhya dispute. And I give below a partial list (from Meenakshi Jain’s book) of the names of the members of this goon squad of eminent fraudsters:

  • Shireen Ratnagar
  • Suvira Jaiswal (disciple of the selfsame R.S. Sharma, the representative of the BMAC)
  • S C Mishra
  • Shireen Moosvi
  • Sushil Srivastava alias Sajid. He married a Muslim woman, converted to Islam, and claimed in open court that “I am neither a Hindu nor a Muslim. I married according to Islamic rites.”
  • Suraj Bhan
  • R.C. Thakran
  • Dhaneshwar Mandal
  • Ashok Dutta
  • Dr. Sita Ram Roy
  • Supriya Varma
  • Jaya Menon

So, no matter what judgement the Supreme Court will deliver in the coming days, unless this goon squad of fraudsters are brought to book, justice will not be done in full because a fundamental tenet of jurisprudence is that punishment is also justice.

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