Ignoring Swami Vivekananda Leads to 9/11 and Empowers the Taliban
Sandeep Balakrishna

Ignoring Swami Vivekananda Leads to 9/11 and Empowers the Taliban

Commentary on the ongoing events in Afghanistan and the terminal decline of America, rooted in its innately Asuric impulse. The so-called Dismantling Global Hindutva "conference" must be analysed in this light.

AFTER 2000+ YEARS OF THE CHRISTIST CULT and 1500 years of Islamic tribalism, the unambiguous truth remains set in stone: not even their respective “Gods” can civilize the Mlecchas. This is precisely what Swami Vivekananda lamented in his characteristic style at the speech that shook the world on this day exactly 128 years ago:

Sectarianism, bigotry, and its horrible descendant, fanaticism, have long possessed this beautiful earth. They have filled the earth with violence, drenched it often and often with human blood, destroyed civilisation and sent whole nations to despair. Had it not been for these horrible demons, human society would be far more advanced than it is now.

Doubtless, the lion-like Swamiji had launched a frontal attack against the two foremost purveyors of bigotry and fanaticism and destroyers of all that is virtuous, noble and profound in nature and spirituality: Christianity and Islam. That he had launched the attack on the soil of an alleged democracy, America, is a matter of pride to every culturally self-confident Hindu.

It is pretty intriguing though: historically, majority of US presidents have uttered “so help me God,” while taking their oath of office. George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Harry Truman have kissed the Bible as part of the oath-taking ceremony. To point out the obvious, the “God” is the Christian male God and the Bible is…well…Christianity imploded in late-medieval Europe precisely because enough number of sane people began to ask common sense questions about the Bible, its founding scripture. In a stinging satirical short story, Stephen Leacock concocts a UK Parliamentary debate where a bill is tabled. Its subject: the fifth postulate of Euclid. The Archbishop of Canterbury is horrified, and indignantly raises his pious objection. Of course, Euclid’s fifth postulate is entirely un-Christian and has to be amended as follows:

The angles at the base of an isosceles triangle are, in every Christian community, equal, and if the sides be produced by a member of a Christian congregation, the exterior angles will be equal.

This is fiction of course, and the Archbishop of Canterbury in Leacock’s story was living in 1920. But just four centuries prior, the Archbishop would’ve ensured that Euclid was banned from the syllabus and any attempt at invoking him would’ve led to summary excommunication from holy Christendom if not the death penalty itself.

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Ignoring Swami Vivekananda Leads to 9/11 and Empowers the Taliban

Now, imagine a Prime Ministerial oath-taking ceremony in India. Imagine a Prime Minister taking oath on the Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana, the Upanishads, or even The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda or all of the above. Pure fear instilled as a “democratic” precedent by Nawab Nehru has prevented all our fourteen Prime Ministers from doing this, from owning and celebrating the foundational markers of the civilization that gave them the responsibility of safeguarding the nation which this civilization created. Yet, the Presidential-Bible-kissing nation continues to preach “tolerance” and “secularism” to the people of a country whose tolerance continues to literally bleed them.

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Ignoring Swami Vivekananda Leads to 9/11 and Empowers the Taliban

It is clear that even a Swami Vivekananda with all his courage, truth, honesty, understanding and compassion couldn’t cure America of its Bible-addiction. His expositions on Sanatana philosophy and lectures on Yoga were perverted in ways that deeply injure every Sanatani. And so we have “couples Yoga,” “beer Yoga,” “naked Yoga,” “hot Yoga,” and there’s even a separate “Yoga” category in pornographic content. The despicable list is ever-expanding, an unprecedented feat of degenerate inclusiveness.

To be fair, Swami Vivekananda did make a profound impact in the United States, a legacy that roughly lasted till about the 1950s. Celebrities who were inspired by him included J.D. Salinger, Nikola Tesla and others. But to the mainstream American psyche largely conditioned by Bible-addiction, slavery, gun ownership, rank materialism, pervasive politics, Hollywood, and decadence, true spirituality is truly elusive, like a fleeting whiff of floral fragrance that accidentally wafts over a swamp.

Forget Swami Vivekananda for a moment. What is the precise status of a home-grown, genuine philosopher like Ralph Waldo Emerson who tried so hard to civilize 19th century America? This Boston Brahmin has all but been forgotten and relegated to the fringes and treated as freak in today’s America. Emerson’s sad case is proof of the intrinsic trait of all Asuric societies: an inbuilt inability to transcend bestiality. This is what the modern Rishi D.V.G. wrote in his classic treatise titled Spirituality vis-à-vis Public Life, more than a century ago:

If Socrates and Plato,…Goethe and Emerson represent [western] civilization, it is not, then, very different from our own. BUT THEY ARE NOT ITS EXPONENTS. It has grown in spite of them. THEIR TEACHINGS HAVE MOSTLY BEEN CRIES IN THE WILDERNESS. BIGOTRY, INTOLERANCE, JEALOUSY, COMPETITION, AGGRESSION, AND SELFISHNESS ARE AMONG THE MOST SALIENT FEATURES OF THE CIVILIZATION OF THE WEST. Therefore, while assimilating it, we should beware of its evils.

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This side of the West, especially of America, its real side, was portrayed quite bluntly by W.T. Stead in circa 1900:

A young and vigorous race has been let loose among the incalculable treasures of a virgin continent…The American tendency is to consume the whole of our powers in the process, leaving none for the cultivation of the higher soul. This is an unlovely spectacle, VERY MUCH LIKE A VISION OF HELL.

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Without stretching comparisons too far, this is the historical picture we get of the last century: while Europe gave the world two wars, post-world-war America has given the world no peace. Its much-touted bloodless destruction of Communist Russia has today culminated in the “pure” American creation of a pure Talibani state. Sooner than later, US Presidents will engage in “acts of diplomacy” with terrorists masquerading as Presidents and Ministers. As equals.

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Ignoring Swami Vivekananda Leads to 9/11 and Empowers the Taliban

The so-called Dismantling Global Hindutva “conference,” a congregation of nation-selling rogues, is actually a celebration of Talibani Jihad. Here’s a challenge to these body-snatchers: just get one member of their nudist club to utter “Taliban” and “terrorism” in the same breath. The other side of the “conference” also deserves repeating: i.e., what we mentioned as a flagrant declaration of war against Hindus and specifically the RSS. As things unfold now, it is clear the organizers grossly underestimated the intensity of the response from the Hindu side. Accustomed to assuming that Hindus continue to remain a soft target, the swiftness and vigour of the Hindu counterattack has clearly unnerved them forcing them to offer kneejerk and vain responses that only strengthens the Hindu case. Even as we speak, at least two high-profile counter-conferences are scheduled: on the same day. Today.

The Dharma Dispatch considers it its duty to support all such conferences.

The United States of America today stands on the same anvil that colonial England stood in the 1920s. This is what the English poet and activist Edward Carpenter warned his country in that decade:

The feeling indeed seems to be spreading that England stands already on the verge of a dangerous precipice; at any moment the door may open for her on a crisis more serious than any in her whole history. Rotten at heart and penetrated with falsehood, her capitalist classes wrapped in selfishness, luxury and self-satisfied philanthropy, her Government offices, effete, plethoric, gorged (in snake-like coma) with red tape, her trading classes steeped in deception and money-greed, her labourers stupefied with over-work and beer, her poorest stupefied with despair, there is hardly a wheel in the whole machine which will not give way under pressure… it seems not improbable that the governing classes of England will succumb disgracefully.

Carpenter’s description exactly matches with the state of the US today. The first succumbing to the Taliban has already happened. The US has successfully installed perhaps the worst form of Islamic medieval rule in Afghanistan.

As we noted, the Asuric tendency is to ignore or fear and therefore, destroy every sage advice from true savants like Swami Vivekananda. He visited America as an ambassador of Sanatana Dharma, the greatest philosophical system ever known to humankind. In the process, he briefly managed to uplift some sections of that country.

128 years later, it has conclusively proven to the world that it prefers the Taliban to Swami Vivekananda.

9/11. Never forget, eh?


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