The Message from Northeast Delhi is the Logical Conclusion of Biryani-Love

A Commentary on the historical and civilisational aspects of the Northeast Delhi violence
The Message from Northeast Delhi is the Logical Conclusion of Biryani-Love

A journalist friend who's keenly informed about the ongoing horrific Jihad against Hindus in Northeast Delhi told me this last night and I'm paraphrasing her: "This is the last bid of the desperate Delhi Sultanate to recover its lost leadership. As usual, it is using the one trick that has unfailingly worked for it countless times in the past: slaughter of helpless, ordinary Hindus." Then she said something else: "You see, Sandeep, all these posh English writers write angry books and scream about the dangers of Hindu majoritarianism will be the first to convert to Islam. Their support for the Jihadi elements is rooted not in their appeasement politics but in naked fear."

The Message from Northeast Delhi is the Logical Conclusion of Biryani-Love
Chandni Chowk Durga Temple Vandalism: Or the Vengeance of the Vanquished Secular Sultanate

The well-known fact that Islam met its greatest drubbing in India is well-known. However, what is not so widely known is the fact of how. In a word, the drubbing occurred as a paroxysm. The journey of Islam from Sindh to Delhi took five hundred years. And just hundred and fifty years for the Mughal Empire to sputter to death. From then on till now, Islam could never attain political supremacy in this sacred Bhoomi. Unless one seriously believes that Pakistan can be included in the definition of "political supremacy." At best, it is a flea-infested boil that has grown on the original sacred geography of Bharatvarsha, which for the last 72 years has been fed, nurtured, and sustained by the Biriyani Brotherhood and Burqa Sisterhood of Hindus in India. This class of Hindus is united solely by this Biryani-Burqa love also known as the Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb. It is the ultimate egalitarianism that shatters all barriers: profession, job, hobbies, and economic status. Worse still, this class has bred. Quite obviously. All that biryani-eating has to have some...errr...outlet. Right?

However, this breeding didn't occur merely at the level of the species. It was all-encompassing but it is most markedly visible in the realm of...errr...intellect and behaviour. In these realms, it was actually proxy breeding. All ancient folk traditions have a common theme regarding the fertility of women ensconced in a familiar idiom: she was so fertile--bless her!--that when she went out to the fields and merely breathed the air, she would be pregnant.

Let's apply this analogy using some real-life examples.

We do not dare to touch the Muslims because they are a minority and we do not want the Hindu majority to do it. These are personal laws and so will remain for the Muslims until they want to change them.
The danger to India, mark you, is not communism. It is Hindu right wing communalism.

No prizes for guessing who said these: the first Nawab of "democratic" India. Needless, these two quotes are representative samples of the liquid drops that enabled the aforementioned breeding of the Biryani-Burqa loving class of Hindus who have repeatedly caused the deaths of thousands of innocent Hindus over the last seven decades. The handy term for Biryani-Burqa love is Secularism. In the heady decades during which they were in power, the secularists could brush off such deaths by writing furious editorials dripping with phony rage. Now that those days have become extinct and the biryani supply has dried up, they are actively instigating street-level riots against hapless Hindus, the latest being in Northeast Delhi. We shall get to the other side of this story in a while.

The Message from Northeast Delhi is the Logical Conclusion of Biryani-Love
Jawaharlal Nehru’s Contempt for Sadhus

While tracing the trajectory of secularism ever since Nawab Nehru made it the State religion, one encounters three distinct phases.

First, secularism was thrust upon the Hindu masses who had no clue what it meant, either definitionally or in practice – large sections of Hindus are still clueless. It was thrust upon them ostensibly to prevent the “tyranny” of the Hindu majority, which historically had no record of imposing any tyranny against any minority.

Second, from this speculative prevention of threats to the minorities, secularism came to mean pandering to the minorities with respect to separate personal laws and non-interference in their institutions, to name just two major aspects.

Third, branding anybody who protested this flagrant discrimination as communal.

The third phase has been the most effective in practice.

Among its other meanings, the word “branding” also includes a long-abandoned, cruel, medieval practice of literally burning into the human skin a mark to signify a person’s crime or stigma or his or her status as a slave or witch. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter is in a way a treatise on branding a young woman for the crime of having premarital sex.

But as history shows, psychological branding has been used to devastating success in public discourse, unleashed most effectively by Lenin when he urged his comrades to “give a dog a bad name and hang him.” After "independence," this branding, employed strategically and repeatedly by the Congress and its clones, has psychologically defanged not just Hindus but anybody who dared to oppose this Muslim-mollycoddling even when they have demonstrably misbehaved, repeatedly, appallingly, brazenly, including but not limited to inflicting unprovoked violence against Hindus.

The gruesome broad-daylight-murder of RSS member Rudresh in Bangalore in October 2016 marked a new level of escalation of a splurge of the slaughter of Hindus in various parts of the country. Even as I write this, I haven’t come across a single editorial or op-ed from any reputed media outlet — or from intellectuals — condemning any murder of innocent Hindus. On the contrary, these media merchants of Jihad are actively encouraging if not instigating the violence. A majority of these media merchants of Jihad have Hindu names.

The same applies to say, West Bengal where we hear reports with sickening regularity of how Hindus are facing an existential threat. Shocking instances of large numbers of Hindus fleeing from their homes in the Hazinagar and Halisahar towns in North 24 Parganas district to escape a determined Jihadi hooliganism have become commonplace. And the less said about Kerala, the better: it appears that the state has become India’s most active Jihadi laboratory.

The Message from Northeast Delhi is the Logical Conclusion of Biryani-Love
Low Intensity Jihad Against the Citizenship Amendment Act and the Eerie Similarities with Khilafat, Moplah and Direct Action Day

Equally worrying is the similar situation that has emerged in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, states which, till a few years ago had little or no record of Islamist violence against Hindus and Hindu groups. Indeed, ever since Siddaramaiah became chief minister, Karnataka increasingly began to resemble Kerala in this respect: from the murder of (Kodagu VHP member) Kuttappa, to that of cow protection activist Prashant Poojary, to the fatal stabbing of BJP worker Raju, and the selfsame Rudresh, the murders simply don’t seem to stop. Governments in both states failed to keep a close watch on Jihadi outfits like Popular Front of India (PFI). On the contrary, the Siddaramaiah government especially went out of its way to shield these elements.

The other side of this branding is the Dum Biryani discourse, which blames Hindus for inviting Jihad upon themselves. A highly representative sample of this sick mindset is an editorial in The Hindu, written in the wake of the torching alive of 57 innocent Hindus at Godhra in 2002. I'll never forget that editorial. According to it, those Kar Sevaks invited their own live roasting because of the “build up across the country” to construct the Ram temple at Ayodhya, and therefore, their deaths were “predictable.” These editorial writers are invited to become faculty at journalism schools, are feted, wined, dined, and preside over international seminars on "human rights."

Setting aside politics and ideology, the fact that Hindus and members of Hindu organisations are being killed with wanton frequency is real. It is occurring in Northeast Delhi as I write this and...what are the bets that it won't barge into your own living room? To state the obvious because it has to be stated, no amount of ostriching around this gruesome reality, no amount of editorialising will make it go away. This unbridled murder of Hindus is not a subject for a TV debate, where people can take sides. More bluntly, this relates to the value of Hindu lives.

Ever since the Biryani-Burkha Brotherhood and its political sponsors turned Shaheen Bagh into a Jihadi enclave right in the Indian capital and spread its tentacles northwards to Northeast Delhi, the message has been clear: Hindus have no right to exist.

The Message from Northeast Delhi is the Logical Conclusion of Biryani-Love
The Communist Subversion of India Explained: A History of 100 Years

Now we return to the thread of the historical context of the street-riot level desperation of the powerless Delhi Sultanate. The history of Islamic invasions across the world demonstrates one theme clearly: these invasions were not merely territorial conquests. Likewise, when Islam invaded Bharatavarsha, it did not do so to co-exist with the Sanatana culture but to annihilate it. It is only due to the untold suffering and sacrifices of our courageous ancestors that the Hindu civilisation has lived to tell the tale. The fact that their sacrifices were dubbed as "Hindu communalism" by "historians" with Hindu names in itself shows the extent of our appalling fall.

Had India become a completely Islamic country like say Iran, Libya, or Egypt, there would perhaps be 36 separate Islamic countries (29 States + 7 Union Territories in our present arrangement) constantly fighting one another. Or at any rate, in a state of incessant boil...each country fomenting "Islamic revolutions" and supporting some pan-Islamic cause. This also pretty much sums up the entire political history of Pakistan since it broke away from Bharatavarsha.

The logical end of the journey of Biryani and Burqa-love is Bharat Tere Tukde Tukde Honge, Inshallah Inshallah! This was just a slogan in 2015. In 2020, it is being played out in Shaheen Bagh and Northeast Delhi.

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