Why is the True and Full History of the Communists Still not Part of our School Textbooks?

Commentary on the urgent need to introduce the full and true history of Communism in our school curricula in order to safeguard our civilisational roots
Why is the True and Full History of the Communists Still not Part of our School Textbooks?

The unambiguous, settled verdict of the century-long history of Communism in India is that it has been a force for absolute evil for the country. Not only did it infernally derail the urgent task of national reconstruction after 1947, it systematically unscrewed the invisible threads and bolts and nuts that held the Sanatana civilization together for centuries and consciously prevented and waged war against the decolonization of the Hindu cultural psyche.

Tragically, and despite overwhelming evidence available in public domain, this contemporary history of the Communist cultural genocide and civilisational undoing has never been told to at least four generations of Indian children where it has to be really told: in their school and college textbooks.

The century-long history of Communism in India is the history of low-intensity and later, frenzied insurrections in the nation’s body politic and against its irreplaceable cultural heritage.

Think about it.

Post-independence, India has never seen a single decade of political stability. Quite the contrary. India’s fate has been akin to the proverbial frog continuously writhing in water kept at slow boil. This is precisely what the Communists have accomplished singlehandedly.

History Sheeters

Perhaps this history will never be told truthfully and fully because they remain the original history sheeters and education vandals who usurped the script and seized the building.

I’m unaware what our children are now taught in the name of history, political science and social studies but I distinctly recall what I read in my textbooks while growing up.

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Why is the True and Full History of the Communists Still not Part of our School Textbooks?

The pious homilies to Mohandas Gandhi and Nawab Nehru apart, the chapters on Communism and Communist parties were presented in semi-luminous light, as if they were agents of benevolence and apostles of true democracy. Thus, the first Indian Communist terrorist, M.N. Roy was a great revolutionary and freedom fighter, the terrorist Naxal “movement” was dipped in the colours of noble revolution and caparisoned in the suit of justice, E.M.S. Namboodiripad delivered equality to the poor peasants in Kerala, and all of Indira Gandhi’s communist-scripted “programmes” were hailed as the harbingers of a Glorious New India right around the corner. Take three of her most infamous—then celebrated—blows that irreversibly shattered India:

(1) Abolition of privy purses: This was a criminal breach of trust that the princely states had reposed in the Government of India based solely on the word given by Sardar Patel. Overnight, several minor princes were impoverished and with that, the ancient Hindu cultural customs, celebrations and festivals ended. This was done at the behest of the Communists who had branded them as feudal and therefore had to be destroyed.

(2) Bank Nationalisation: An evil scheme authored by the Communist coterie around her. Not only did it undo the efficiency and profitability of these private banks, it stifled the Indian economy: the eventual explosion in NPAs, nepotism, mismanagement, corruption and criminality have their roots here.

(3) Land ceiling legislations: Another Communist perfidy which directly led to wholesale land fragmentation and bankrupted lakhs of farmers. The real beneficiaries were the large landowners who in the new caste-politics regime also acquired political clout.

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Why is the True and Full History of the Communists Still not Part of our School Textbooks?

A National Ordnance Factory of the Far Left

It is superfluous to write about the well-known Communist capture of education, whose damage it is impossible to undo. Education today has become a national ordnance factory of the Far Left: parents send their children to school and college and they emerge with a PhD in treason against India. This has happened because for five decades, the Naxals controlled the guns, the Communist parties controlled the brains.

Yet education is perhaps the most important key to open the doors for a better future. This is precisely why in the 1970s, the Communists envisioned the future that is our present: a future where children, teenagers and young adults will become joyous volunteers and willing cannon-fodder in the fourth generation warfare.

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Why is the True and Full History of the Communists Still not Part of our School Textbooks?

The ongoing fourth generation warfare is among the strongest cases one can make for narrating the true and full history of Communism and its Satanic practitioners in India in our school textbooks.

Contours of the True History

The first page of this history will tell a truth hiding in plain sight: that from its inception, the Indian Communists have been unabashed slaves and agents of the erstwhile USSR and China, and their ideological brood of today remain puppets of global Leftist forces. Indeed, the first person who hit the streets in protest when India retaliated against the recent Chinese aggression was Comrade Sitaram Yechury.

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Why is the True and Full History of the Communists Still not Part of our School Textbooks?

I am willing to stand corrected but experience tells me that our textbooks still don’t mention the role of the Communists in sabotaging the Indian freedom struggle and their open, candid support for the creation of Pakistan. The same holds true for the fact that our textbooks do not mention how the Indian Communist parties welcomed and celebrated China’s invasion of Tibet and its war against India in 1962. The Communist archives are full of giddy ditties about how the Chinese invasion was the onset of the grand revolution they were all waiting for. For the full ghastly account, I highly recommend Sita Ram Goel’s classic Genesis and Growth of Nehruism, and Arun Shourie’s The Only Fatherland.

Needless, writing this truthful history of Indian Communism also entails opening another dark chapter in the unsavoury life and ugly career of Nawab Nehru. As Prime Minister, he was fully aware of the fact that the Communist Party of India (CPI) received a substantial ₹ 20 Crores annually from the USSR in the 1950s. In Russian currency. If an ordinary citizen had done this, it would be classified as criminal smuggling of foreign currency and he or she would be jailed forthwith. Yet Nawab Nehru allowed this criminal largesse to the CPI. The Prime Minister of India himself. The aforementioned books of Sita Ram Goel and Arun Shourie contain fuller details.

The Darkest Chapter

The darkest chapter in the Communist history of India is also its most violent. Literally. In my limited reading, I have never come across a single, comprehensive volume that documents the century-long violent terrorism of Communists against lakhs of innocent Indians. If any reader can point me to such a volume, I would be grateful. All we have are scattered news reports, individual long form essays, analyses, and intelligence and data on websites such as satp.org.

Beginning with their enthusiastic support for and active participation in the Razakkar terrorism in the Hyderabad Nizam’s genocide against helpless Hindus up to the ongoing murders in Kerala, the violent annals of Communist terrorism in India are enough to merit several volumes. Indeed, the Communists have attained a high degree of perverse success in this heinous endeavor. The rivers of blood of innocent Indians spilled by their terrorist comrades in the jungles and villages has not stuck to their political counterparts sitting in various Communist party offices. Take the case of the late Gauri Lankesh, the deranged Communist radical whose death was mourned by Sitaram Yechury. What is unknown to most is the fact that Gauri Lankesh was close friends with the Maoist terrorist Saketh Rajan killed about a decade ago by the police, and she acted a conduit of sorts these Maoists in the Red jungles of Malnad. Needless, our schoolbooks must include lessons about the history of this kind of appalling and sustained Communist violence.

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Why is the True and Full History of the Communists Still not Part of our School Textbooks?
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Why is the True and Full History of the Communists Still not Part of our School Textbooks?

More important: a lesson must be narrated about unfortunate folks like Master Jayakrishnan hacked to death right in front of schoolchildren who went into deep shock and had to undergo intense medical counselling.

The school textbooks must also have a chapter on the wanton, frequent and targeted murders of RSS cadres. In Kerala alone, more than 800 RSS cadres were murdered from 1994 to 2002. That number is easily double for the period from 2002-2020, and this excludes the killings of other Hindu activists.

Communist support for terrorists of all hues should be another mandatory chapter. This is a history of seventy years roughly beginning with the Communist apologia for Suhrawardy’s Islamic goon squad and ending with the arrest and subsequent acquittal of Yasin Bhatkal in 2018. This history is interspersed with the wanton and deliberate murder of Swami Lakshmananda Saraswati and the two Sadhus at Palghar this year. This is the Communist support for proxy Evangelical Christian terrorism, a darker facet that hasn’t received the widespread attention it actually deserves because it lurks and is therefore deadlier.

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Why is the True and Full History of the Communists Still not Part of our School Textbooks?

Let it be said that wherever the Communists have acquired state power, two things have invariably occurred. The first is the manner in which they have used brute violence to retain power and have transformed the entire state machinery into a branch office of their party—it is unthinkable that only the Communist Party could rule West Bengal for thirty-eight years without encountering any opposition nor the fact that elections were not rigged on a massive scale. The second is the manner in which these Communist governments have succumbed to Jihadis. It is no accident that Kerala is the Jihad laboratory cum factory of India.

Unless these key points of the history of Communism in India are introduced on an urgent basis in school textbooks, political victories and economic prosperity will take us only so far as a nation, but more alarmingly, will further erode whatever civilisational strength we have still managed to retain.

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