4 Steps to Deal with Left Liberal Tablighis: A Ready Reckoner

Four steps to recover Sanatana confidence in order to deal with Left Liberal Tablighis
4 Steps to Deal with Left Liberal Tablighis: A Ready Reckoner

In recent discussion online, some participants made an important observation, whose essence can be summed up as what they called a defeatist victimhood mind set on the part of Hindus in face of the relentless, vicious and no-holds-barred, unscrupulous attacks against anything remotely to do with Hindus emanating from the usual suspects belonging to the Left Liberal Tablighis. The essence of the aforementioned defeatist mind set translated in real life is how Hindus are constantly operating from a defensive standpoint and spending all their time countering the Left Liberal Tablighi attacks instead of operating from a position of strength.

As with any issue, the truth always lies in the very fundamentals, which we can easily verify through study and experience. Spelling errors can be easily fixed. But if we get the grammar itself repeatedly wrong, then the problem is with the language training we’ve received. And so it is in this case.

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4 Steps to Deal with Left Liberal Tablighis: A Ready Reckoner

On a very fundamental plane, what is known as victimhood is a state of the psyche. In the real world, Hindus are history’s greatest victims in terms of the sheer scale, duration and intensity with which they have been subjected to unspeakable horrors and genocides…a sorry state of affairs that continues unabated till date. However, there’s a key difference between being a victim and victimhood. Victimhood means that a person has accepted defeat without fighting the war despite having the best weapons at his command. Akin to the unconquerable warrior Arjuna who goes all the way to Indra and obtains all sorts of brilliant arsenal only to develop a weakness of the spirit right before the battle is about to begin. In a comparatively better era, he had Sri Krishna, the peerless guide and guru. Today, Hindus need to become their own Krishnas and Arjunas rolled in one. The alternative is total annihilation.

Here is one more fundamental point verifiable in real life. Consider the entire global Left Liberal Tablighis. Consider the sheer numbers. Take the total Left Liberal Tablighi headcount: how many of them are there in total? As in real people. A lakh? Two lakhs? Five Lakhs? Ten? Twenty? This in a population of about 130 crores. That should give an accurate sense of proportion with respect to comparative strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, when was the first or last time anyone of us saw these seven-star intellectual Tablighis get down on the streets, get their hands dirty to do some meaningful work or service?

Another eminently verifiable real-life fact is this: the Left Liberal Tablighis really excel at two things, primarily:

  1. Complete shamelessness and any lack of basic decency and restraint in public behaviour

  2. Amplifying their voice in order to get massive visibility, a tactic they have perfected over more than seven decades (do listen to this podcast on how this was achieved). The kind of infrastructure that such a long span allows one to create is formidable and matchless.

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4 Steps to Deal with Left Liberal Tablighis: A Ready Reckoner

The outcome of these two major factors cannot be underestimated. It is because of these that the proverbial ordinary Hindu (or masses) impute a kind of halo of intellectualism and omniscience to the Left Liberal Tablighis. The other point is their sheer doggedness…they emit their toxic vapours day in and out without pause thereby giving an impression that they’re some sort of courageous warriors for a good cause. All these taken in combination makes it hard to ignore them especially when they appear to be everywhere. Let’s take a recent example: one fails to understand why an obscure old roach like Arundhati Roy had to be resuscitated by Hindus when she was foaming her mouth off to an audience that was clearly worse than her. To put it bluntly, this is a knee-jerk reaction, which a person who is fully conscious of and operates from a position of strength doesn’t give.

Without ado, here are four main steps one can take to overcome and avoid what is described as a defeatist victimhood mind set.

The Greatest Work of Genius

Always remember that the Sanatana civilization and culture is the most sublime creation of undiluted genius. It is superior to anything that had existed before or anything that exists at present or will exist in the future. It cannot be replicated and can and must be preserved and enriched. It is the perennial Ganga that simply needs cleaning if we do really worship Ganga. How many buckets of water can we add to Ganga and make it “better?” The two major religions of the world are not religions because they lack something as basic as a worldview or even a view of life because they make highly unsustainable claims of both universal and eternal validity and predetermined infallibility all based on a book and an alleged prophet.

And if you’re still not convinced of the superiority of Sanatana Dharma, ask yourself just two questions:

  1. Would you like to be a Tablighi Jamaati guy?

  2. Would you like to be born in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia?

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4 Steps to Deal with Left Liberal Tablighis: A Ready Reckoner


As much as possible, educate yourself on the core aspects of Sanatana Dharma. Lack of resources or accessibility to reliable knowledge sources or people in the present is the least of the barriers. The education must be a lived education, not merely book learning or intellectual acrobatics that lead nowhere.

Mockery is your Best Friend

Mock the Left Liberal Tablighis. Parody them. Caricature them. To blow my own trumpet, I think “Left Liberal Tablighi” is a decent coinage, it has a nice ring to it. Say it aloud. Use it freely. Coin your own. Mock. Taunt. Scorn. Jeer. Sneer. Ridicule. Pillory. Do all of the above and more but never engage in a debate with them. In the rare event that they invite you to a debate, tell them to their face that they’re an inferior species. Compare them to the lowest vermin you have encountered in your life. Tell them they are in need of lifelong therapy for a cocktail of mental illnesses. Use your full creative freedom.

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4 Steps to Deal with Left Liberal Tablighis: A Ready Reckoner

Contempt Works

Left Liberal Tablighis are basically bullies because they are fanatics of tin pot theories and do not live in the real world. Substantial portions of these Tablighis are incurable drug addicts. Most of them don’t take bath or wash their underwear for months. They can’t tell you the result of 7 times 9. They can’t spell a word that has more than three syllables. They are unemployable and live off their aged parents or spouses and assault them if denied money. Some among this species are standup comedians who drink expensive liquor and eat overpriced food for free at the establishments where they put on their below-the-belt circus shows. I can add to this infinitely-expanding list but this is basically the gist.

So the way to treat them is with contempt. Naked, undisguised, in-your-face contempt. Do not have a conversation with them because that means you’re already taking them seriously. And so, along with mockery, use generous doses of contempt. Remember that they do not have even opinions because they are cult addicts and drug addicts.

We can stop here for now. Try these steps. It really works. It will equip you with the confidence needed to operate from a position of strength. From there onward, success will only breed success. Like good money chases only good money.

|| Om Tat Sat ||

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