Excavating the Eminent Distorians: A Secularist Holocaust Memorial Museum at Ayodhya

A record of the destructive legacy of communism and secularism in India must be preserved
Excavating the Eminent Distorians: A Secularist Holocaust Memorial Museum at Ayodhya

The rediscovery of a five-foot Shiva Lingam, pillars, and broken Murtis of Devis and Devatas at Ayodhya simply means this: they were only awaiting sunlight after languishing in cavernous darkness for five hundred years into which they were so mercilessly flung after being shattered by the peace-delivering warriors of a compassionate desert cult. It would’ve been surprising if nothing was found at the sacred Ram Janmabhoomi site where work is fast progressing to rebuild his grand home and welcome him back.

It’s actually the same story everywhere. There’s every chance that the more ancient a masjid is, the greater the chances that it was built on the debris of a destroyed temple. For exhaustive details, I won’t tire recommending the gold-standard research work, Hindu Temples: What Happened to Them in two volumes by the warrior-Rishi Sita Ram Goel. It is a sunshine tragedy of our time that no scholar or researcher followed up this seminal work and sacred foundation that he laid almost singlehandedly. Dr. Meenakshi Jain’s recent brilliance of Flight of the Deities easily ranks in that standard but such efforts should ideally be in multiples of ten for meaningful civilisational recovery to occur.

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Excavating the Eminent Distorians: A Secularist Holocaust Memorial Museum at Ayodhya

The twin duties of Raja Dharma, dushta shikshana (punishing evil people) and shishta rakshana (protecting good people) are inseparable. However, the sort of Raja Dharma that India got after “independence” can best be described as Adharma Rajya (unrighteous rule) whose focused pursuit was shishta peedana (persecution of the good), the calculated and systematic destruction of everything good, noble, brilliant, ethical, virtuous and spiritual in our ancient cultural heritage. Dr. S.L. Bhyrappa captures this entire savage phenomenon in just one line where he holds Mrs. Indira Gandhi singularly responsible for the destruction of the inherited ethical and spiritual values of an entire people. But for this destruction, legions of Congress politicians who were till then openly proud of their Hindu roots and culture were pounded into submissive silence whose long-term consequences led to the avoidable mass-murder of Kar Sevaks by the Mulayam Singh Yadav government.

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Excavating the Eminent Distorians: A Secularist Holocaust Memorial Museum at Ayodhya

Two Kinds of Communist Revolutions

While Mrs. Gandhi inflicted this wreckage in the political and social realms, her Communist buddies and lickspittles did far more extensive damage in the cultural and civilisational spheres, a story that is well-known. This has to be briefly understood on the ideological plane.

In hardcore Communist theory and practice, there are two broad methods and tactics of ushering in the revolution. In their lingo, it is known as revolution from the top and revolution from the bottom.

Revolution from the top implies a systematic capture of all top institutions in a democracy—by filling in legislatures and parliament with as many communists as possible, by infiltrating the bureaucracy, academia, and quite obviously, the judiciary. The kind of men and women who surrounded Mrs. Gandhi at the topmost levels of power were not only hardcore communists but paid agents of the USSR who wouldn’t blink before betraying India.

Indeed, the Soviets spared no effort and resource in trying to topple the first-ever non-Congress government headed by Morarji Desai by recruiting MPs and ministers from his own cabinet, as the forgotten Morarji Papers show. Two key names are interesting: George Fernandes and Madhu Limaye.

Revolution from the bottom implies ideological brainwashing of the proverbial illiterate masses against the ruling government eventually leading to its overthrow and replacement by a Communist dictatorship. In India, this proved far tougher. Indeed, we owe immeasurable gratitude to these masses because the majority of this population were innocent Hindus who preserved their ancient Dharma through their simple illiteracy and what is known as superstition. They were the hardest nuts to crack. And so folks like Medha Patkar, for example, were deployed to poison their minds using a different tactic which we’re all familiar with. A variant of this was used with the unfortunate tribals who suffered a triple loss: they lost their ancient, unbroken tradition and culture, were denied the so-called aspirational urban life, and thousands were killed because they were convinced to wage war against the Indian state.

Creating a Generational Supply of Ideologues

But the intersection of the revolution from the top and bottom is the academia, specifically education. In the necromancy called communism, education ranks almost in equal importance to the capture of absolute political power. Only education has the power to alter entire generations and its capture ensures that they create communist ideologues from the scratch and have a readymade supply. When the only books that are available to children and impressionable teenagers are those written by communists, all possibilities for alternate ways of thinking and world views are closed at the very outset. Thus, the background of the student no longer matters: it could be the son or daughter of a poor farmer, labourer or Kareena Kapoor.

The Maze of the Indira Gandhi Ecosystem

Needless, it is impossible to pull off this kind of wholesale assault on education and history specifically, without unstinted political support. Let’s take the most eminent distorian of them all: Romila Thapar. She is Romesh Thapar’s younger sister. Romesh Thapar was one of the closest advisors to Mrs. Gandhi and had 24/7 access to her home. As teenager, his daughter was friends with Sanjay Gandhi and his wife was nominated to various important positions say, a directorship at the Bal Bhavan. They would be invited to wine and dine with Fidel Castro, fly over to the US and stay with John Kenneth Galbraith, chief ministers would woo them…in short, they were the actual upper echelons of political power. The founder and editor of Seminar, Romesh Thapar was also a committed communist for a long time before breaking away with the CPI but his Marxist indoctrination stayed with him throughout. And this is a fraction of a fraction of this kind of crazy maze that enabled our cultural destruction.

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Excavating the Eminent Distorians: A Secularist Holocaust Memorial Museum at Ayodhya

Given this, Romila Thapar and her ilk occupying top positions at the ICHR for example, is entirely unsurprising. Revolution from the top. It is precisely this proximity to political power that gave them the brazen gall to ignore, shout down and demonise first rate scholars and independent researchers like Ram Swarup, Sita Ram Goel, et al.

But the face they showed to the outside world was that of objective, even “scientific” academics and historians whereas most of them were cadres of the CPI or CPI(M). And quite naturally, their concubines in the media would pump up and distend their “academic” credentials. A hugely lucrative racket. The racket began to unravel in direct proportion to the loss of their political patronage. The Murtis that have resurfaced in Ayodhya is just the latest instance of the near-total loss of the Stalinist grip of these eminent cultural necromancers.

Holocaust of Hindu History

The truth is that our eminent distorians haven’t merely distorted history. They have committed holocaust on Hindu history. But the bigger crime against the Sanatana civilisational memory is the fact that they have gotten away with the holocaust. The Allahabad High Court’s open castigation of a bunch of these Communist Nazis is akin to hitting them with a feather. Even here, the bosses escaped with impunity, only their lowly foot soldiers had to face the judge’s ire.

A visit to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC is an experience that shakes your core. The top banner of its website boldly proclaims the following:

Remember the Survivors and Victims

Confront Genocide and Antisemitism

Among its awe-inspiring collections painstakingly curated by thousands of folks over the decades is something known as Nazi Propaganda. This is a wealth of firsthand historical records…films, photographs, news cuttings, letters, posters, booklets, slides, and artwork that give us an appalling picture of the sort of anti-Jewish propaganda unleashed by Hitler and his psychopathic ruffians in the Nazi party.

The rediscovery of the Murtis and the ongoing rebuilding efforts at Ayodhya is an auspicious sign as any to initiate a parallel activity of building an Indian Communist Holocaust Memorial Museum at Ayodhya, with chapters throughout India. The words of numerous folks that I interacted at Ayodhya still resonate.

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Excavating the Eminent Distorians: A Secularist Holocaust Memorial Museum at Ayodhya

All these people…historians, experts, secularists, film people…all of them ganged up together and transformed this Tirthakshetra and Punyabhumi into an international crime scene and have painted all Hindus as criminals solely because they worship Prabhu Ram ji. In those days, if we said we were from Ayodhya, in some circles, we were looked upon as if we were murderers.

Fortunately, we don’t need to put in painstaking effort. The Communists and secularists and left liberals have left behind a treasure-chest of text, statements, photographs, documentaries, movies, and other records of their Ram-Mandir related holocaust crimes in public domain. All that needs is their diligent collection, curation and categorisation, something which a person with a basic degree in library science can effectively accomplish.

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Excavating the Eminent Distorians: A Secularist Holocaust Memorial Museum at Ayodhya

The alternative is already a daily reality. The Communists no longer need to distort Hindu history anymore. They’ve already created generational clones of Hindu teenagers and youth who not only don’t know any history but don’t care, and they’ve let them loose against their own parents, a real-life theme that is described in the fourth generation warfare. Textbooks are superfluous.

The darshan of the grand, rebuilt Ram Mandir must culminate in a visit to this Communist Holocaust Museum. It might not bring closure but it will certainly serve as a reminder and warning of how close Hindus had come to losing Sri Ramachandra’s home.

Dushta Shikshana has been neglected for far too long.

|| Sri Rama Jayam ||

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