How the Woke Generation was Created through the Mass Sexualisation of Kids in Schools

How the Woke Generation was Created through the Mass Sexualisation of Kids in Schools

The destruction of at least three generations was accomplished through sex education of schoolchildren. This essay narrates the history and the profiles of notable men and women responsible for it.

Exactly a century later, the aborted experiment of the Hungarian Marxist pervert György Lukács has been successfully revived on one side of the Atlantic and on the other side of the Pacific. From London to California, children as young as six are being “educated” in schools about such profound values as masturbation, safe sex, and “self-stimulation which encourages children to touch their "private parts" in bed and the shower.”

In 2019, more than two hundred and forty primary schools in England introduced a lesson titled All About Me taught to kids aged six to ten. As part of this, teachers were given a manual which has a section titled, The Rules of Self-Stimulation. Its excerpts make for chilling reading:

Lots of people like to tickle or stroke themselves as it might feel nice. They might play with their hair, stroke their skin, or they may even touch their private parts. This is really very normal. However, some people…say that it is dirty. This is strange as it is very normal, however, it is not polite to do it when other people are about. It is something we should only do when we are alone, perhaps in the bath or shower or bed, a bit like picking your nose, it is certainly not polite to do it in class when everyone is watching.

And then, the California Education Board informs us what kids of this age bracket should be taught in school: public school teachers should teach children about gender identity and the most effective ways to have safe sex. Here is another excerpt.

It gives tips for discussing masturbation with middle-schoolers, including telling them it is not physically harmful.

Outraged parents immediately hit back correctly claiming that pornography was being taught to kids in the guise of sex education. Which brings us back to the aforementioned Marxist pervert, György Lukács, one of the pioneers of the notorious Frankfurt School and cultural Marxism.

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How the Woke Generation was Created through the Mass Sexualisation of Kids in Schools

After the second Bolshevik Revolution in Hungary in 1919, Lukács became the Deputy Commissar for Culture. One of the first things he did was to introduce sex education in primary schools with the long-term goal of dismantling traditional value systems which had the family at its centre. However, the experiment was short-lived because the Government fell. As this essay explains in detail, the Frankfurt School eventually infiltrated the American academia and spread its tentacles wide and deep. The near-total dismantling of the American society is among its deadlier consequences. The same holds true for Europe. And a massive contributor to this dismantling is what is known as sex education. More accurately, it is the mass-scale sexualization of kids right from school who then grow up as dysfunctional teenagers and remain lifelong adolescents.

Creating Child Prostitutes

A hundred yards from where I write this, 12-year-old prostitutes often stand under street lamps on the corner at night, waiting for customers.

Theodore Dalrymple, one of the finest minds of our time, wrote these lines in the summer of 2000 sitting at his desk in London. As terrible as this is, it is not the whole story. The whole story is the attitude of both the British government and the society it supposedly governs. Here is another slice of that society.

The local health authorities send a van round several times at night to distribute condoms to the girls, the main official concern being to ensure that the sex in which the girls take part is safe… It is the authorities' proud boast that 100 percent of local prostitutes now routinely use condoms, at a cost to the city's taxpayers of $135,000 a year, soon to be increased by the employment of a further outreach worker, whose main qualification…will be "an ability to work non-judgmentally"—that is, TO HAVE NO MORAL QUALMS ABOUT AIDING AND ABETTING CHILD PROSTITUTION.

But then, Theodore Dalrymple was only describing an outcome which was foreseen decades ago when sex education in schools was first introduced in the West. A fine essay on the subject is by the British child psychologist, Louise Eickhoff who wrote in the September 19, 1970 issue of the The Guardian. The following are some excerpts from that essay, relevant even today. Emphases have been added.

Sex Education

ln all countries where sex education has been introduced the same corruptive pattern of social change has been observed: increased illegitimacy and venereal disease, promiscuity and amateur prostitution, sexually symbolic or sexual1y aggressive crimes and the substitute satisfactions of smoking, drinking, and drug-taking, and a lowering of the age of those involved.

There has been an increase in the need for pornography, even for orgies such as the Danish sex fair, the Isle of Wight pop festiv­al, and "Oh! Calcutta!" There has been an upsurge in wanton, destructive aggression in the community and public displays of filth, heard on streets, on public transport, and seen on walls, even in the "Ladies," emanating from the lips and hands of children...

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How the Woke Generation was Created through the Mass Sexualisation of Kids in Schools

America began its school programmes in the early 1920s. By the mid-thirties…brazen behaviour was observed in the young adolescent, inculcated girls; by the early 1940s social workers were discussing the good and ill of sexual experimenting in the 8-­10-year group. By 1950 there was concern over the rising rate of illegitimacy, the lowering of the age of the "fallen", the increase in alcohol and drugtaking in the young adolescent who had been smoking since 10 years, the rise in aggressive…swing of girls into masculine types of crimes. All involved were sexually sophisticated, and children reported that the unhappy behaviour of their companions had followed sex instruction in schools.

Sex indoctrination, far from leading to greater stability…has led to increased sexual dissatisfaction, interchange of marital partners, and sexual excesses…whereas America's crime rate continued on its astronomical course (148 per cent in nine years), the birth rate dropped. The corruption grows more sinister. A recent report in a professional journal details the harm done by the depraved practices on young children by their parents, themselves the second generation of sex indoctrination.

We have seen the same pattern here in Britain since the timid beginning of sex education after the 1944 Education Act gave most girls a year in school after the onset of womanhood…. From 1956 to 1965, with widening scope of sex education, the number of delinquents remanded for psychiatric report rose from 56 to 278 in the two remand homes-with which I was associated. ln the community from 1957 to 1968 illegitimacy increased from 4.8 per cent to 8 per cent of live births and in 1968 one in six pregnancies began out of wedlock.

Whereas in 1952, when most girls had only what their mothers had or had not told them, schoolgirl pregnancies and the schoolgirl prostitute were extremely rare, and those with sexual experience before 16 years were usually mentally defectives who had been sexually assaulted. Last year (1969), in the same remand home, all but a few girls had had sexual experience; the money-making, schoolgirl, prostitute was not uncommon…

Havelock Ellis
Havelock EllisWikipedia

All but a few had had full sex instruction with VD, contraception, abortion, and even perversions thrown in…Of those examined, 52 had been set on their delinquent course by sex education directly, but analysis of the whole total showed the general effects of sex education, one third being girls in flight, often right away from femininity, and a quarter being aggressive crimes committed by 10-to­14-year-old boys…

Since this area in 1968 introduced "human biology" into junior schools there has been an increase in dramatic psychiatric disturbance in children directly related to this education, And so far as can be determined, these children, as well as a proportion of the delinquents, would not have broken down at all but for sex education in school.

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How the Woke Generation was Created through the Mass Sexualisation of Kids in Schools

Sex education, apart from parents, in school is dangerous, for it destroys the inbuilt natural safety devices of personal, private, intimate, love connection that protect the individual from society, from evil and harm­. Sex education programmes are wrong because they take the vehicle straight from the showroom to the motorway, leaving it in the charge of one who has studied a general handbook but had no driving practice.

The Perverse Progenitors of Sexualising Children through Education

As we noted earlier, the predictions of the likes of Louise Eickhoff were vindicated by say, Theodore Dalrymple who correctly traces the progenitors of this rampant sexualization of children to the depraved intellectuals of the West who “mistook their personal problems for those of society as a whole.” While we have described the attitudes and perversities of these “intellectuals” elsewhere, some names need to be named.

For about two generations, the vile Margaret Mead’s viler Coming of Age in Samoa was made compulsory reading for university students. This is its essence: true happiness results only from the uninhibited indulgence in all kinds of sexual activity right from puberty. As much as possible. As often as possible. With as many people as possible. Only then will there be no jealousy, quarrel, strife, anxiety, and guilt. Just fun, lifelong fun.

Margaret Mead’s degenerate thesis was later vastly expanded by the other eminent pervert, Herbert Marcuse in his Eros and Civilisation. He had a two-word formula for everlasting happiness: polymorphous perversity which mainstreamed sexual deviancy in the name of freedom. Thus, untrammelled sexualization and every depraved action that accompanies it is the only key to joy: any hurdle in the way is a problem to be solved. The solution is to invent newer justifications for newer perversions.

I distinctly recall reading somewhere that urban Indian boys and girls today are mortally scared to be identified as virgins. Virgin is a cussword.

Perhaps the most deplorable “intellectual” belonging to the class of Margaret Mead & co is Havelock Ellis. This demented British litterateur postulated that man should be freed from all restraint—social, moral, political and legal—in order to regain his natural beauty and nobleness. His ideal was what he called the “noble sexual savage.” He was the author of the first medical textbook on homosexuality. This excludes his copious writings on an impossible range of sexual deviances, on autoeroticism, transgender psychology and sexual impulses in children. However, what is largely forgotten now is the fact that he coined a new term: undinism. The term was the direct consequence of a lifetime of personal experience. Havelock Ellis was impotent until the age of sixty. And then, just like that, he got a glorious erection. Well, not just like that. There was a…errr…delicate reason: his second wife urinated on him. Ever since, he would experience a full arousal at the sight of a woman urinating, not necessarily on him.

If that sounds repulsive, it is because it is true.

Havelock Ellis attained a cult status as a “sexual sage” in both Europe and America.

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How the Woke Generation was Created through the Mass Sexualisation of Kids in Schools

In fact, there is a whole marquee of such appalling degenerates. That would have just been fine if they had remained on the fringes. Except, they were celebrated, wooed and cheered, and their perverted paranoia became the raw material for shaping the education policies of entire nations.

It is their foundational profligacy that birthed and contributed enormously to the all-encompassing insanity of the current generation of liberal wokes. The virus silently invaded India more than two decades ago and has now reached adolescence. Our best hope lies in protecting our children from their indoctrinated teachers.

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