The Unfilled Narrative Vacuum that Hindus Must Occupy NOW!

The Unfilled Narrative Vacuum that Hindus Must Occupy NOW!

For the longest time, the narrative space in public discourse has seen a vacuum. The present time offers a great opportunity to occupy it.

THE UPCOMING CONFERENCE OF XENOPHOBIA and a declaration of war against Hindus, pompously titled Dismantling Global Hindutva is fast hurtling towards becoming a global flop. Ever since it was announced and the speed at which it received, and continues to receive battering from all quarters including universities which have dissociated themselves from it points to its ensuing failure. Its website, a veritable rogues gallery of Hindu-haters has been edited at breakneck speed. Gone are university logos. Every single one of them. And then, in a clear revelation of their desperation, the organizers have introduced a new section titled SUPPORT FOR DISMANTLING GLOBAL HINDUTVA CONFERENCE. Much to our delight. Perhaps for the first time, these anti-Hindu bigots have openly provided Hindus with a readymade list of who they should be wary of. In other words, the serpents have emerged from their anthills. In other words, there’s a rat among the serpents which has exposed their venomous brethren. It saves much valuable research time for Hindus.

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The Unfilled Narrative Vacuum that Hindus Must Occupy NOW!

For a few folks on the Hindu side who were in quite some awe about the phenomenal powers of Left-Liberal-Woke “strategizing,” this is the reality.

But for serious scholars and researchers, this is unsurprising given the fact that the typical Left-Liberal is a dim creature because it is a rank zealot wasting its life and meagre talents in the service of hatred. Its intelligence is a myth, its erudition is a farce, and its commitment to its ideology is willing servility.

However, its decade-long stranglehold on most avenues of public discourse was an extraordinary mask that hid this reality. Today’s no-holds-barred information flow has, perhaps, permanently made sure that the Left-Liberal-Woke cabal can no longer hide. To understand this from a historical perspective, the wheel of time has turned a full circle: from enjoying absolute secrecy and absolute power over shaping narrative, the Left has today become absolutely exposed, advertising its all-encompassing bankruptcy. Which is why, as I observed in my earlier essay, the global Left has adopted a brazen and highly vocal policy of slashing and burning Hindus. What this means on the larger plane of narrative is that the global Left today offers…a void, a vacuum.

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The Unfilled Narrative Vacuum that Hindus Must Occupy NOW!

American journalist Janet Malcolm described this typical specimen memorably in her book, The Journalist and the Murderer:

Every journalist who is not too stupid or too full of himself knows that what he does is morally indefensible. He is a kind of confidence man, preying on people’s vanity, ignorance or loneliness, gaining their trust and betraying them without remorse…Journalists justify their treachery in various ways according to their temperaments. The more pompous talk about freedom of speech…the least talented talk about Art; the seemliest murmur about earning a living.

But what this simultaneously means for Hindus is just one word: opportunity. A tremendous opportunity to fill this narrative vacuum. As far as India is concerned, the vacuum has always existed right from the time Nawab Nehru’s courtiers captured and then monopolized public discourse. In those years, the complaint and clamour was the need for an alternative or opposing discourse. However, in all honesty, this was an erroneous premise to begin with because the word “alternative” presupposes the normalization of the Leftist discourse, which is anything but normal. This discourse directly contributed to the greatest genocides in human history in the shortest span of time. Read the Black Book of Communism for the full extent of what Leftists will do when they capture state power. Leftist discourse is the proven cancerous aberration and is still perhaps the single-most obstacle choking the all-round progress of India.

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The Unfilled Narrative Vacuum that Hindus Must Occupy NOW!

The same hindsight also reveals another historical fact which the British historian Vincent Smith had alluded to in a different but related context. Remarking on the barbarism and bigotry of Islamic invaders of India, he says,

All the leaders in the Muslim conquest of Hindostan similarly rejoiced in committing wholesale massacres of Hindu idolaters, armed or unarmed…The Muslim chronicler thoroughly approved of the ferocity of his heroes… The modern reader of the panegyrics recorded by Muslim authors in praise of 'beneficent' monarchs who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Hindus with delight often longs for an account of their character as it appeared to the friends and countrymen of the victims. But NO VOICE HAS COME FROM THE [HINDU] GRAVE, AND THE STORY OF THE MUHAMMADAN CONQUEST AS SEEN FROM THE HINDU POINT OF VIEW WAS NEVER WRITTEN…


No voice has come from the Hindu grave. This factor still largely holds true and, in a way, endorses what I remarked about the narrative vacuum or void in the present day. To be fair, the Hindu story has been written but not written enough and not written by enough people. To draw a recent parallel, the amount of literature produced on the holocaust of Jews is enough to fill a small town not to mention that holocaust-denial is a punishable crime. The holocaust occurred over a relatively short span of time—a decade, whereas the Hindu holocaust is, in a way, a continuum. Love Jihad is simply another facet of this holocaust, which continues precisely because not enough stories have emerged from the Hindu grave. The innate spiritual yearning within us is what evokes melancholy and outrage over such stories of grief, which in turn leads to a sturdy resolve of prevention: the resolve that Vidyaranya Swami took—NEVER AGAIN SHALL AN UNCLEAN TURUSHKA KILL A SANATANI! What is that which has broken within Hindus of today which makes them unable to take such a death-defying vow?

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The Unfilled Narrative Vacuum that Hindus Must Occupy NOW!

It is profoundly stunning and puzzling that despite mountains of recorded evidence of Abrahamic and Communist-Left-Liberal misdeeds, the Hindus struggle to occupy the aforementioned narrative vacuum. In the contemporary era, this vacuum is also a virgin, fertile field. Additionally, Hindus have an abundance of seeds and fertilizers and water supplied by past masters all the way from Swami Vivekananda up to Sita Ram Goel to cultivate it. To make matters easier, today’s psychotic Wokes openly advertise their insanity using bizarre acronyms and unctuous sloganeering. And as far as India is concerned, the political sources of their funding have pretty much dried up to the extent that even a female-orgasm advocate like Sagarika Ghose is now forced to praise the beauty of Jain temples.

One can perhaps hazard a guess as to the laxity or struggle on the part of Hindus to occupy this narrative vacuum. The reason is rooted in a complex amalgamation of historical, psychological, political and other factors. Of these, perhaps the most pronounced factor is a sort of amnesia: perhaps Hindus need regular reminders of their extraordinary track record of winning despite severe odds. Or their more spectacular, offensive victories, the most notable of which is Sri Krishnadevaraya’s decimation of the Bahamani barbarian at the Battle of Raichur. Or the sheer pall of terror that Paramara Bhojadeva instilled deep in Mahmud Ghazni’s heart which made him scamper back to Ghazni via a treacherous route to avoid a direct conflict with this fearsome infidel.

Thus, this Hindu occupation of the narrative vacuum in our own time is threefold: one, a solid and substantial body of work of the aforementioned stories from the Hindu grave, two, an equally substantial body of work narrating Hindu victories, and three, a far more substantial narrative exposing the wreckers of perhaps the most profound civilization that human genius ever produced.

And the time to do it is now!


The story of the Islamic invasion of India is also the story of the origin of what is today known as Hinduphobia. Everything that followed thereon was basically its elaboration.

Think about it as the starting point of this narrative.

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