Untangling the Oxfam Labyrinth: What Unites George Soros, Harsh Mander and Ashoka University?

Untangling the Oxfam Labyrinth: What Unites George Soros, Harsh Mander and Ashoka University?

In the concluding part of this series, we take a brief look into the labyrinthine network of Oxfam and its dangerous games in India

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Untangling the Oxfam Labyrinth: What Unites George Soros, Harsh Mander and Ashoka University?

Continuing the thread on Oxfam from the previous part, here is a small data point that quantifies the scale at which it operates. Oxfam is a direct partner of the British Government, which paid it 20 million Pounds (GBP) in grants between 2002-2005.

Oxfam’s labyrinthine web of global connections can be traced to the notorious Unitarian Universalist Holdeen India Program (UUHIP) operating from Boston, Massachusetts. As its name indicates, UUHIP is an out and out Christian organisation and like other Christian denominations, it too, has a dedicated plan to harvest Hindu souls in India. In India, it masks its proselytising activities under the garbs of social justice, women empowerment, and grassroots work.

Global partners of the UUHIP include the justly infamous Amnesty International and the even more notorious Human Rights Watch. Guess who is the major donor of Human Rights Watch?

George Soros.

Guess who is the other major donor of Human Rights Watch?


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Untangling the Oxfam Labyrinth: What Unites George Soros, Harsh Mander and Ashoka University?

In 2005, just a year after the UPA government came to power, the Naxal terrorist and Magsaysay Award winner Sandeep Pandey organized something called Indo-Pak Peace March at a total cost of ₹ 525,634. Noted donors to this march include Association for India’s Development, Raj Mashurawala, the Maharashtra Foundation, and Oxfam. As recently as February 2020, Sandeep Pandey was arrested in Lucknow for distributing inflammatory anti-CAA pamphlets. Needless, he has close and long-standing links with other Far Left terrorists like Mahashweta Devi, Arundhati Roy, Rajinder Sachar, Praful Bidwai, and Anand Patwardhan.

Fomenting unrest in Kashmir ranks high among Oxfam’s numerous illicit and illegal interventions in India’s security affairs. In 2003, Oxfam India floated something called the Violence Mitigation and Amelioration Project (VMAP) and began publishing a series of papers and articles blaming the Indian Government. No surprise there. In 2006, one of its recruits, Gowhar Fazili openly abused the Indian army and began peddling secessionism. This apart, Oxfam has funded carefully-selected NGOs working for the “Kashmir cause.”

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Untangling the Oxfam Labyrinth: What Unites George Soros, Harsh Mander and Ashoka University?

The other modus operandi of Oxfam is to fund and create new NGOs to explicitly avoid FCRA scrutiny. One such NGO, Aman was created by partnering with Ford Foundation. Other donors to Aman include the toxic ActionAid, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, and the National Foundation for India. It is well-known that the country head of ActionAid for a long time was the notorious Harsh Mander. The shenanigans unleashed by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation are too well-known to repeat here. However, interesting facts emerge when we examine the names of the trustees of the National Foundation for India as on August 22, 2006:

  • Kiran Karnaik (Chairman)

  • Dr M S Swaminathan

  • N Ram

  • Manmohan Singh

  • Sayeda Hamid

  • Patricia Mukim

  • P Sainath

  • Anita Rampal

  • Andre Beteille

  • Malika Sarabai

  • Deepak Parekh

  • A representative of Ford Foundation

Recall the fact that Amitabh Behar, current CEO of Oxfam is an alumnus of the selfsame National Foundation for India.

The full name of Aman is Aman Public Charitable Trust, alias Aman Panchayat owned by Dilip Simeon, a former Naxal who directly participated in the first Naxalbari war against the Indian state. He is now a faculty at the Ashoka University and is quite obviously an inveterate hater of the RSS.

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Untangling the Oxfam Labyrinth: What Unites George Soros, Harsh Mander and Ashoka University?

Sometime in the mid 2000s, a different NGO titled The Aman Trust floated an academic course titled Peace and Conflict Studies with the Hamdard University in Pakistan. The course was funded by Ford Foundation and Oxfam. The director of The Aman Trust was one Jamal Kidwai, an alumnus of Oxfam, Great Britain.

Then there’s yet another Aman Samudaya headed by the same malcontent Harsh Mander. One of its initial mandates was to work with the “affected population in Gujarat.” In plain language, this simply means that Aman Samudaya was among the countless NGOs and Far Left free radicals who milked the lucrative Gujarat riots cottage industry with impunity and made substantial fortunes. Aman Samudaya entered into a partnership with Oxfam. Aman Samudaya also had a sort of branch office in ANHAD, again owned by Harsh Mander and funded by ActionAid. A simple Google search using the term “Aman Samudaya” reveals some interesting results.

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Untangling the Oxfam Labyrinth: What Unites George Soros, Harsh Mander and Ashoka University?

The deeper we dig, the more dangerous dirt we get. Suffice to say that the kind of havoc that Oxfam and ActionAid have jointly and individually inflicted on the internal and external security of India, and the war they have waged against the Indian society as a whole has set India back by at least three decades. And that’s putting it mildly.

Narendra Modi’s successive electoral victories have undeniably caused huge damage to these alien nation-wreckers. The flood of foreign funding to Indian traitors has undoubtedly been dammed by PM Modi. Expectedly, they are furious and they’ve been reduced to writing impotent nonsense in Maoist watering holes like The Wire and Scroll. However, it is a grave mistake to assume that they will go away.

What baffles every patriot is the fact that breaking India organisations like Oxfam, ActionAid, and Amnesty are still allowed to function in the country. Oh, one of the latest campaigns of Amnesty in India is to shill for Rhea Chakraborty: Bollywood drug mafia in bed with Human Rights.

As we mentioned in the previous part, as part of Aapaddharma, FCRA itself should be junked until the nation is fully set in order.

Postscript: We’re deeply grateful to the VIGIL book on NGOs for valuable data that went into the making of this series.


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