The Unknown Order of Arjun Singh that Prevented the Excavations at Ayodhya: Here's the Full Story

In 1992, Arjun Singh, the Human Resources Minister, ordered the Archeological Survey of India to halt the excavations at the site of the disputed structure in Ayodhya in order to appease the Muslim vote bank. This is a story that has received little attention.
The Unknown Order of Arjun Singh that Prevented the Excavations at Ayodhya: Here's the Full Story

SRI RAMACHANDRA WILL BE RE-CORONATED on January 22, 2024 in Kali Yuga in his birthplace, heralding the beginning of an epoch. On that auspicious date, the Hindu community can and should declare the rebirth of the Hindu civilisational self-confidence. Among others, it will be a fitting tribute to Sri Aurobindo's vision in his magnificent India's Rebirth.

The hegemony of the so-called Western civilisation is quickly sputtering to irrelevance. It has no antidote to Jihad and Woke, the two parasites that are consuming it from within. The Hindu civilisation and society has Sri Ramachandra who has always lifted it up even in the darkest of times. This is our real strength and while we have lapsed into amnesia about it from time to time, we have never completely lost it. What explains the fact that despite insurmountable odds, the Hindu community kept alive the flame of the fight for recovering the Sri Rama Janmasthan for half a millennium? There is no parallel to this fight in all of human history.

Thus, as much as I feel elated and moved at the ensuing dharma- punaḥsthāpana in Ayodhya (rāmo vigrahavān dharmaḥ), I constantly emphasise on keeping the memory of the struggle of half a millennium fresh in our collective consciousness. The poisonous fruit of complacency is a repeat of history.

No single incarnation of Vishnu has left behind such a pan-Indian imprint as Sri Ramachandra has. He remains the unsurpassed unifier of Bharatavarsha and beyond. He achieved this unity through living a life dedicated to high ideals. It is for this reason that for countless centuries, Hindus in the remotest corners of Bharatavarsha vied with each other in proclaiming that Sri Rama did in fact, visit their towns and villages.

More than anybody else, the depraved cabal comprising the Congress, Left and its bedmates understood this unifying power of Rama. This cabal became the greatest impediment to the rebuilding of the Sri Rama Mandir. Their record shows that in their words and deeds and skulduggery, they proved worse than Timur, Babar and Aurangzeb put together. And a majority of them had Hindu names. This is perhaps the greatest tragedy of the whole issue.

Of these, the vilest name is the late Arjun Singh, a Hindu-hater par excellence. He is also the reason this story must be preserved generationally so that no more Arjun Singhs will be born in Hindu homes.

Among the countless damages that he has inflicted upon the Sanatana culture and society, two stand out prominently. The first is his savage tampering of our history textbooks as union minister of HRD. The second is more savage than the first.

It is an order he passed in 1992, related to the excavations at the Ram Janmabhoomi site at Ayodhya.

Let's jump right into the story.

K.V. Ramesh Reveals a Dark Secret

Here's what the former Joint Director General of the Archeological Survey of India (ASI), Sri K.V. Ramesh says in an interview that he gave to a Kannada periodical in 2006.

"An unforgettable experience of my stay in Delhi occurred on December 6, 1992. The Babri Masjid structure in Ayodhya was brought down by the crowd of people assembled there…The next night at around 8 when I was still in office, the world-renowned expert archeologist S.P. Gupta from Delhi visited my room. He had brought copies and photographs of an inscription that had been recovered when the structure had fallen. He insisted that I read the inscription right then. It was dark but it was possible to read some alphabets with the help of the electric light. It was a 12th Century Sanskrit inscription engraved in the Nāgarī script. After dogged attempts that lasted a few hours, I was able to read a sloka that appeared in the middle of the text.

टन्कोत्ख़ातविशालशैल शिखरश्रेणीशिलासंहतिव्यूहैर्विश्णुहरेर्हिरण्यकलशश्श्रीसुंदरंमन्दिरंपूर्वेप्यकृतंकृतंनृपतिभिर्येनेदमित्यद्भुतम् ||

What came to light after reading this verse is the following: a Vishnu Hari Temple was already standing on the site of the Babri Masjid from ancient times, and that it was renovated in the 12th Century." (Emphasis added)

THIS DISCOVERY WAS A WATERSHED EVENT in the Ayodhya issue of the tumultuous 1990s. It only reaffirmed what Hindus always knew: that a Hindu temple was destroyed by the fanatical armies of Babur and a mosque was erected in its place using the debris of this destroyed temple.

A measure of the history-altering significance of the discovery of this inscription can be gauged by the shrill clamour that immediately filled the air. The goon squad of our Eminent Distorians dropped their brains and their decency in public and unleashed a national campaign of disinformation and insane conjectures. As usual, this sick circus show was led by Romila Thapar, Irfan Habib, R.S. Sharma, K.M. Shrimali and others.

For a comprehensive and scholarly rendition of how this whole episode played out in those days, the interested reader is referred to Dr. Meenakshi Jain’s definitive volumes, Rama and Ayodhya and The Battle for Rama: Case of the Temple at Ayodhya which gives the most complete account of the Ayodhya episode.

K V Ramesh records what happened next.

"The Ayodhya episode didn’t end at that. When I served as the Chief Epigraphist and Joint Director General of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in Delhi, I received an order from the Ministry of Culture directing me to make copies of this newly-discovered inscription. To this end, I called my friend, the Chief of the Epigraphy Department at Mysore, Sri Madhava Katti to Delhi. He was accompanied by two of his personnel who were experts at making copies of inscriptions. Even as we prepared to travel to Ayodhya early the next morning, I received an order from the Ministry of Human Resources Development asking us to drop the Ayodhya journey." (Emphasis added)

No prizes for guessing that the same Arjun Singh was the HRD Minister back then. He quickly figured out that the Vishnu Hari inscription had the potential to seriously injure the Congress brand of Islamism also known as secularism. From the days of Nawab Nehru, one of the greatest symbols of this secularism had been represented by an alien Muslim invader’s mosque built after demolishing an existing temple.

Long story short, following the Supreme Court’s diktat, a team headed by the aforementioned ASI official Madhava Katti, submitted copies of these inscriptions to the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court. While the secularist mafia was busy defending the worst elements of Islamism in India, K.V. Ramesh and his team of scholars, epigraphists and archeologists worked assiduously in the Indian Archeological Society at Delhi to give a coherent structure and historical context to the inscriptions.

It was a work that demanded extreme scholarly rigour that left nothing to chance and no scope for misinterpretation. The following is a summary of how the process worked: after the inscriptions were deciphered at the office of the Delhi ASI, each team member went home and conducted an independent study and interpretation of the inscriptions. When the same team met again in Delhi after a few weeks and notes were compared, it was agreed by 100 per cent consensus that the reading of K.V. Ramesh was the most accurate one.

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The Unknown Order of Arjun Singh that Prevented the Excavations at Ayodhya: Here's the Full Story
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The Unknown Order of Arjun Singh that Prevented the Excavations at Ayodhya: Here's the Full Story
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The Unknown Order of Arjun Singh that Prevented the Excavations at Ayodhya: Here's the Full Story

AFTER THIS, THE LUCKNOW BENCH of the Allahabad High Court summoned K.V. Ramesh to furnish evidence in the Babri Masjid case. Let’s read it in his own words.

"For five long days, I answered the hailstorm of questions hurled at me by the pro-Babri Masjid lawyers backing my replies up with inscriptional evidence…then I returned to Lucknow again and for two and half days, answered a fresh set of questions. But the sad fact is that despite all this hard work, I am unaware of the status of my evidence and am unable to understand why the court’s judgement has still not come out." (Emphasis added)

The reason is clear. K.V. Ramesh gave his interview in 2006 and Arjun Singh had returned as HRD Minister after the Congress had formed the UPA Government in 2004.

As we now know, the said judgement of the Allahabad High Court was delivered in September 2010. By all accounts, this 8000-page judgement is a judicial feat of Himalayan proportions. The judgment is in many ways an encyclopaedia of Indian history, culture and civilisation drawing from such diverse sources as geography, archeology, epigraphy, linguistics, epics and Puranas as well as copious accounts from foreign travellers written in different languages.

But the judgement is hugely significant for another reason. As the good Professor R Vaidyanathan astutely observes, it exposes the dubious credentials of "our “eminent historians” who were shown to be not so eminent, and their attitudes fairly unacademic…they found themselves withering under judicial scrutiny in spite of writing signed articles and issuing pamphlets and long public letters…It shows the levels to which our academics have fallen and become hand maidens of the political machinery." (Emphasis added)

These Eminent Distorians had stood completely naked in their shame in open court. They admitted on record that they:

  • Had not even visited Ayodhya

  • Were not subject matter experts in archeology or epigraphy or medieval Indian history

  • Had given “expert” written testimonies to the court based on newspaper cuttings and opeds written by their ideological gang-members

  • Had faithfully relied only on Romila Thapar’s books and articles

And then, we have a clincher from Prof Dhaneshwar Mandal who had been summoned as an expert witness on history: "The Communist Party issues a red card, and I am its holder. It is true that I have no faith in religion." (Emphasis added)

He says this in open court. Let that sink in.

Ideological Mercenaries and National Heroes

BUT WHAT WAS THEIR POSITION, what was their constant hollering, and what was their “truth” about the Babri Masjid from the 1980s all the way up to the Allahabad court judgement?

Recall the dangerous extent to which they had poisoned the national and cultural atmosphere.

Recall how they ran a smear campaign against honest scholars and men of integrity like B.B. Lal, and S.P. Gupta who they branded as “communal” and “sold out” to the RSS and other “saffron forces.” The only "crime" that these scholars had committed was to literally unearth and report the truth of the so-called Babri Masjid. They are our real cultural heroes and models worthy of emulation. But for them, the Leftist pond-scum would’ve gotten away with wholesale cultural and civilisational genocide. And they have succeeded to a great extent: till date, not a single Leftist distorian has been punished for their serial crimes against Hindu history.

This is because sitting ministers like Arjun Singh have encouraged their villainy and shielded them from punishment.

|| Sri Rama Jayam ||

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